Can You Flush Condoms Down the Toilet?

Condoms are quite an invention. Many short fling romances might not have been possible if not for condoms. Yet, people are always in a hurry to get rid of a used one. And even resort to flushing it down the toilet. But can you flush condoms down the toilet?

The concern here is not whether you can. Instead it is if you should. Because when you flush a condom, it has many problematic consequences. So, in short, yes, you can make one or two condoms disappear down the toilet. But you should not because this practice will damage your plumbing. Plus, this is harmful to the environment.

It’s a fact that condoms prevent the spread of STDs and are an excellent contraceptive. And the following discussion states its proper treatment.

Flushing Condoms Down The Toilet

Depending on the power of a toilet’s flush system and the diameter of the plumbing pipe, you can even lose cell phones in that whirlpool. So, in that sense, yes. You can flush condoms down the toilet. But you should not.

Because this might clog the plumbing system, and later when you call the plumber someday, they would be pulling out your used condoms from the waste. And that can be pretty embarrassing.

Why People Do It

Most people are in a hurry to dispose of their condoms. There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, a condom, of course, feels dirty. Because you know it is drenched in bodily fluids. Therefore, it is only natural that someone wants to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Another reason people are hasty with condoms is because of embarrassment. A condom is a piece of evidence that a sexual act was performed here. And this provokes people to take desperate measures like flushing it down a toilet.

Why You Should Not

But think about it. If you keep flushing condoms, it will eventually jam your pipes. So later on, when you call the maintenance people and have them take a look, they will find all your used condoms at the same time. In other words, you will fall into the same or, even worse, embarrassing situation that you were trying to avoid.

condoms in plumber's hand
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Also, consider the fact that condoms are made of non-biodegradable materials. Now, many companies do claim that their latex condoms degrade in nature. But that is certainly not the truth because every manufacturer put something non-degradable in their condoms to make them unbreakable.

Therefore, when condoms string along with other similar waste products, they form big chunks of unmanageable garbage. And these chunks block the sewerage system, trap fish in the rivers, and have an overall nasty effect on the environment.

Importance Of Proper Disposal Of Condom

So, can you flush condoms down the toilet? No, you can’t because it’s disgusting. Therefore, proper disposal of a condom is your only option.

Mind Your Plumbing

When you flush a condom down your toilet, know that someday you might be removing it from your pipes in front of other people. In other words, your flushed condom shall come back to haunt you. And that day, you will surely regret this bad habit.

Moreover, you will have to spend quite a few bucks restoring your plumbing. You will find yourself surrounded by your neighbors, not to mention the embarrassing situation. Because, in most localities, the sewerage system is a shared one. And no one will be happy to know that your careless disposal of prophylactics is destroying their system.

It Should Be A Social Practice

Using condoms prevents STDs and unwanted pregnancies. In the same way, proper disposal of condoms stops unpleasant consequences. Consider something for a moment. Hundreds of millions of condoms are used worldwide every year. What would happen if they started flushing them?

heap of condoms

In America, over 400 million condoms are sold every year. Now, you might have been thinking, what’s the big deal if I flush one or two condoms now and then. But then again, consider this immense figure. Even if half the people fail to dispose of their condoms properly, it can mean a disaster.

So, when you are correctly disposing of condoms, you make the world a better place for everybody.

Save The Planet

Yes, you might have used a condom to prevent pregnancy. And therefore, no children of you will roam the earth. But that doesn’t apply to other people too. So, think about the future of this planet for the sake of the future generation.

The improperly disposed of condoms that make their way into landfills shall stay there for many years and not degrade like biological products. Therefore, it will make the landmasses weak, hence more prone to landslides. Plus, it will reduce the fertility of the soil.

Also, many condoms shall make their way into the sea. And there, it can endanger the lives of aquatic animals. Plus, they will be polluting the water.

Moreover, when condoms eventually break down, they become microplastic particles. And these particles can find their way to your stomach through the foods you eat. And this might goes without saying that microplastic consumption has many disastrous consequences for human health.

condom not disposed properly

A Disgusting Sight

Improper disposal of used condoms makes them appear anywhere and everywhere. You may see these remnants of sexual activity washing up on the sea beach. Or they are just floating in the ponds and lakes. And sometimes, an overflow in the drainage system will make them come up on the streets.

Now, who wants to walk in a world dotted with used condoms? And how about explaining it to the kids? So, to avoid a disgusting experience, everyone should be more careful about proper condom disposal.

How To Properly Dispose Of A Condom?

It would be best to discard a used condom as soon as possible. And there’s no doubt in that. But that is to be done with proper care. Now, there are a few ways to go about it. Let’s look at them.

Don’t Flush it

Well, this much has been evident from the discussion so far. It would be best if you didn’t flush down a condom under any circumstances. So what shall you do? Well, it’s very simple. Wrap the used condom in some tissue paper. Then wrap that wad in some old newspaper. Now throw it in the bin.

That way, your used condom goes into the waste management system as any other non-biodegradable product should go. And that prevents chances of it ending up in the land or water.

If you are still worried about discreteness, you can take this step a little further. Just wash the condom and cut it up into pieces using a scissor. And then wrap it in tissue paper. That way, it’s not a used condom anymore—instead, just pieces of latex.


Incineration or burning your latex waste products at around 1000 degrees centigrade is the best way to get rid of your used condoms. However, it is improbable that someone will have an incinerator at their home just for this purpose.

Although, you can make a fire in a drum in your backyard and burn the waste in it. But then there’s the problem of creating toxic and irritating smokes. So, don’t burn all your plastic products at once. Instead, throw in one or two used condoms discreetly when you are burning leaves or woods.


Can you flush condoms down the toilet? Well, no, you cannot. Because if something is disgusting and bad for the world, you are not doing it, no matter whether you can do it.

Just take the time to wrap your waste in some tissue and newspaper and throw it in the recycle bin.

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