Comfort Height Vs. Standard Height Toilet- Pros, Cons and Comparison

There are certainly problems one could face when it comes to using the toilet, and one of these is that if you are taller and use a short toilet, your knees almost feel at chest height, and the opposite is true if you are shorter. There are countless shapes and styles of toilets, but we are looking at comfort versus standard height. Therefore, what are their differences as well as pros and cons?

The main difference between comfort and standard toilets is their height, with the comfort being ADA compliant and sitting at 17 to 19 inches (43-48 centimeters); while standard height toilets are lower, and the seat height from the floor up is between 14 and 15 inches (35-38 centimeters).

There is only a slight difference in height between the two options; however, when using the toilet, we seem to note the difference that much more. So in the following article, we will discuss not only the height, but the cost, health benefits, and installation. So be sure to read on to discover just what it is that sets these two apart.

The Height Differences Between Comfort And Standard Toilets

You will need to decide which option is best for you out of the two possibilities when it comes down to it. However, we have some interesting and worthwhile points to factor into the equation, with the first being the height and also how one ought to measure correctly when buying a toilet.

As mentioned, comfort height toilets have a seat height of 17 to 19 inches, while standard height toilets are only between 14 and 15 inches tall but at times can edge to 16 inches. When measuring the height of the toilet, you must measure from the floor to the top of the toilet seat and not the bowl, as the seat can sometimes add an inch to the overall height.

Things can get tricky here as some toilets are not sold with a seat, and these need to be purchased independently. When looking at toilets, you need to keep this in mind and when you buy your seat, be sure to know what the floor to bowl top is to purchase the right fit for you and your household.

The final decision comes down to you; however, if you put toilets into a public space, you will need to go with the comfort height as these are ADA compliant. This is great for taller people or those who are elderly or disabled, and if you are purchasing for yourself, then this is the type you ought to opt for.

Shorter or average height people may not feel comfortable sitting on comfort height toilets, and therefore we recommend buying and installing standard height toilets in your home. This is also a good idea to consider if you have children as a lower toilet will suit them better.

If there are people of different heights in your household, and perhaps there are elderly or disabled people who live with you. Then what you can do to accommodate everyone is buy a standard height toilet and then add a toilet seat raiser, which has a handle enabling one to change the height at which the seat sits.

TOTO standard height toilet
Standard Height Toilet

The Cost Of Comfort Vs. Standard Height Toilets

If you factor in that you are getting toilets from the same manufacturer and have the same features, you would assume that the comfort height toilet will cost you a tad bit more than the standard height toilet, but you would be mistaken.

Although you can purchase toilets for less than $100, these are more than likely to be of far inferior quality.

If you are looking to buy a standard height toilet, you can expect to pay between $220 and $370, which is surprisingly more than that of comfort height toilets, typically priced from $150 to $300.

Installation Of Comfort And Standard Height Toilets

The cost of installing the different toilets is usually the same, sitting at around $170 to $180, which you will need to factor into your budget. The installation of comfort and standard height toilets is very similar, and thus, the quote from the plumber will be nearly the same for either kind.

If you have limited space though in your bathroom or guest bathroom, like, for instance, a cabinet above the toilet, then you may want to opt for the standard height toilet as the comfort height is slightly higher, and for tall people, this could lead to them knocking their heads.

Comfort Height Toilet
Comfort Height Toilet

Health Factors Of Comfort Vs. Standard Height Toilets

For some, there is no choice but to go with the comfort option or a raised seat due to certain body conditions and difficulties in getting up from a standard toilet; however, there is another aspect related to health that we need to consider and that is constipation and bowel movements.

This can be alleviated for those with such problems in the case of a comfort height, and that is by placing a footstool in front of the toilet to raise their feet. The issue with comfort toilets is that they put us in a less natural manner of defecating: the squatting position. Because the standard height is lower, it aligns with the natural position.

The Pros And Cons Of Comfort And Standard Toilets

Each of these toilets has its unique advantages and disadvantages, and we shall examine the points for both comfort and standard height toilets. We shall first look at the comfort height and see if this is a worthwhile purchase for you, followed by the standard height.

Comfort Height Toilet Pros

  • They are an excellent choice for the elderly and those with limited mobility.
  • You will highly unlikely need a toilet/seat raiser.
  • It is hassle-free for most people to sit down on and stand up from.
  • This is an excellent option for those who are taller.

Comfort Height Toilet Cons

  • Short people may find these difficult to sit on and get off of.
  • They are also not ideal for children.
  • They tend to be heavier than standard height toilets, making installation a bit harder.
  • They take up more space and are not ideal for tight spaces.

Standard Height Toilet Pros

  • They are the best choice for children and shorter individuals.
  • If there is a shelf or cabinet above the toilet, they are ideal.
  • They take up less space, and if it is a round bowl, even less.
  • They are a better choice for people who have bowel issues and struggle with constipation.
  • They are usually easier to install as they are lighter than comfort height toilets.

Standard Height Toilet Cons

  • People who are taller or elderly, or disabled find them uncomfortable and hard to use.
  • They do not comply with ADA requirements.
  • You may need to add a raised toilet seat for certain household members.


This touches on some of the factors you will need to consider before choosing comfort or standard height. You will need to account for the physical needs of those living with you and whether you could have a standard height with a raised seat instead of a comfort. The choice is entirely up to you and who you have living in the house with you.

However, you may not be faced with any of these concerns, in which case it will all come down to you and your personal preference. As strange as it may sound, though, before making the purchase go and try out the different types of toilets that may be present in friends’ or family members’ homes. You do not want to buy one only to be left wishing you had taken the other option.

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