Can You Flush Clorox Toilet Wand?        

I can’t recall who told me that I could flush the Clorox toilet wand, but I still hate that person. I don’t know if I should blame someone or myself for causing the water to overflow in my bathroom. When my bathroom started to flood, I was worried that the water would go away because it won’t. Believe me, when I tell you flushing your toilet repeatedly won’t make things better. And as a result, my bathroom started to overfill even faster. If you keep thinking you can flush Clorox toilet wands, then you should know that you most likely made a similar mistake. If you think that way, it’s good to know that you are not alone! If you have not attempted it, this article will serve as a salvation and a warning. Scroll down!

Is It Okay To Flush Clorox Toilet Wand?

If you accidentally flush the Clorox wand down the toilet, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Clorox wands are not designed to get flushed down your toilet. Your toilet is designed to safely remove waste materials like toilet paper and poop.

Other degradable substances can also be flushed down the toilet without any trouble. But Clorox wands don’t disintegrate in water. Clorox wands are not biodegradable and can easily clog your toilet. Please note that pushing down the flush button several times will not cause the Clorox wand to disappear.

You’ll probably overflow the toilet and ruin the floor in your bathroom. It’s much better to fix it as soon as you can. You will need to try doing it yourself or get a plumber. In this case, you will need a snake or a plunger to drain the tub or the toilet. Coat hangers or wet vac bags may also do the job.

How to Remove Clorox Toilet Wand If You Accidentally Flushed it Down the Drain

If you flush Clorox wands down your toilet drain, then it’s not something that you should take lightly. It can cause severe problems and even damage your toilet flushing system. If a Clorox wand somehow manages to clog your toilet, it’s best to remove it as soon as possible.

Luckily, you can do lots of easy things to solve this problem. Some of the solutions don’t even require that you contact a plumber. We’ve gone over some of the most efficient ways to take out a Clorox wand from the toilet. Remember to take the proper precautions and gloves before digging into this mess.

Use a Bent Wire

You probably have some wire in your garage or tool shed. Some stiff wire is handy, but if you don’t have any, a simple wire coat hanger will do the job. Find some stiff wire you can bend to make it into a hook. Then put it in the hole that the wand will come in. It is easy to manipulate the wires when you have the correct size. The larger the wire is, the harder it is to pull on the wand.

It would be best if you started inserting the wand down your drain and going as deep as possible. Soon enough, the end of your wire will crawl out of your toilet trap to get to the pipe’s flange. You can quickly move the wire and extend it further when that point is reached. Your line is much larger down here.

Can You Flush Clorox Toilet Wand?        
Bent wire

If an object stops you, then you’ve reached the Clorox wand! In that case, you may have to try and put a hook on it. Once that is done, move the wand slowly towards the bathroom. Then try to pull it out of your toilet. Any sudden movements will be useless as you may not recover the Clorox from your drain. So, stay calm and do not hurry.

If your wire can reach your toilet bowl, the Clorox wand is deeper down the toilet drain! If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry about doing anything. Flush your toilet and observe whether it overflows.

Use A Toilet Snake

Drain snakes are excellent tools for detecting and tackling stubborn clogs. They are easy to get at and are not that expensive. It’s a long flexible plastic tube that easily snakes down the toilet and the drain. Snakes can bend pretty easily and turn at least 180 degrees.

Can You Flush Clorox Toilet Wand?        
Toilet snake

Working with turns and twists in your toilet drainage system will be a breeze if you get one. It is easier than trying to hang a heavy-duty coat with a rigid hanger. You will find a drain snake at any hardware store, which is handy. It won’t cost you too much.

A Shop Vac Can Do the Trick

This may be the easiest way to get a Clorox wand out of a toilet. Shop vac cleaners are inexpensive but very efficient. They can be used to clean all types of objects.

 It costs about 50 dollars to purchase a cheap vacuum cleaner that can remove all kinds of debris. You can use it to clean both wet and dry messes.

This will allow you to easily remove the Clorox wand head that you flush down the toilet. It will also help you get rid of all the other messes that you might have done while you were cleaning the toilet. Just put a hose into a small bowl and put a nozzle into it. The hose will get rid of all the wastewater. If all that water is pumped out, you will be able to clean up all the junk that might have been deposited in the toilet.

The cool thing is that its nozzle is very bendable, so you can easily place it into a drain pipe. Then, the water from the toilet will be absorbed. Once the nozzle is pushed through the drain pipe, it sucks up the Clorox toilet wand from your drain.

Additional Option

If you don’t possess any of the tools that we have listed, there is a way you can still get the Clorox wand out of your toilet. If there is genuinely a clog in the toilet, you will need to unwrap your toilet screws and remove the toilet from the floor to take out the Clorox wand inside it.

It can be difficult to remove the head of the septic tank from the wall and reattach the septic tank to the wall. Calling a qualified plumber to do the job for you is better. If your goal is not to spend a dime, try very hard to be careful when removing the toilet bowl. You don’t want to damage the shutoff valves or cause other damage.


Does Clorox Toilet Wand contain bleach?

No, this product does not include bleach. Clorox Toilet Cleaner is an acidic formula that is effective in removing rust and stains without the need to use bleach.

What to do if you accidentally flush something down your toilet drain?

First, try utilizing a plunger and see if you can force something down the toilet by gently pressing on the object to bring it to the surface. Some large objects will not make it through your waste pipe, but using a plunger to break them free could get them to your bowl surface. If a plunger does not work, you may try using a coat hanger or a bent wire to help remove the object from your toilet.


So, will you flush the Clorox toilet wand down your toilet? I suppose you don’t attempt. But if you did it accidentally, we hope our helpful advice and tips on fixing it will significantly aid you. Please note that if it’s something that you will be doing all by yourself, get some basic plumbing knowledge first.

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