Can Eating Toilet Paper Kill You?

Eating toilet paper is something very unusual. But in case your little toddle does, you might ask: Can eating toilet paper kill you? Wood pulp, which makes up the bulk of our toilet paper, acts as roughage in our bodies. Some people may be concerned about the chemical compositions used to prepare and bleach the toilet paper, but the amounts used would typically be insignificant.

A woman eats tissue paper.

So, Can Eating Toilet Paper Kill You Or Cause Disease?

Wood pulp is used to make paper products, including paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper. It is made up of cellulose fibers which have high moisture absorption properties. Water absorbs easily into these cellulose fibers, allowing bacteria to thrive. After some bacteria reach a threshold level, they begin releasing toxic substances that can lead to illness.

Possible Reason For  Eating Toilet Paper

Eating toilet paper implies anxiety or stress, and this mainly occurs if you have Xylophagia disorder. Xylophagia is a chronic condition in which patients excessively consume paper and a common eating disorder referred to as pica. Pica is the unusual desire to eat either inedible or edible foods.

Caloric Content In Tissue Paper

The thermal conductivity of paper is 1.34J/g, so if you buy toilet paper weighing 600 grams, you can multiply those values by two. The answer is 2225 joules. Scientifically, 1 joule is equivalent to 0.000239006 kilocalories. It’s almost amounting to zero, so we doubt that you’ll be really interested in that!

Composition Of Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is made from cellulose fibers and lignin, among other substances. Cellulose fiber is the primary ingredient in making paper. Lignin, a polymer, is extracted from the cell walls of plants. Its prominent role is to strengthen the wood pulp by binding the fibers together and strengthening the bonds that bind the paper. Other components like dyes, filters, sizing agents, wetting agents, and pigments get added to toilet paper to enhance its quality.


Are there any carbs in tissue paper?

The carb count in one gallon of paper is nearly zero grams. Children who eat or chew on paper get some fiber from eating cellulose present in wood pulp.

Are there any nutritional benefits to eating paper?

Research suggest that that paper has little or no nutritional value.

Final Verdict

It’s easy to get swept up in the rushes and obsessions of the masses with a roll of toilet paper. It’s nice to have that obsession. However, we believe you should be focusing on your diet right now.

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