Do Amish Use Toilet Paper?

If you are reading this, you probably wonder whether the Amish use toilet paper. The answer is No. Amish people are very religious, so they don’t use toilet paper. Instead, the Amish use outhouses and traditional buckets to do their business.

So, How Do Amish Go to The Restroom?

How Amish go to the bathroom may leave you a little surprised. Instead of using a toilet with a plumbing system in their houses, the Amish use outhouses as alternatives.

After finishing the business, they put all their waste in buckets. The filled buckets are then treated by mixing the waste with lime, adding animal manure to it, and spreading it on their farm. Amish believe their religious system rules, but many state and county regulations have threatened to prosecute them. Amish people claim that the practice ought to be protected because it’s integral to how they live and worship.

The legal stand against Amish residents says it is ironic that factory farms rearing thousands of cattle produce significant tons of manure daily and still need human waste to spread on the farms. However, local officials haven’t objected to that.

How it Feels to Live Amish Lifestyle

Amish people regard their houses as sacred places. It’s where children are given birth to, raised, and taught how to worship. Church services are conducted in every family’s houses severally throughout the year, making their homes places for worship.

It is the reason why certain homes have more modern conveniences, including bathrooms and flushable toilets. Amish are well known for wearing plain clothes, most of which they make themselves, thanks to their nonconformist lifestyle. Boys wear broad-brimmed hats, dark suits that have no buttons on them, straight-cut coats that have no pockets, and they always wear black socks and shoes.

Amish live in groups where the social and family ties are very strong. Their way of life is distinctive as the family remains at the heart of their community.


What are the things Amish people use, and what are they not allowed to use?

Most Amish people cultivate their fields by pulling horses and riding in small buggies. They live in houses completely unequipped for electrical wiring; they commute by riding on horse-drawn carriages. Amish communities allow people to use the telephone, but they don’t allow people to use toilets, no wonder you will rarely find toilet paper holders in their homes.

What rules do Amish people follow in their bedrooms?

When a couple is sleeping together, they are encouraged to talk to one another all night in order to become closer. While many Amish still like to bundle clothes, the custom originated in the Old Testament. It was cited in the Book of Ruth as a popular Jewish custom.

Do the Amish allow people to wear deodorant?

Yes, the Amish use deodorant (if you want to smell nice).

In Summary

Amish people don’t use toilet paper. Furthermore, their bathrooms are rather referred to as outhouses. Amish people respect their culture and way of living. So, don’t expect to see them using the toilet anytime soon.

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