Can You Flush A Frog Down The Toilet?

The appearance of a frog in the bathroom is common and unpleasant, and for some people even scary. When people see a frog in their bathroom, their first instinct is to get rid of it by flushing it down the toilet. However, is it okay to flush a frog down the toilet?

Flushing a frog down the toilet is not a recommended method to remove it from the bathroom. This will either send the frog into the sewer or shove it into the pipes, enabling the frog to come back into the toilet. In addition, you might end up with plumbing issues, if the frog gets stuck somewhere in the sewer system.

Not sure what to do when you see a frog in your bathroom? Luckily, we have all the answers here, so you can get rid of the frog in a safe manner. This article is focused on the reasons why you should not just flush a frog down the toilet along with possible ways to remove this creature safely from your bathroom.

Is It Okay To Flush A Frog Down The Toilet?

While flushing a frog down the toilet might be the easiest and the quickest way to get rid of it, you should think twice before doing so. Namely, seeing a frog in your bathroom can be annoying and even scary, but flushing it down the toilet may bring you additional trouble.

frog in bathroom

It is a fact that flushing the frog down the toilet will make the creature disappear from your sight, but maybe not forever.

Flushing the frog down the toilet is not the recommended way to get rid of it, and it is not for nothing. There are several things to take into consideration before disposing of a frog down the pipe drains.

It May Cause Plumbing Issues

If you see a frog in your bathroom, it would be wrong to assume with certainty that it came from the toilet. It is true that frogs can come from the toilet inside your bathroom, but that is not always the case. A frog can come from the window, or from the main door, so it is not always the toilet that has provided this possibility.

This is important because the frog might be quite big, and may not easily pass through the pipes. If you discard it by flushing it down the toilet, you may be faced with plumbing issues whose fixing can cost a fortune. This means that if the frog gets stuck somewhere along the way to the sewer, you might need some serious fixing.

You are probably aware that when something is stuck further in the pipes cannot easily be unclogged with a plunger or a toilet snake. You may be forced to pay a fortune for the repair, so it is better that you do not take that risk.

The Frog Might Appear Again

When you want to get rid of a frog by flushing it down the toilet, one of two things will happen. If you are lucky, the flushing may take the frog into the sewer, and you will never see it again. On the other hand, the flushing might just shove the frog inside the pipes, giving it a possibility to return to the toilet bowl.

frog in toilet

If the frog does not get stuck somewhere in the drains, there is a high chance that it will return to your bathroom. Therefore, flushing it down the toilet would be a waste of time and water. In other words, this will not be a permanent solution, and you will never know when or whether you will see the frog again in your toilet bowl.

It Is An Unethical And Wasteful Way

You might be disgusted by the appearance of a frog inside your bathroom. It is understandable if you do not like creatures like this roaming inside the rooms of your home. However, you should think ethically and care about all of the living creatures in the world.

If you think about it, the reason why the frog has found its way to your bathroom is definitely not deliberate. Namely, it has probably lost its way and it is terrified. Therefore, try to set your anger and disgust aside and think rationally.

Instead of flushing it down the toilet, discard the frog in the garden or some other place in nature. This way you will do a nice thing that will be beneficial for the environment and yourself. That is, you will not waste water in vain, and you will feel good after doing a nice thing for this tiny creature.

How To Remove A Frog From Your Bathroom Safely?

In order to avoid the unpleasantness that might result from flushing a frog down the toilet, you should discard the frog in another way. The best way to remove a frog from your bathroom is by taking it to the garden. This is not only better for your plumbing system, but it is also a humane thing to do.

frog in container
Image from Jake Mitchell

Therefore, you will need a set of rubber or nitrile gloves and a type of container. You should put on gloves and scoop the frog inside the container. You should do this really carefully and gently in order not to scare the frog, or otherwise, you might end up chasing it around the bathroom.

After you have put it in a container, discard it in your garden or another place in nature. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can simply contact pest control, and they will take care of it in a safe manner.

How To Prevent Frogs Appearing In Your Bathroom?

If you want to truly avoid the appearance of frogs in your bathroom, first you need to know how they get to your bathroom in the first place. Only then you can take the necessary measures to prevent them from appearing in your toilet or bathroom.

How do frogs get into toilets?How to fix it?
Through a crack in a sewer pipeFix the broken sewer pipe
Through an open doorTurn off the lights outside
Through the bathroom vent pipeRemove shrubs and trees
Through the sewer openingMake a place for frogs in your garden

If you know that you have a crack in your sewer pipe, then you should consider fixing it ASAP. This is the most common way for a frog to find their way into the toilet, so to prevent it, it is better that you call a plumber right away.

However, since the pipes are not the only way for frogs to reach the toilet, you should also consider your surroundings. Many times frogs can enter your bathroom through the main door. This is usually because they follow lights, and if you often leave your lights on, then you are running the risk of having a frog in your bathroom.

In addition, it is possible for frogs to use the nearby trees and shrubs for finding the bathroom vent pipe. They tend to wander in different places, and the vent pipe is one of them. To avoid this, it might be smart to remove the shrubs and trees that are really close to your house or roof.

Lastly, frogs often reach your toilet bowl through the sewer opening. This is usually because they are trying to find a cozy and cool area during the wet season. If you truly want to stop frogs from coming into your toilet, you might consider building a sanctuary for frogs in your garden.

This kind of place will be enough for them, and they will not need to search for new surroundings. This might seem too much, but it is a possible and useful solution, so you may want to try it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Frogs Dangerous And Do They Bite?

Most frogs are not dangerous and they do not have the tendency to bite. However, there are some species that might bite everything that they see as a threat.

frog in the house

What Attracts Frogs To Your House?

Usually, frogs end up in your house in an attempt to find a shelter and a cozy place where they can stay. They prefer places with shade, therefore, it is not strange that they might appear in your toilet or your house, especially if you have weeds and plants around it.

Do Frogs Carry Diseases?

Frogs are generally not dangerous or poisonous, but sometimes, they might be carriers of bacteria. They carry the bacteria called Salmonella, which can cause serious illnesses in people in some cases.

Final Thoughts

If you ever see a frog in your toilet, do not be tempted to flush it down the drain pipes. Now you know what risks you are running if you do so, meaning that you are capable to opt for wiser solutions. And remember, you can always prevent frogs from coming into your house, by just taking the right steps. 

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