Are Toilet Seats Recyclable?

Toilet seats are absolutely necessary for preventing germ transmission. However, have you ever considered what would happen if your toilet seat were to crack or become stained? Of course, you’ll need to replace it. But the question is can you recycle your old toilet seat?

Some toilet seats can be recycled, but not all of them. Since toilet seats come in a variety of materials, whether they can be recycled or not depends on the particular material. However, there is no doubt that recycling old toilet seats is the best way to dispose of them.

It’s always environmentally friendly to think about recycling materials instead of throwing them into the garbage bin.

Let’s go on to the article to discover the different materials used to make toilet seats and how to recycle them.

Are Plastic Toilet Seats Recyclable?

plastic toilet seat
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Since plastic toilet seats are already constructed of recycled materials, they cannot be recycled. The fiber quality of already recycled plastic decreases, lowering its value and making it unusable for further recycling.

Plastic toilet seats are created from 50% recycled material. To create a sturdy, long-lasting toilet seat, the recycled material must first undergo a number of chemical procedures.

Because of the chemical processes, the toilet seat material contains toxins that are not required in the production of other items.

Therefore, despite the fact that plastic seats cannot be recycled, they can still be used to make concrete for roads or sidewalks.

Are Wooden Toilet Seats Recyclable?

wooden toilet seat

Unfortunately, wooden toilet seats cannot be recycled. Because different compounds are used to treat the wood when making toilet seats, the chemical composition of the wood is altered, making it impossible to recycle.

Though wood is an organic material in and of itself, it cannot be recycled if the qualities of a fresh piece of wood have been lost.

A varnish is applied at the very end to finish and seal a hardwood toilet seat. This makes the toilet seat non-recyclable but aids in keeping it clean and watertight.

Even if a wooden toilet seat could somehow be recycled, it couldn’t at least be used to manufacture another toilet seat or any other wood products.

Are Resin Toilet Seats Recyclable?

resin toilet seat

Resin has a few types, out of which eco-resin, silicone resin, and epoxy resin are the ones that can surely be recycled. 

Are Duroplast Toilet Seats Recyclable?

Despite being a long-lasting material, duroplast toilet seats cannot be recycled. The good news is that they last a long time, so you won’t need to recycle them for a while.

Duroplast is strong and durable because of its distinctive chemical components. It can also endure harsh cleaning agents while maintaining its superb condition.

Are Fiberboard Toilet Seats Recyclable?

The fact that fiberboard is an organic material ensures that toilet seats may be recycled. It is possible to recycle a fiberboard toilet seat to create paper fiber, hog fuel, landscape mulch, and compost.

Toilets manufactured of fiberboard, which is composed of compressed wood fibers, are of a high caliber and durability.

How Are Toilet Seats Disposed Of?

a blue toilet seat thrown in a garbage

Toilet seats can be disposed of by placing them in curbside collection with the intention of recycling them. You can also donate them to the needy who can’t afford brand-new toilet fixtures.

Throwing your toilet seat in the garbage is a smart move if it is made of recyclable material. It will be collected by the trash company, which will then be used to create other items through recycling.

However, if you don’t plan on recycling and are considering dumping any old thing in the trash, do not!

This is only going to wind up in landfills. You may instead use it for something else.

However, if your toilet seat is in good shape and you’re getting rid of it for reasons other than damage, you can donate it to a nearby charity.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your Toilet Seat?

Cracked Seat

a cracked toilet seat

A cracked toilet seat must be removed immediately since the cracks could serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, your kids run the risk of hurting themselves if their fingers get caught in that area.

Stained Seat

You should replace your toilet seat if it has a tough stain that won’t come off despite your best efforts since you don’t want to let one ugly stain destroy the appearance of your lovely bathroom.

Worn off Seat

A worn-off coat of paint or finish is another sign that your toilet seat needs to be replaced. Alternatively, you might replace your toilet seat if you believe the color to be outdated.

Broken Hinges

broken toilet seat hinge
Image from Singapore Plumbing Works

Your toilet seat will become loose and unstable if the hinges are damaged. You must address the safety and hygienic issues raised by a moving toilet seat by replacing it right away.

New House

No matter how clean the toilet is, you should still change the toilet seat when you move into a new home to avoid any potential health risks from bacteria.

Potty Training

When your child begins potty training, it is important for you to acquire a toilet seat that is the ideal size for them to make things and training easier for them and, of course, save them from injuries that they could encounter from a typical adult toilet seat.

What Can You Do With Old Toilet Seats That Aren’t Recyclable?

old toilet seat used as decoration in the backyard

If a toilet seat cannot be recycled, it can be reused by producing an art piece out of it and utilizing it as a frame anywhere in your home. It can also be renovated by painting it to make it appear brand new.

You can use your imagination to produce the perfect work of art to hang in your bedroom, bathroom, or even garden.

You can draw patterns, add embellishments, or even customize the decorating however you like.

Utilizing the toilet seat as the door to your dog’s tiny home is a unique idea. You may create amazing-looking writing, paintings, or simply drawings by using your creative talents.

Can You Dispose of the Toilet Seats in the Trash?

Toilet seats can absolutely be thrown out in the trash. However, be careful only to discard recyclable toilet seats as you do so. Recycling is the primary goal, so throwing away materials that can’t be recycled will have the opposite effect.

You can surely dispose of your toilet seat in the garbage if it is made of fiberboard or resin.

On the other hand, it is totally unacceptable to throw away a toilet seat made of plastic or duroplast. It won’t do anything but fill up dumps.


Starting to recycle items in order to protect the environment is undoubtedly a great move, and you should be proud of yourself for taking such action.

Just be certain about the materials before proceeding. Since you must already have received enough help from this article to know what to do with which toilet seat material, it won’t be an issue any longer.

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