Do Guys Use Toilet Paper When They Pee?

Intriguingly, many people wonder if guys use toilet paper when they pee. But the answer is Yes! Some do. When guys pee, some tiny drop of urine remains on the tip of the wang. Using the underwear as a barrier to wipe off the urine drops is gross. Instead, guys should use a little piece of toilet paper to dab it off. 

Furthermore, if you’re Muslim, you can’t pray when you are entirely unclean! According to Islamic laws, any amount of pee that remains on your clothes may be a hindrance to your prayers. Therefore, most Muslims will use a little toilet paper and some water to wash their wang after the business.

It’s not rocket science as we all know that after your contractions are over and your sphincter has been closed, you may still have some drops in your pants. So, to completely clear off the tiny pee droplets, you may need to apply some life hacks. Indeed, if you do this, no smell will develop down there.

Why do guys not wipe after they pee?

As prostates get larger, they squeeze the urethra, making it narrower and therefore more difficult for urine to flow through it. What we cannot control, we must accept. Eventually, you’ll have to accept that the drips will have to continue, particularly in old age. That’s why it may be necessary for men to wipe after peeing to avoid the embarrassment of pee drips in pants.

Shaking Vs. Dabbing After You Piss

So, how do gentlemen do it? Which one is more hygienic? When men go to the bathroom to pee, it’s an easy task. All you need to do is stand in front of a urinal and unzip the fly of the cloth you are wearing, take it out, and start to empty your bladder. Once you’re done, shake off the remaining pee. You see… No muss, and absolutely no need to buy more toilet paper.

Do Guys Use Toilet Paper When They Pee?
Guys peeing in a public toilet

But this seemingly simple task can leave your pant damped in urine. That’s why many guys out there gently dab the front of their wang with a piece of toilet paper after emptying their bladders.

Dabbers fervently argue against the culture, believing that normal men who shake their private parts after peeing are far from hygienic. Indeed, the piss droplets end up everywhere (on the walls, on the floors, in their pants, in their shoes, and even on the bowl itself).

Advantages Of Wiping Off Your Private Parts After Peeing

Here are the advantages of using toilet paper to wipe your wang after you pee:

  • Lower the risk of UTIs.
  • Lower the risk of jock itch.
  • Lower risk of yeast infections.

UTIs are infections that can happen when bacteria invade the bladder. Although it is well known that UTIs are prevalent in women, you should also be aware that men also risk contracting UTS. Our bodies contain both good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria are good for keeping your genital parts healthy and clean. However, an overgrowth of the bacteria or infection by foreign bacteria in your genital area can cause your bladder to become infected.

Cleaning the area after you have peed is an effective way to prevent an infection. It includes wiping the private parts from front to back (for women). This helps to prevent genital infections. If you’re a man, regular cleaning of your wang after peeing helps reduce your risks of smegma and penile itching.

Smegma is caused by the accumulation of skin cells, moisture, and oils, on your wang’s tip. Sometimes thick, smelly white pieces may form on the tip of your private part. It’s common for men who have a foreskin.


Do men always pee while standing?

Research shows that approximately 69 % of men piss while standing up and that two-thirds of men try hard to avoid splashing urine by directing their urine to the center of the urinal bowl.

Is it advantageous for men to sit while peeing?

Sitting down allows men with prostate problems to urinate with more force or pressure. It is because a sitting posture allows for a more suitable urodynamic profile.

How should one wipe after going to the bathroom?

As a rule, you should wipe your private parts backward from your perineum area. Use more toilet paper as you need until the paper is clean. Always avoid touching the perianal area because it may cause your skin to blister.

The Takeaway

Although shaking your private part may help stop the urine from leaking, it doesn’t always prevent tiny drops from soaking into your clothing. If you do not wipe it off properly, it can stain your clothes and cause a musty smell to be left behind. So, next time you pee, use a small toilet paper to wipe off the tiny drops of urine from your wang. We have no doubt you’ll love this tip!

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