Colored Toilet Paper: What Happened to Them?

Colored toilet paper was common from the 1950s to the 1980s. Nowadays, it’s very difficult to find colored toilet paper at your local store. In this article, I will explain what happened to colored toilet paper, and why it’s no longer common.

In general, colored toilet paper would often cause irritation, and color a person’s bottom. Some sources also claimed it was bad for the environment. Currently, there are no laws that restrict the manufacture of colored toilet paper.

Below, I will explain the history of colored toilet paper, when it got fazed out, and if it’s still possible to buy colored toilet paper.

Why They Stopped Making Colored Toilet Paper

Colored toilet paper used to be quite common, however, no days you almost always won’t find it in supermarkets. Here’s a summary of why they stopped making colored toilet paper.

Overall, the dye used in colored toilet paper would stain a person’s bottom, would cause a mess if it got wet, and was claimed to be bad for the environment. It’s possible to find some colored toilet manufacturers but it’s quite rare, especially at supermarkets.

Toilet paper is commonly used to wipe up spills. So, if the dye runs when it gets wet, cloths or white toilet paper, or paper towels need to be used to clean up the dye as well. If you’ve ever been in a home with old decor from the 1970s or earlier, you will often find colored bathtubs and colored vanity units. It’s common to find pink bathtubs or green vanity units.

These were common and in ‘style’ until about the 1990s. Together, with other trends that are now considered ugly such as colored and patterned carpets. Colored toilet paper was originally made to match the color scheme of bathrooms. 

When white bathtubs and vanity units started to become more common, colored fixtures were not used in new homes, and in renovated homes, colored toilet paper didn’t look as good.

yellow, orange, blue and red toilet papers

The issues with colored toilet paper were:

  • They color your bottom the color of the toilet paper
  • The dye runs and so it can’t be used to clean up spills
  • The dye causes irritation
  • The dye gets in the wastewater making it worse for the sewage treatment

The anus is very sensitive, and any chemicals, even mild ones like dye can cause a burning sensation, also if a person wears white underwear, and wipes using colored toilet paper, the dye will color their underwear. Another concern was that the dye will color wastewater after it’s flushed, and sewage treatment plants needed to spend more effort making the water reusable. It also made the water worse when wastewater was put into areas such as wastewater lakes, to break down.

White easily shows when the anus isn’t completely clean

When you clean your anus, unless all of the feces are removed it can leave a poo smell. The smell is typically so minor that other people can’t smell it. However, it’s still there. 

Also, any feces left around the anus, no matter how minor the amount can cause itching. Therefore, it’s important to completely clean the anus. For this reason, many people prefer to have a bidet – pronounced ‘biday’ in their home. 

As you may know, a bidet is a special hose typically positioned right next to the toilet. It can have its own dedicated bowl as well. When you use a bidet it’s common to not clean all of the feces from your anus. So, when you wipe with white toilet paper afterward, it’s very easy to see if it’s not perfectly clean. And then you can wash it again. 

This is a big advantage over white toilet paper compared to other colors. The discoloration from the anus not being perfectly clean is only very light brown in color. If toilet paper were a different color, it would very difficult to see when your anus is perfectly clean.

Hand pulling white toilet paper off roll in bathroom

The color white is associated with cleanliness

The color white can’t hide any impurities, otherwise, it wouldn’t be white. The color white is associated with something that’s very clean. It’s often associated with something that is pure, perfect, and completely sanitized. 

Therefore, white is a great color for toilet paper because impossible to hide when it’s not perfectly clean. It also clearly shows when it has been used and shows whether your behind is completely clean.

White toilet paper is also the most popular

Economic forces dictate that if colored toilet paper was as popular as white toilet paper more brands would sell it. It’s clearly the case that white toilet paper is the most popular toilet paper color. 

Toilet paper companies aren’t only in it for the money. But, the objective of any business is to make money. Therefore, if they could find a product that was more popular they would sell it. Because all toilet paper your find in stores is white means that it’s the most popular color choice.

Renova colored toilet papers

Can You Still Get Colored Toilet Paper

Colored toilet paper is not sold in supermarkets. So, you may be curious whether it’s still possible to buy colored toilet paper. Here’s what I found.

As a general rule, it’s still possible to get colored toilet paper from brands such as Renova, Mother Earth, and Compact. They sell many different colors. It’s also still possible to buy toilet paper with colored designs on them.

You can colored toilet paper that is all one color such as orange or blue. Or, toilet paper that only has colored designs, while the rest of the toilet paper is white.

blue toilet paper
Image from Mildly Interesting

Was There Blue Toilet Paper

It’s common to find blue paper hand towels used in public restrooms, or at a mechanic shop. But blue toilet paper is not sold in grocery stores. So, was there ever blue toilet paper, and can you buy blue toilet paper?

There used to be blue toilet paper from brands such as Northern. It was very common until about the 1980s. Nowadays, you can still buy blue toilet paper. But, supermarkets don’t typically stock it. Therefore, it needs to be purchased online.

It can be purchased online on stores like Amazon. Or, directly from the brand that makes it. There are quite a few brands that make colored toilet paper that is completely blue, as well as other colors.

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