Can You Smoke Toilet Paper?

Can you smoke toilet paper? Under difficult situations, you can use toilet paper to roll your joint. However, toilet paper has a little caveat and may taste different from typical rolling papers. It’s also trickier to use toilet paper to smoke marijuana than rolling paper. Keep reading to learn how to make a joint using toilet paper or, better yet, another safe option.

How To Make a Joint with Tissue Paper?

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A lady making a joint.

It’s not easy to smoke toilet paper because it burns so fast. So you must be keen. Here are steps to follow to make a joint with tissue paper:

  • Get uncolored toilet paper and remove a sheet.
  • Cut the sheet into an average size similar to a rolling paper, measuring approximately 68mm (L) by 34 (W).
  • Use your hands or a grinder to grind the weed.
  • Fold the tissue paper horizontally into half to form a crease. That’s optional, but it allows you to put and roll your weed quickly and easily on the tissue paper.
  • Use a filter or crutch to pack your joint. You can create your home filter from card stock or by using a tiny piece of cardboard.
  • Tighten the end of the joint. It’s essential due to the thinness of the kind of toilet paper you’re using. If you roll a loose joint, it’s likely to burn out more quickly.

9 Best Substitutes for Rolling paper

Are you wondering whether there are other best alternatives you can use instead of rolling paper? Yes! If you’re unable to find the paper you need or have run out of rolling paper, you can use any of the other options below to make a perfect joint.

1. Aluminum Cans

Most people will reason that using beer cans to smoke weed was the first form of recycling. If you carefully fold it, strategically poke a hole into the can, and place the weed, you’ve got an excellent weed smoker. Even though it’s not as natural as rolling on paper, many smokers are comfortable using it.

2. Apple Pipes

Some people utilize fruits to make pipes from which they can smoke their joints. You can put a hole in the sides and the top of an apple to put a pipe in it. After you do this, you will need to cover the hole with aluminum foil.

Put some foil inside the holes you have already made in the apple to make a pipe. Place your weeds in the foil. Then you may light it and smoke your weed by the side of the fruit. By using this method, you’ll get an apple pie taste when you smoke your weed.

3. Use A Vaporizer

Vaporizers are the best alternative for forgetful weed users. If you frequently forget your smoking papers, you should buy a small vaporizer that fits perfectly into your pocket. Any time you need to smoke weed, just pull out your vaporizer and do your thing.

4. Gum Wrapper

If you can get a couple of sticky gum sticks, you may be lucky. You can roll your joint with just a few sticky gum sticks if you have some silver foil on the back to cover them. If you could rub the sticky side of the foil while avoiding any damage to the gummed paper underneath, you are fortunate.

Also, you will still have some residual sweet-gummy residue on the paper. That may help you stick the two pieces together by using your tongue.

5. Corn Husks

It’s easy to find corn husks in a lot of Latin American kitchens. Corn husks aren’t just a natural way to smoke weed; they’re also among the healthiest alternatives to inhaling weed. A fibrous corn husk holds together a rolled-up weed very well. It keeps things from rolling over too tight. That makes smoking weed easy. Thanks to corn husks, the weed will stick to it much better than if you were smoking it directly from a pipe.

6. Bucket/Lung

You can smoke weed with plastic lungs or plastic buckets. These substitutes to rolling paper are as functional as bongs. All you need to do is place a plastic bag inside a plastic bottle and seal it. You can use anything from a disposable plastic bag to a big metal can. Put some aluminum foil on the top of the bottle and poke a few holes in the foil. Put your weed on the aluminum foil and plastic bottle to establish suction. Light some weed and start smoking.

7. Tinfoil

You don’t have to buy a soda or beer can. You can still use tin foil for smoking weed. For a very long time, people have utilized aluminum foil to make many different things. Among these things is to roll the weed. Rolling weed is as easy as using small tinfoil. Aluminum foil is trendy because it is straightforward to use. All you have to do is take a cigarette and roll some foil around it. Put some weed in it, light it and smoke the weed!

8. Rose Petals

Most people will be surprised to hear this. But yes! you can use rose petals as an alternative to rolling papers. To do this, you’ll have to heat three rose petals inside a pan. The heating should be done for a few seconds. Once the petals are heated, attach them to and make your joint.

9. Hot-knives

If you want to use very hot knives as alternatives for smoking, you need a good stove or heat source, two sharp knives, and some cannabis. Allow your stove to heat up to a medium-hot temperature. When it is very hot, hold the two knives up in front of a hot stove for about 1-2 minutes. Also, do not hold your knives too close to a hot stove because doing that will damage the knives and cause severe damage to your skin.

Carefully place some marijuana on a knife blade. It is best to use a second knife to put your cannabis in order to ‘sandwich’ the edges of the other knife with the one you are smoking. Your weed should start producing smoke as soon as you touch it. Start smoking as soon as you smell it. It’s ideal for any type of cannabis – flowers, hashish, or concentrates.

The Ideal Amount of Weed You Can Roll in One Joint

If you’re new to rolling joints, you should start with 1/2 gram of marijuana and 1 1/4 gram of ordinary paper. When you become good at rolling weed, you can use full-gram joints and King-sized rolling papers.

5 Different Ways of Consuming Your Weed

There are different ways to smoke weed, such as inhaling it or ingesting weed. Thus, you may try out several ways, but that depends on how comfortable you are. When someone starts smoking marijuana, most people utilize typical smoking papers to roll joints. Smoking papers are like the tobacco cigarettes you use to make cigarettes.

Most cannabis smokers utilize smoking papers like hemp papers, zig-zag papers, or blunt wraps to smoke their joints.

Zig-zag papers are easily found in various flavors, including apple, vanilla, and blueberry. You can buy cigarettes by checking Amazon or another online store.

Below are some of the ways how to consume weed.

1. Vaping

Using a vaporizer to smoke weed can be highly satisfying. You can use electronic cigarettes or vape pens to smoke weed or other smoking substances. Vape pens are like electronic cigarettes. They are used to inhale tobacco or weed.

2. Dabbing

Some weed uses dab rings to get potent marijuana extracts. They will blow on the dab rings to ignite the potent smoke that comes out of the rings. Afterward, they will start inhaling the vapor released from the dab rings.

3. Bongs

Smokers also use it in groups to smoke a joint. Bongs are made of different materials, including metal, glass, plastic, wood, bamboo, and ceramic. Besides being portable, bongs are very versatile; they can be percolator, gravity, or even multi-chambered.

4. Edibles

You can enjoy edible cannabis that is more potent than a typical joint. You can enjoy candies, cookies, and brownies that have more THC than a regular joint. All you need to do is add cannabis to your favorite recipe and bake it. Then, when your baked goods are done, you can enjoy the rest of your day.

5. Topicals

Yes. You may use marijuana topically to treat pain. The topicals are infused with cannabis oil or butter and are applied topically to treat pain.


Can I use parchment paper as rolling paper?

Most parchment papers contain silicone and can be used for other purposes. Many people use things like that, but if you want to use them, you’ll have to find an adhesive that will seal the joint. Using sticky tape is a bad idea. So, no! You cannot use parchment paper as rolling paper!

Can I use regular paper as rolling paper?

Although you may think you can use regular paper to smoke your weed, it is not recommended to do that. If you smoke some weed with standard paper, you will waste a lot of marijuana. It will not smell good, and you won’t enjoy the taste of the weed. Furthermore, if you smoke the weed with regular paper, the like may be unpleasant. It may be harsher to your lungs to smoke weed with regular paper.

Can I use printer paper as rolling paper?

It is not appropriate to smoke using printer paper; there are too many toxins in printer paper. There are many different kinds of thick paper, but we don’t recommend using printing paper. Printing paper that has greater thickness has higher cellulose to tobacco ratio, which means that you will smoke more. You should only use the thinnest paper you can find, which doesn’t include printer paper.

Wrapping Up

There you’ve it! The several options for smoking your joint if you run out of rolling papers. You might go for toilet paper if you’ve got a lot of it in your home. But remember that we’ve discussed many other best-safe alternatives just for you. So be sure to use either of the alternatives discussed in this article and avoid using anything that might pose risks to your health.   

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