10 Funny Ways to Say Going to The Bathroom to Poop

People can come up with several very clever ways to say they are going to the bathroom or going to poop. Saying you’re going to the bathroom to poop is probably not very etiquette, so sometimes you just have to be very creative. So, what are some funny ways to say going to the bathroom?

There is a lot of stigma and embarrassment involved in going to the bathroom to poop. Folks would like to use clever euphemisms and indirect words to describe going to the bathroom instead of using some words that would be embarrassing or inappropriate. Indeed, some of the phrases are more polite than others, and some are more popular in some countries.

Sometimes you want to keep your social behavior and your appearance professional. If you go to a dinner house party at a friend’s place, you wouldn’t tell everyone that you are going to the bathroom to poop. Right? You probably wouldn’t even make a public announcement about going to the bathroom.

What native speakers say when they want to go to the toilet.

10 Funny Ways to Say Going to The Bathroom to Poop

Here are some very creative ways to slang for going to the bathroom that you can use confidently.

#1. Visiting The Bathroom

This is doubtless the most popular way to say ‘visiting the toilet’ in any country. The bathroom is an American euphemism for toilet and was used when British travelers were trying to understand the US euphemism for a toilet.

#2. Answer The Call Of Nature

It’s an informal and polite way of saying “going to the bathroom to poop”. It directly means that if nature calls you, it is your job to return the call. These Euphemisms were used in the early and middle 18th century.

#3. Visiting The Loo

The ‘I am visiting the loo’ is popularly used in Ireland and the UK, and it’s considered a polite and reasonable way to say ‘going to the toilet’. There are several myths about the emergence of this phrase, but it’s still a bizarre one!

#4. Relieve Myself

Using the euphemism ‘relieve myself’ to indicate that you are going to the toilet is polite and is often used as a joke. But it shows that you have etiquette and good manners!

#5. Visit John

“I want to visit John” is a common term for a person who wants to use a bathroom. It’s more popularly used in the United States and is somewhat informal. It seems complicated to me how «John» came about, but you can find out the strange origin of the word here.

#6. Take A Leak

It is very informal and slangy to say that you want to take a leak. The male gender uses this phrase to imply that they want to urinate. The term, Shakespeare initially used the term “to leak” as a verb in his Part one, Scene I of Henry IV.

“When we enter the urinals of servants, they will not permit us to break in. Unless you permit us to go ne’er Jordan, we will leak into your chimney! And it will cause fleas to breed in your room like a loach.”

#7. I Want to Pee

It is an informal manner of telling someone that you want to go to the bathroom. Even so, using the word ‘pee’ is casual but can be considered impolite, suggesting that you have to use the bathroom.

Pee is a short form word of «piss», which was first used by English people in the 18th century to denote the first letter of the French word «piss».

 #8. Go To Piss

It is very informal, so use this phrase only when you are with friends! To piss means to slap someone. It is a Lain verb (pissiare).

#9. To Powder Your Nose

This is typically something that women say. It is somewhat outdated. It was used in the 1940s when you could easily find a women’s toilet (the powder room) in a restaurant or hotel.

#10. Go TO The Restroom

The term is used more often in the United States. Some people in other countries are confused by this term and would take you to the bedroom!

In the early 2000s, it was common to say “Relax” (which means “to rest”), which meant to just ‘refresh’ yourself.


What are the other names for urine?

urine synonyms include wee-wee (informal) and pee (slang).

What’s the politest way to say going to the bathroom?

Perhaps, the politest way to tell someone you want to go to the bathroom is “visit the restroom.”

Can men pee and poop at the same time?

When men pass stool, the sphincter muscles relax, allowing urine and poop to pass out concurrently. But that isn’t always the same at all times – sometimes it is possible, sometimes it might be challenging to do both concurrently.

Final Verdict

When you are with your friends or in a place with native speakers, and you wish to go to the bathroom to poop or pee, feel comfortable with making things sound more natural and better by using the above expressions and terms we’ve gone through. But be careful about choosing them, because some phrases might seem awkward or impolite!

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