Difference Between Left and Right-Handed Flush Toilets

You may have seen that flush handles are typically found on the left side of toilets. The availability of toilets with right-handed flush handles may have also crossed your mind. Yes! Such toilets do exist. The question is, though, what precisely sets the two apart?

A left-handed flush toilet has a flush valve within the toilet tank that is located on the left side, which is a major difference in addition to the handle’s obvious position. Similarly, right-handed flush toilets have flush handles located on the right side.

Let’s go through the further differences between the two types of toilets and how you may better decide which one is best for you.

Differences Between the Both

Positioning of the Toilet Handle

toilet flush handle located on the right side

The placement of the toilet flush handle is clearly the most noticeable difference. The toilet handle is either on the right upper corner of the tank’s front or on the right side of the tank in a right-handed flush toilet. The same is true for a left-handed flush toilet.

Although right-handed flush toilets were less common and less popular than left-handed flush toilets in the past, you now have the option to pick between the two as right-handed flush toilets are also growing in popularity.

Availability of the Toilets

Left-handed flushing toilets can be found practically anywhere since they are so common. However, you might need to look around a bit to find a right-handed flush toilet.

left-handed and right-handed flush toilet

However, flush boxes with right-mounted handles are now offered in the market. Therefore, you can purchase a flush box and install it on your left-handed toilet if you want the toilet handle to be on the right side.

Is Left Hand Flush Better Than Right?

The type of toilet you choose is a matter of personal preference. A right-handed flush toilet will be most useful for left-handed people. Alternatively, if you are a righty, you should choose a left-handed flush toilet.

Why Are Toilet Handles Mostly on the Left Side?

In the past, the flushing mechanism for the toilet basically involved pulling a chain that was located above the tank on the left side.

left-handed flush toilet

It was designed so that users could flush while seated. Because most people are right-handed, it seemed more logical to have a flushing mechanism that was simple for the majority, which is why the chain is on the left side.


You may choose the finest option for yourself now that you are aware of the differences between the two types of toilet flush handles, why they exist and how they can benefit you.

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