Elongated Vs Round Toilet – Pros, Cons, Comparisons

When searching for the right amenities for your bathroom and other parts of your home, you will find that not all products are made the same. For instance, with toilets, some are longer and others rounder. One will be a more comfortable model while others are not as much. Their overall sizes are also different, so what are the pros and cons of either type of toilet?

Toilets are an essential component in any bathroom, and they come in two distinct forms; there are elongated, which are oval-shaped, and have a length of approximately 18 to 19 inches. Then you have round toilet bowls, which are circular and shorter with lengths between 16 and 17 inches.

You probably wonder what the differences are and whether it matters if you select one over the other. Are there truly up and downsides to either version, and if so, what are they? We shall unpack the pros and cons of each of these different styles of toilets and give you a better understanding of what to look out for when you choose to go and fit out your bathroom.

The Primary Differences Between Elongated And Round Toilets

These two may seem highly similar to one another, and they are far more common than the other two toilet styles, which are D-shaped and square toilet bowls. You may well have come across these others, but they are far less commonly found in the United States.

Firstly, let us talk about comfort. Elongated toilets are renowned for being more comfortable to sit on than round toilet seats; however, this may be a topic open for discussion. Still, before you go out and purchase your toilet, perhaps consider seeing and testing out the different styles in friends’ or family’s homes to get a feel for what you prefer.

On the other hand, round toilets are more space-efficient, which can be an important deciding factor, especially if your bathroom is small and you do not have much space to work with. This may not be a conundrum in the primary or master bathrooms; however, you may undoubtedly need to consider this if you are kitting out your guest bathroom

If you are in the process of sprucing up your bathroom and renovating (say, a new home), you may not like the current toilet and wonder if you can replace the current one (whether it be elongated or round) with the other and, in fact, you can. The only thing that will need to be considered is whether they have the same rough-in.

A toilet’s rough-in size is plainly the distance the toilet sits from the wall, where the center drainpipe is located, and where the toilet is bolted to the floor. This is something you can ask a local plumber about. However, one thing that cannot be interchanged is the toilet seats: round seats are reserved for round toilets and likewise for elongated toilets.

differences between elongated and round toilet

The Appearance Of Elongated Vs. Round Toilets

The vast majority of manufacturers create their popular toilets of either type (which come in varying styles) in a way that the shape of the bowl does not have an impact on the aesthetic appeal of the toilet. This will include things such as the detailing of the lid. And whether it is a one or two-piece and if it has any specific detailing in the overall design.

The only component where the differences will be noted is in the bowl’s actual shape, which you may feel is relevant in terms of the overall appeal to the eye. If you have oval mirrors in your bathroom, for argument’s sake, you may well feel that an elongated toilet would fit better into the pace than a round toilet.

The Cost Involved In Purchasing A Elongated Or Round Toilet

It may well be due to their smaller overall size, but at the end of the day, round toilets come out on top in terms of pricing, usually being less expensive than their elongated counterparts. This goes not only between different manufacturers but is even the case when purchasing from the same makers of the different toilet styles.

A round toilet with a 1.28 gallon (5.8 liters) flush toilet will fetch roughly $180, while the same style and capacity elongated toilet will likely set you back $230. So there is a rather significant pricing difference; this must be considered if you intend to refurbish more than one bathroom, too, as the costs could accumulate rather quickly.

The Installation Of Elongated Vs. Round Toilets

When it comes to installing elongated versus round toilets, there is no real difference except perhaps in the overall cost of the installation. If it so happens that the toilet is a two-piece with a separate tank and bowl, then the two parts are coupled, and a wax ring is set surrounding the waste pipe.

The toilet is then lifted and put into place, with elongated toilets sometimes more cumbersome than round toilets. The toilet is then twisted into position, and all sides of the toilet are bolted into place. Afterward, the water supply is hooked up to the tank. In terms of cost, you are looking at between $45 and $130 for either style, and the water consumption will not differ.

Maintaining And Cleaning Elongated Vs. Round Toilets

Elongated toilets are easier to maintain and clean as you can deal with the fissure on the bottom part of the bowl more efficiently. This is not the case with round toilets, and why elongated toilets are easier to clean with a brush, or if you need to plunge it, you will have greater ease of access.

Cleaning the front interior of an elongated toilet is also easier than when dealing with a round one; this is because the extended shape at the front makes it easier to maneuver the toilet brush, and when applying bleach to the toilet, you are more likely to get into the nooks and crannies.

Pros And Cons Of Elongated Vs. Round Toilets

We have seen some of the differences between both elongated and round toilets, and now it is finally time for us to delve into the pros and cons of each and then finally weigh up which one we feel is the right fit for you.

brand new elongated toilet in a apartment

Elongated Toilet Pros

  • More ideal for adults; many people are familiar with these types of toilets and as they are seen as more upmarket and are indeed more renowned for being classier.
  • Most adults will also state that this type of toilet is the more comfortable option of the two.
  • They offer a sleek and modern appearance; it is more common for people to opt for this version of the toilet due to its more appealing overall style.
  • They are easier to clean than round toilets.
  • There tend to be more options available on the market than round toilets.

Elongated Toilet Cons

  • They do come with a higher price tag, and although they may be more appealing to most, there is also the budget factor that many need to consider.
  • They are less child-friendly, especially for younger children who are still beginning to use a proper toilet – they may find the elongated toilet too large and uncomfortable for them.
  • They take up more space and may not be ideal for small bathrooms.

Round Toilet Pros

  • They are more suited to children as they are smaller and make for a more comfortable seat. They are also ideal for training a child to use the toilet. If you have children, you may want to opt for this choice in their bathroom.
  • These toilets are cheaper than elongated ones, which sometimes carries over into the installation of the toilet.
  • They are ideal for bathrooms that only have a small amount of space.

Round Toilet Cons

  • Larger adults find the size of round toilets to be somewhat too small and resultantly uncomfortable to sit on.
  • They are not as easy to keep clean as elongated toilets.
  • Not as many options are available as there are elongated toilets.


There are certainly distinct differences between the elongated and round toilet, and it seems that more and more people are leaning toward the extended style. This is because they are more modern, and overall, more comfortable despite the larger size and the typically higher price tag.

So now we have given you the information and weighed up the pros and cons; all that is left is to make the final choice, which might be a slightly tricky one, but just consider all the factors mentioned, and they should aid you in making your decision.

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