Are Shower Curtains Supposed to Touch the Floor?

When adding a shower curtain, there are different confusions that can cause your head to spin. Of these, one is – ‘are shower curtains supposed to touch the floor?’

No. It’s better to hang a shower curtain 75–77 inches above the floor to keep the curtain away from moisture. Otherwise, your curtain may become dirty easily, and the chances of getting mold and mildew become higher. However, some individuals prefer floor-touching curtains for aesthetic gratification.

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We’ve covered things like the way to measure a curtain’s length and what you should do to save your curtain from getting moldy. 

Are Shower Curtains Supposed to Touch the Floor?

Professionals recommend that a shower curtain should rest a few inches or so from the ground.

They suggest hanging the curtain 75-77 inches above so that average-sized curtains stay slightly above the floor. This helps to open and close the shower curtains a lot easier, and it is a bit more hygienic to place shower curtains above the floor.

Also, there is always a risk of a trip and fall if the shower curtain touches the floor, and it may cause the curtain to get moldy sooner than usual. 

Standard Shower Curtain Measurements

Refreshing bright bathroom with white cabinet, bath tub and white curtain

A standard shower curtain has a length of around 72 inches, but there is another alternative which is 84-inch-long for claw-footed baths or stand-alone baths.

While the length does not change significantly, the breadth does. It’s possible that the width of the shower curtain will change based on the dimensions of the shower. It’s possible that the length of the curtain is 58 inches, but it might also be 70 inches, 72 inches, or even 188 inches. The broader your shower curtain, the more probable it is that you have a tub or shower that wraps around it.

To prevent your décor and design from being deformed or messed up when it is closed, you should get a shower curtain set around the same width as your shower.

Why Should Shower Curtains Not Touch The Floor?

Shower curtains should not be allowed to contact the floor since they will become damp and unclean.

Make a hem around the bottom of your curtain to keep it clean and dry. It is recommended that you allow a spacing of at least two inches between the bottom of the curtain hem and the surface of the bathroom floor when putting a shower curtain in a bathroom.

Surface-touching shower curtains provide a risk of slipping and falling. Ignoring that risk can be quite dangerous.

Shower curtains that do not touch the floor, on the other hand, are risk-free. It reduces the possibility of slipping and falling, as well as other difficulties such as mold and dirt growth.

How to Measure the Correct Shower Curtain Length and Width?

To choose the right shower curtain for your bathtub, measure from the curtain rod to the floor and deduct around 10 inches to account for the height of the bathtub.

To figure out how long a shower curtain needs to be for a freestanding stall, measure from the top of the curtain rod or rings to the floor.

Subtract around 2 inches from the correct size to ensure the shower curtain will not hit the floor. To keep the curtain from dragging on the floor, deduct about two inches from the total.

It is pretty simple arithmetic to determine what shower curtain width you require.

The curtain rod’s length must be measured, and 12 inches added. The extra 12 inches ensure that the shower curtain reaches both ends properly and has enough cloth to provide the illusion of a draping fold.

How Are Shower Curtains Supposed to Hang?

It’s important to remember to position the shower curtain so that its back is towards the rough side of the liner. Standing in the tub, the smooth (good) side has to be caught in your eyes.

To secure each ring in place, insert it into the corresponding hole in the shower curtain and liner. It is advised to leave at least a few inches or above between the hem of your shower curtain and the floor. 

Why Do Some People Use Floor-Touching Shower Curtains?

People often use floor-touching shower curtains. It depends on someone’s personal preference. 

Some people prefer floor-touching shower curtains rather than non-floor-touching shower curtains based on their taste and appearance.


Some individuals think it adds to the completed aspect of the bathroom to let the shower curtains reach the floor. They believe it looks better when the tub or shower pan is concealed. 

To do this, move the curtain rod down a few inches, so your shower curtain is flat on the floor.

Make sure the curtain’s top is at least as high as the shower head to avoid water splashing over it.


It’s fair to prioritize aesthetics when determining how to hang shower curtains, but would you entirely disregard the hazards of letting a shower curtain pool on the floor?

Let’s take a look at some of the potential issues and risks.

Trip and Fall Risk

Since 2001, slips, trips, and falls have been the leading cause of emergency department visits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Slip, trip, and fall incidents also account for 15% of all unintentional deaths in the United States.

Because bathrooms are considered high-risk areas, you should exercise extreme caution when using them.

Removing a tripping hazard like the grazing shower curtain is one approach to reducing the risk of bathroom falls.

How to Keep a Shower Curtain from Getting Moldy?

Moisture left over after a shower or bathtub bath contributes to the formation of mold and mildew.

  • Keeping your shower curtain closed after a shower is one way to stop mold from growing on it. In this manner, you avoid a shower curtain bunching up and stopping mildew from developing in the folds.
  • To prevent growing mold from the shower curtain, you need to wash it regularly; vinegar is a good option cause it stops the growth of mold. 
  • If you already have a surface-touching shower curtain, lift the shower curtain a little bit high above the floor; that will keep the shower curtain from water on the floor and reduce the chance of growing mold.


Where is a shower curtain supposed to sit?

Your shower curtain should be positioned between your bathtub’s edge and the tub’s exterior. Magnets are frequently affixed to the bottom of many liners to aid their adhesion to the tub inside. Contrarily, you don’t need to keep your curtain liner in the tub if you are having a bath.

How long should a shower curtain liner be?

Liner sizes for shower curtains are normally 70 inches x 72 inches. Usually measuring 70″ by 84″ or 72″ by 84″, very long liners are large. Extra broad liners might be 144″ by 72″.

What do you do if your shower curtain is too long?

Replace the shower rings with string or ribbon, and change the length to fit. If you have any excess thread or ribbon lying around, you may use these to make your shower curtain longer. It will be simple to get the desired length using ribbons or strings.


We appreciate that you have come this far with our article. We hope you got rid of the ongoing debate in your mind: “ Are shower curtains supposed to touch the floor?” Now you’ll be able to choose and set up the shower curtain in the correct manner while taking your personal preference into consideration. Good luck!

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