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Are you looking for the best toilet auger and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We know how confusing the task can be, and we are here for you.   A constantly clogged toilet is one of the most annoying problems any apartment owner or homeowner can experience. Of course, it isn’t something to smile about. But ignoring them is quite common.

The best toilet auger removes clogs that can’t be removed with a plunger or any other method you could use. Read more to see if there is one that suits you well.

Who Needs The Best Toilet Auger?

For a hygienic and clean toilet, you will need to buy the best toilet auger. The toilet auger will help you get deeper into the toilet and clean the lines that other tools can’t reach. If your budget is limited, buying a toilet auger is an ideal solution, as it will cut off the cost of having to hire a professional.

What are the benefits of getting the best toilet auger?

See below;

  • It eliminates those bad odors caused by clogs.
  • Prevent waste from leaking behind your toilet.
  • Reduce chances of future clogs hence maintaining a clean toilet.

#1. Best Overall: Forlivese Auger (5 in 1) set

It’s obvious why this Forlivese drill is at the top of our list. This set comes with 5 tools in 3 sizes and designs. If you can’t use a certain tool to clean your drains, you can try a different one to see if it works better. It features a special blue handle and a spring designed to pass through clogged drains. assYpu can use this auger to clean your toilet, floor, sink, tub, and other fixtures. It easily cuts through thick blockages with its long handle and removes obstructions that are difficult to reach. The tools made of orange or green plastic are ideal for quickly removing small obstructions; the 24-inch snake made of red steel is handy for removing hair and stuck objects.

Best Toilet Auger
Forlivese toilet auger

Outstanding Features

  • Unique combination (5 in 1 set)
  • Multifunction
  • Environmental friendly
  • Improved length
  • Ideal for several pipes


  • It’s durable
  • Sturdy material
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for several kinds of drains
  • Orange and green ones have a multi-tooth design


  • Some customers find the teeth on the auger to be slightly fragile

#2. Best Runner Up: RIDGID 59802 K-6 Auger

Ridgid’s K6 Toilet Auger is a high-quality auger with a head that can get into the toilet bowl more precisely than a traditional toilet bowl head. It’s built in America and has a vinyl shield to protect your toilet from scratches or chips while trying to remove the obstruction.

It is extremely important to have a strong cable that will not kink when you try to push through a toilet. The auger head automatically retracts into the toilet shaft and does not need to be inserted again once you have unclogged your toilet.

The corrosion-proof cable and tube are essential to ensure that the toilet auger can penetrate through the blockages.

Best Toilet Auger
RIDGID 59802 K-6 auger

Outstanding Features

  • Vinyl guard
  • Kink-resistant cables
  • 6-foot tall
  • Weighs only 4lbs
  • You can use it to remove roots, sticks, rags, and stoppages


  • Quality material
  • Its drop head features a good grip
  • Sturdy cord
  • Durable
  • Safe for your porcelain bowl


  • Some find it difficult to handle the auger

#3. Best Ultra Budget Auger: Cobra 40030 Toilet Auger

This Cobra 40030 Toilet Auger is very pocket friendly! You probably don’t think that is even feasible, but seriously, it’s very affordable!

We tried this one and thought it would break quickly once giving it a first try. It didn’t! It was incredible! It was able to remove the clogs that we were dealing with.

However, if something is more severe, this toilet auger will not work as well as the others. It has a motor that cranks to turn the cylinder. Rotating the cord to turn the rotating engine is impossible, so do not force it down the toilet. This toilet auger is suitable for clearing small, easy-to-remove obstructions that are not very big. The good thing is that it would not cause you to break the pipes.

Push down the drill’s cord gradually, then force anything that blocks your lines to the floor or hope it grabs it. Good pressure can destroy even the most powerful toilet auger, so don’t force the drill excessively.

Best Toilet Auger
Cobra 40030 toilet auger

Outstanding features

  • Molded plastic handle
  • Nonslip grip
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Measures 3″ length x 3″ width x 8″H height
  • Poly safety tube


  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to handle
  • Safe for your porcelain bowl
  • Durable
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Ideal for smaller or shallow clogs

#4. Best Water-Resistant Auger: TOPWELL 25-Feet Auger

The disgusting smell of a clogged toilet and its mess can make your life miserable. It’s extremely uncomfortable, and quickly removing the blockage is the only thing to eliminate that discomfort. That’s why you should have a flexible toilet auger at home!

This auger by TOPWELL is both sturdy and long, and it can be pushed down onto a toilet to unblock a sewer. You won’t need a strong cleaning solution because this tool is flexible and strong enough to work with. For quick and easy use, it includes a thumbscrew that allows adjustments of the length of the cord to be drilled and then tightens the nuts so that it will not be twisted or ripped off.

Best Toilet Auger
TOP-WELL 25-feet auger

Outstanding Features

  • Wear-resistant
  • Nonslip grip plastic handle
  • 25 inch long
  • Package includes 7-pack clog remover tools
  • Spring-press design


  • Easy to operate
  • Heavy duty cord
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Flexible and adjustable cord


  • It requires you to be careful while using this auger to avoid any possible scratches to your bowl.

#5. Best Cordless Toilet Auger: POPULO Electric Drain Auger

Populo drain augers work with lithium-ion batteries (20V). This lithium-ion battery is very robust, allowing you to use your drain auger for a long time. It has a built-in fuel gauge, so you will always know how much power you have left. It features a 25-foot cable that allows you to rip out obstructions from pipes that measures up to 2 inches wide.

It can lock its cable and go at a speed set by using an encoder that automatically locks the cable. The optimum speed can is 560 RPM. It can run at 560 RPM, more than other corded or manual toilet augers. Populo augers come with a LED light source that gives a soft glow to any part of the work area to help you see what’s happening.

Best Toilet Auger
POPULO Electric drain auger

Outstanding Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Features variable speed
  • LED-light source
  • Lithium battery power supply
  • Rubber grips


  • Easy to operate
  • A reliable source of power
  • Multipurpose, you can use it in your toilet, sink, and bathtubs
  • Durable
  • Has insurance cover


  • The need to change the battery and cable might be cumbersome sometimes

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Toilet Auger

If you are unaware of the various things you need to consider while shopping for the best toilet auger, your chances of making the best choice are slim.

Let’s agree on something. You don’t want that to happen! It will be best if you go through this buyer’s guide for the best toilet auger to make sure you pick what is right for the task. So let’s start by looking at the following;

Snake Vs. Best Toilet Auger

When does one need a toilet auger? When is a snake the best tool for the task? Read more to learn more about which tools are best for the job.

Toilet Auger

It’s very common to use a toilet auger to remove a clog from a toilet. Augers are used in some areas of the home to move a piece of plumbing (such as removing a clog from the toilet) or to push in through a clog.

Because it’s flexible, the best toilet auger can push harder through a clog than a regular snake (more on later). Some augers come with a closed coil that pushes down into the toilet to cause it to work, while others have a coil that lets you hook things and easily remove them from your pipes. Most toilet augers have a long, strong shaft that bends down to turn a crank on one end and then pushes a stick or other object down the drain to free it. Toilet augers, sometimes called a stick, are made from strong, sharp metal that allows them to move through the pipes to free a drain easily.

The Snake

A snake is the smallest clog remover useful for clearing blockages in drains. Snakes are usually used to clear clogs in other appliances; they go into tubs, washing machines, showers, and kitchen sinks. They differ in shape and size according to the job at hand.

It looks like an ordinary wire snake, but it’s just a wire coil with a corkscrew-style tip that moves into your lines to find a clog. Snakes used in bathrooms are long and have a long cable to pull them through.

Things You Need To Consider While You Are Shopping For The Best Toilet Auger

Here’s what you need to know about buying the best toilet auger.

Build Material

Materials used for the drill bodies are important because they will determine the durability.

Drills made of good quality materials are not susceptible to rust and are durable. The ones made of inferior material will eventually rot or get damaged.

If you are planning to buy a drill made from metal, it is wise to get one resistant to corrosion. You can also get a drill made from good quality plastic as it is very durable.

Power Source

You must be careful about choosing which drill to buy, electric or manual. What type of power source you want depends on what you plan to use it for and how you intend to use it.

Manual augers are fine for small clogs, which can be easily removed, but it is best to use an electric auger to handle tough clogs.


Many toilet augers come equipped with different accessories that can easily attach to the auger head and make your work easy.

You will want to look at these different types of attachments while buying the right auger that suits your needs.

Length (Cable)

The cable length of the toilet auger is critical for its proper operation.

Using a shorter cable can cause trouble with a clogged toilet. Choose your auger wisely in respect of your toilet.

Length (Auger)

It would help if you chose w the right length auger for your toilet.

It can also unclog your toilet more quickly because you will no longer need to utilize the cable to reach the reservoir, unlike when you’ll with a small drill.

Hence, becoming more efficient in your job.


It is essential to consider the diameter of the auger as much as the cable’s length. It is very important to choose the best auger for your needs, depending on the size of pipes that you have already put in your toilet.

When you buy an auger with a cable thicker than the pipes in your toilet, the auger will be useless.


All augers available in your toilet have different mechanisms that work differently. Several mechanisms might allow the auger to work, such as varying the pressure it uses.

So, please don’t assume it and purchase a toilet auger with the right mechanism for removing waste from your toilet.


You choose an auger that is sturdy and has a good warranty. If you choose a model with a long-term warranty, ensure it has been approved for at least a year.

It signals that your toilet auger manufacturer is convinced that their product is reliable, so there are minimal chances of any problems in the future.

Interchangeable tips

Having an auger tip that allows you to change the direction of the tool that you use to reach different obstructions is handy. They allow you to do more work, and it is easier to clear clogs easily, no matter the obstruction. If it is impossible to buy toilet augers with interchangeably shaped tips, get one that can handle most clog types.


Lastly, a toilet auger that fits your budget is also very important. When you are thinking about purchasing a cheap auger, bear in mind that a cheap auger may not last long. If you can, save a few dollars to purchase a stronger auger.

If possible, spend a few bucks extra to buy a durable toilet auger.

How To Remove A Clog From Your Toilet

It is necessary to clean the obstruction before continuing to work on removing the clog. Now that the auger cable is in the area you want to clear, keep crankin’ the handle until it goes through the clog. When there is less resistance, pull the cable back against the toilet and try to pull it in the opposite direction. If it still resists, try pulling it in the opposite direction. It should then continue to pull itself up behind the toilet. You should see that the obstruction has been removed. If it has been, remove the auger from the toilet and clean the cable.

Test The Toilet

When you have pulled the entire cable which runs beneath your toilet, you should not have any obstructions. After that, flush the toilet to check if everything has been removed. If all your cables are pulled back, the toilet will flush normally, but if something is blocking the toilet, try the steps above. You will need to scrub your toilet with a wire brush to remove any grit on the auger cable. This will prevent it from rusting. If your problem persists, try using a snake to unclog your drain or call a plumber.


What if the toilet auger is not working?

Toilet auger tools help you access the deeper clogs causing problems with your toilet. If an auger does not work, you will need to have your toilet completely removed.

Yes! There is no other way to do it. Reach down the drain after you have removed the toilet, if necessary, and clean the pipes.

When do you need to use an auger?

When it becomes extremely difficult to clear the blockage completely using normal cleaning methods, you need to use sewage augers to try and unclog a toilet. Augers help unclog toilets, and they are also very handy.

What is the cost of hiring a professional to unclog my toilet?

It is difficult to predict how many dollars it will cost to unclog a toilet because it depends on several factors, such as how large the clog is, its toughness, and the company or professional you will hire to do the work.

How Can I Stop A Slow Flush from Happening?

Most times, the reason your toilet drains slowly is that there are too many things that block the drains. Sometimes you can unblock a partially blocked drain with baking soda and vinegar. It isn’t always easy to remove deeper clogs, so using a tool search as an auger allows you to flush the toilet manually is easier.

Where Do I Find The Best Auger For My Toilet?

You can quickly find the best toilet augers in hardware stores near you or online. Amazon is among the best places to find the best quality augers for your toilets.

Wrapping Up

Carefully after conducting extensive research and reviewing them, you can be assured that they will perform as you expect them to. So, don’t let those toilet clogs give you stress!

We recommend you buy the Forlivese Auger (5 in 1) set. Besides being multifunctional, this toilet auger is environmentally friendly. If that doesn’t suit your needs appropriately, then go for RIDGID 59802 K-6 Auger. Its quality material offers you durability. But your decision should still be based on your budget and preferences. Also, read the buyer’s guide carefully before making a purchase.

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