Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review

Have you heard of Eljer diplomat toilets before? If you’re on this page, I suppose you want to know more about it. While it’s important to consider the brand when purchasing a toilet, it is worthwhile to pay extra attention to the toilet’s performance as well. Eljer is a popular brand for producing aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, durable, and well-designed toilets. But how does the Diplomat perform? This Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review will keep you informed about the brand and some of its most outstanding toilet models on the market.

Who Makes The Diplomat Toilet?

Eljer was founded in 1904 by Raymond Elmer Crane and Oscar Jerome Backus. They manufactured unique brass products before they eventually started producing sanitary ware. Raymond and Oscar Elmer Crane rejected the idea of utilizing copper-lined wooden cisterns for toilets – typical for most manufacturers at their time – and instead invented the world’s first toilet tank made of vitreous china. Today, the idea is the industry’s standard. Eljer merged with American Standard Company in 2008, and the company remains a prominent industry leader.

Eljer Diplomat Toilet Specifications

Key FeatureDetails
Bowl shapeElongated and round
Flush typeSingle
Rough-in dimension12”
Trapway diameter2-1/8 inch
Flushing systemGravity siphonic
Flushing performance rate1000 gram
ADA compliantYes
Gallons of water used per flush1.6
Mounting typeFloor
Type of toilet seatSlow-close design
Type Of TrapwayNot concealed

Overview of Eljer Diplomat Toilet

Eljer Diplomat toilets feature an extensive flushing system that allows you to flush more effectively and frequently. It has a 1,000 MaP score, which means it flushes appropriately even when there are large amounts of waste in the bowl.

Eljer Diplomat toilet is made of durable plastic with a specially designed PowerWash rim that cleans the bowl with a single flush. These toilets are easy to maintain and clean because of the high-quality porcelain finish and the EverClean technology.

Additionally, Eljer Diplomat toilets have a super-smooth finish that’s easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about keeping your toilet clean for many years. It will keep looking new for a long time because the porcelain finishes are super-smooth. The smooth finish prevents stains and bacteria from growing in the toilet bowl.

Eljer Diplomat toilets also have a comfortable seat that stays put for long. Moreover, the Eljer Diplomat toilet meets the requirements for disabled people (ADA), and there’s a five-year warranty on the mechanical parts. You will also enjoy a limited lifetime warranty for the chinaware.

Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review

Why We Love Eljer Diplomat Toilet

Here are a few reasons we love Eljer Diplomat Toilet:

1. Eljer Diplomat is Very Easy To Use and Clean

Eljer Diplomat is simple to clean since it’s fully glazed. That makes it resistant to stains. Simply flush the toilet and let the water run down to the bowl. If there are any problems with it after some time, Eljer will replace it or repair it for free. You can easily maintain the hygiene of your bathroom by using the Eljer EverClean antimicrobial surface. Moreover, it’s easy to remove dirt and water stains from the bowl by using a soft scrubber. With proper maintenance, the toilet will last for many years.

2. Fair Pricing

Eljer Diplomat Toilet is reasonably affordable and will provide good value for your cash. It’s available in 2 different sizes: elongated and standard. If you need a budget-friendly toilet, this is a good choice.

3. Powerful Flush

Eljer Diplomat toilet flush is excellent enough to flush out all the waste in one flush, thanks to the powerful flushing system that uses multiple jets to provide maximum flushing power. Eljer Diplomat has a category-seven flush valve that delivers water to the bowl at high speed via its dual-jet water feed system. The flush valve and flushing system ensures you only have to flush your toilet once. It’s important to note that the Eljer Diplomat toilet’s flush valve features a chlorine-resistant flapper. The flapper enables the toilet to last longer.

4. It Comes With A Limited Warranty

Eljer Diplomat is simple to use and provides the quickest way to flush your toilet. It’s also durable and backed by a five-year warranty for replacement parts. Eljer will fix or replace the toilet for free if any problems occur during the warranty period.

5. Clean Design

Eljer Diplomat toilets have a sophisticated design that will fit seamlessly into any bathroom. They are easy to install and have high-quality materials. Eljer Diplomat toilets are stylish, with a large, round bowl made from porcelain and a nice, shiny finish. This brand comes with a deep, integrated cistern holding 1.6 gallons of water. You can use the toilet with as many as six people in your household. Eljer Diplomat also features a sleek and simple design that will fit nicely into most homes. It doesn’t contain any fancy features that offer extra benefits, but it helps you get the job done right.

6. Eljer Diplomat Toilet Consume Little Water

Eljer Diplomat toilet uses very little water, just 1.6 GPF, so it’s suitable for water conservation. It helps you reduce your monthly water bills by reducing the water used. You’d think it has a weak power flush because it consumes less water, but that’s not true. The toilet flush is very powerful. All waste is disposed of with just a flush, which is highly convenient.

7. Slow but Quiet Toilet Seat

Eljer Diplomat features a toilet that lets you close the lid slowly and quietly. This is ideal for a household with pets and kids. Forget about those bangs when closing the toilet seat. 

8. Installation

Eljer Diplomat toilet weighs only 52 pounds, so installing it is not difficult. It is straightforward to install, and the manual is very clear. Eljer Diplomat Toilet is perfect for those who look forward to installing their toilets or other bathroom fixtures but lack the required skills or resources to do so. This toilet model is made to ensure that everything in your home is in good shape always, ensuring your bathroom will be functional for many years to come.

The delivery package includes all of the necessary pieces needed for installation. This makes it a breeze for anybody to get started after they receive their package from Amazon. Please remember that many different designs are available for the Eljer Diplomat Toilet, so you can pick the one that fits your needs.

What We Don’t Like About Eljer Diplomat Toilet

As you all know, every product has its shortcomings since nothing is perfect in this world. So, what are some of the complaints from customers who have owned Eljer Diplomat before?

1. Leaking Issues

This is the most significant problem that many Eljer Diplomat owners have experienced within a few days of installation. The toilet may constantly leak because it has an uneven lip on the toilet bowl.

Eljer Diplomat is notorious for leaking because the tank is tiny, and the water gets trapped inside the toilet bowl. Eventually, the toilet might leak, no matter how much you tighten its mounting screws.

2. Cracks

Having a toilet that develops cracks easily is annoying. If you experience a hairline crack in your toilet, you should replace it or find a way to fix it immediately. While Eljer will repair a toilet with a leaking or cracked lid, replacing a toilet takes a long time and is not easy.

3. Some people complain about gaps between the toilet base and the cistern

Eljer Diplomat toilets have a tank attached to the toilet bowl, so it’s challenging to clean them. It’s not a big problem, but sometimes, the toilet isn’t level, creating gaps between the base and the tank. Even though this was a manufacturing error, the company didn’t fix the issue.

4. There is difficulty cleaning the toilet bowl and its surrounding area

It is challenging to get good water flow through the bowl because the toilet is built with a tiny pedestal, making it hard to flush the toilet properly. Water can easily get trapped in the bowl when there’s not enough space to hold the content in the toilet bowl.

5. It may require users to Flush It Multiple Times to Clean the Bowl

Eljer Diplomat is supposed to allow you to eject waste with only one flush, but many users find that they have to do this several times to get rid of the waste.


Are Eljer and American Standard the same?

American Standard manufactures plumbing fixtures and other household appliances, selling them under the brand names American Standard, Fiat, Crane, Showerite, and Sanymetal. It is headquartered in Piscataway, United States. Eljer and Crane Plumbing merged in 2008, forming the American Standard Brand.

Lixil owns over 90% of the American Standard Brand. American Standard was recognized as the #1 company with a familiar brand for many years by the Home Design magazine. It is a global leader in the production of building materials, toilets, and bathtubs and has acquired the brands of Sunwave, INAX, Shin Nikkei, and Toyo Exterior. Lixil announced that it would partner with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop what could be the first reinvented toilet that consumers will be able to use in their homes.

Where is the Eljer toilet made?

Eljer has operated in Dallas for almost 100 years since it acquired a former John B and PPG Industries pottery manufacturing plant. As mentioned, Eljer was created by two brothers, Raymond Elmer Crane & Elmer Jerome Bacchus, by combining the first letters of the brothers’ middle names. American Standard Brands began selling Eljer toilets in 2008 after purchasing Eljer Toilets.

It is impressive to work with a company that has been in business for over one hundred years. This is a milestone that any company should be proud of. Eljer still designs and manufactures beautiful whirlpools, functional bathtubs, air baths, and other bathroom fixtures and faucets. Eljer’s focus on quality, performance, and excellent design remains strong today – just like it was 110 years ago.

IS Eljer Diplomat toilet good?

Eljer Diplomat toilets are built to perform well and remove waste quickly. They are also incredibly durable and use less water than many other toilets. It is beautiful but vulnerable to water leaks and cracks between your toilet bowl and the water tank.

What causes my toilet not to flush properly?

Most people have a toilet that won’t flush entirely due to a clog in the outlet pipes. Blockages in a toilet can be highly severe — they can cause a complete blockage, or they can cause only a partial obstruction of the flow of water in your toilet. Toilet paper, wipes, and other items you throw in the waste lines can cause a slow flush that takes a long time to complete. So, avoid throwing such staff inside your toilet bowl!

Wrapping Up

Eljer Diplomat is one of the most popular toilet brands around the universe. Its remarkable features, smooth flush action, and water-saving technologies are marvelous. It is also tranquil and reliable, thanks to a powerful dual flush system. It excellently removes solid waste quickly and can reduce your water usage by up to 50%. Overall, Eljer Diplomat is a modern toilet packed with features that will help you have a relaxing and easy time.

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