Can Toilet Water Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test Result?

Well, if you’ve been wondering whether toilet water can cause a false positive pregnancy test result, then you’re in the right place. The answer is Yes! As a rule of thumb, dipping your pregnancy test kit inside your toilet bowl is not an excellent idea.

The primary rationale is that toilet water would dilute your urine content; therefore, the pregnancy kit would pick up negligible or no pregnancy hormone (hCG). That means you’ll get negative results even if you’re pregnant.

Can Toilet Water Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test?
A pregnancy kit showing results.

Tips For Obtaining Precise Pregnancy Test Results

So, now that you’re aware, below are the tips for obtaining precise pregnancy test results. Read on!

Conduct The Test First Thing in The Morning

Typically, overnight, urine builds up as you’re resting. Thus, in case of any hCG hormone in your blood circulation, it will get concentrated in the urine.

Scientists recommend that using the pregnancy test kit to collect the first urine content that you pee in the morning would assist in getting precise results.

Can Toilet Water Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test?
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Collect Your Urine Sample in A Cup

Most tests direct you to put the test kit below the urine flow as you pee in order to collect a little portion for testing. However, that’s a bit messy, and most frequently, you risk getting errors as you may not collect the required amount of urine sample. Also, you’re highly vulnerable to accidentally dropping the kit inside your toilet bowl. You don’t want this to happen!

To avoid such a messy situation, it’s ideal to collect your urine sample in a disposable plastic cup and dipping your pregnancy kit inside the urine sample for the required time, as indicated in the instructions.

Read The Results Within the Given Window Period

This hack tip is very imperative in achieving precise results. Always read your results within the time limit as directed by the product instructions. Otherwise, reading results outside the window period may result in false results.

Reading is simple! Most non-digital pregnancy test kits would show lines running across to indicate whether hCG hormone is present or not. As a rule of thumb, one line acts a control line and appears whether you’re pregnant or not, whereas the second line shows typically that you’re pregnant. However, a colorless line might still appear and disappear in a few seconds if you aren’t pregnant.

So, there’s no need to panic if it’s the first time you use such test kits and see the line.

Avoid Reading Results Before the Designated Window Time

Similarly, don’t read the results too early before the directed time on the pregnancy kit. As your urine sample travels through your pregnancy kit, the results may be already out, but it needs you to be a little patient for the job to be done.

We suggest that you follow instructions keenly and avoid reading your results early. If needed, you may set a timer to alert you when the recommended time is over.

Avoid Using an Expired Pregnancy Test Kit

Yes, get this right! Pregnancy test kits have expiry dates. If you use an expired test kit, expect to get false results. It’s because the chemical composition in the kit might no longer accurately detect hCG levels in the urine sample. So, it’s a good idea to confirm whether the kit you want to use has expired or not.

Avoid Drinking Excess Water or Fluids Prior To Undertaking Your Test

Do not drink excess fluids or water before carrying out your pregnancy test. That could affect the results. Please hold off if your urine color is pale yellow or diluted. Diluted urine may result in diluted hCG hormone levels that will cause you to get a false ‘Not Pregnant’ result.

Conduct your test only when you feel like you need to pee. If you stop drinking water as soon as you feel thirsty, you will not dilute your hCG levels, and you won’t get a (not pregnant)—vague result.

Try Other Pregnancy Tests to Eliminate Any Doubts

Pregnancy test kits are reliable and can tell you if you’re pregnant. However, doctors insist they shouldn’t rely solely on the kits but rather try other valid test methods.

A pregnancy ultrasound will help you confirm your pregnancy and check if the baby is healthy. It’s critical for women who experience bleeding or intense pain during pregnancy, as well as women who have a history of ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages.


I peed in the pregnancy test result window; is it waterproof?

It’s not waterproof; it takes urine from your bladder to produce a result. It’s essential to take the test properly! If you put your urine in the window, it will cause the result to be blurry.

Is a pregnancy sensitivity test important?

Pregnancy sensitivity test is essential as it will tell you how early you’ll get your positive results. A test with a higher sensitivity will typically be more sensitive and quickly detect false positive results.

Will an evaporation line get washed off by water?

Even if you use water on the evaporation line, it will not disappear. If you aren’t sure of the test result, you should try another pregnancy test method, such as an ultrasound.

Wrapping up

Getting false pregnancy results can be annoying sometimes. So, if you don’t want to be caught up in suspense, always follow all instructions stated in the pregnancy kit you want to use. However, trying out other valid pregnancy test methods is an excellent idea. These include getting digital pregnancy test kits or going for an ultrasound. Indeed, it may cost you some extra cash, but why not eliminate your doubts and cut off the stress?

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