Does Landlord Provide Shower Rod and Curtain?

If you’re furnishing your new apartment, you’re probably wondering whether you should purchase a shower rod and curtain or if the landlord would give them. It may be a little complicated, but let me address your question.

Even though most apartment landlords do give you a shower rod and curtain, there are still some who don’t. Because a shower curtain is less expensive and requires less upkeep than a sliding door, your landlords are kind enough to give you a shower rod and curtains.

Since it is now clear that the availability of a shower rod and the curtain is somewhat dependent on the landlord, it is preferable to contact them or visit the property to personally check it before making a purchase.

You may perhaps have some further questions on the topic, so let’s discuss them.

Can You Install Curtain Rods In a Rental Yourself?

You can install curtain rods in a rental. Most landlords will allow tenants to do so as long as they don’t damage the walls or ceiling. Just be sure to remove the rods and brackets before you move out.

You will likely need to use wall anchors if the curtains are heavy, in order to avoid damaging the walls of the apartment. The weight of the curtain can also cause the bracket to pull out of the wall and the curtain to fall down.

If you want to add some personality to your curtains, consider hanging them in fun and unique ways. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Hang them from the ceiling instead of the wall for a completely different look.
  2. Use clothespins or clips to attach them to a wire or string hung across the window.
  3. Tie them back with ribbon or rope instead of using traditional curtain ties.
  4. Use hooks or command strips to attach them directly to the window frame.

Should You Clean the Curtain When You First Use It in a Rented Apartment?

Even though it is the landlord’s duty to provide you with everything in the rental unit clean and in good form, it is still preferable to wash the shower curtains again to ensure that they are really clean. Nevertheless, if the curtains meet your standards for cleanliness, you’re good to go. 

Tossing a shower curtain into the washing machine is the simplest and quickest way to clean it. However, if you don’t have access to the machine, you can clean it with a homemade cleaning solution.

Since vinegar has the amazing ability to clean anything, you can combine it with water to create a cleaning solution that you can spray onto the curtain rod, scrub it, and then rinse with clean water.

Lastly, be sure to let the shower curtain air dry.

Should You Take the Shower Curtain With You When You Leave the Rented House?

If the landlord provided you with a shower curtain, it is your responsibility to leave the premises in the same condition in which you arrived. Consequently, you must not take the shower curtain with you.

It’s a good thing if the shower curtain your landlord provided you are still in good condition; if not, you might need to get a new one. You might also ask the landlord whether he wants a new one. If so, you should purchase a new one that is of the same color as the old one.

If the shower curtain is not in good condition, you can buy a new one at a local store or online.

When you leave the apartment, make sure to clean the shower curtain and rod.

Is a Shower Door or a Curtain Preferable in a Rented Apartment?

Since a shower door is more sleek and spacious than a shower curtain, it is surely superior. Landlords, on the other hand, favor shower curtains because they are less expensive for them.

Anyhow, given that a shower door is exceptional and has numerous advantages if you want to have one, you can really speak with your landlord and find out if they are convinced that you should have one installed.

Sliding doors are a safer technique to keep water from spilling onto the floor. They even enhance the appearance of your bathroom. However, it has several drawbacks. Small access through a sliding door makes it challenging to clean the shower area. 

Additionally, it is challenging to clean the track where the door slides because that track has the most mold and bacteria growing there.


You can question the landlord about the shower rod and curtain as those items depend on them, and then make your preparations as necessary. Ensure that the provided curtains are kept as clean as possible and in good condition.

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