Glass Shower Door Hinge Slipping: Causes and Fixes

You are taking a shower in the morning and the shower flies wide open during that. You don’t want that, right?  So, what might be causing the glass shower door hinge to slip? Well, there are a few reasons for this to happen.

If you have recently installed a shower door and its hinge is slipping, that’s likely due to poor installation. Apart from that, the shower door hinges slip when the screw heads start losing their grip or there is a build-up of soap scum on the door. The best way to fix a slipping door is by tightening the hinge screws or dismantling the door to replace the hinges.

The method is not simple as it seems, however, with the proper steps mentioned in the article, you will hopefully do it.

What Are Hinged Shower Doors?

Shower doors come in a variety of configurations, you will find sliding, folding pivoted, and hinged shower doors. In the case of a hinged door, a swinging glass panel is attached to a fixed panel with some metallic hinges. The hinges are secured to the glass of screws, adhesives, silicones, etc.

Hinged showers are usually used with a frameless glass option. They are commonly used in domestic washrooms since they are inexpensive and improve the overall aesthetics of your washroom.

Though the hinged glass doors provide an appealing feel to the bathroom. But these hinges may slip after a particular time. That’s one of their main drawbacks.

What Causes the Glass Shower Door to Slip?

A glass shower door usually slips when it’s not installed professionally, its screws are loose or rusted, or the edges are filled with soap scum.

Loose / Rusted Screws

If you check your glass door, you will find out some hinges are fixed to the door with screws. Sometimes the screws of one of the hinges get loose and the door sags.

Moreover, since shower spaces are in direct contact with water and humidity. These are the ideal conditions for rusting and erosion. As a result, screws that are holding the door hinges begin to rust and erode. The eroded screws become unable to hold the door and eventually slipping occurs.

A build-up of Soap scum

Most people don’t clean their shower doors regularly. If your door isn’t cleaned in months, soap scum would likely build up along the doors.

Moreover, this soap scup also affects the traction of hinges, and screws, which in turn results in the slipping of the door.

Incorrect Installation

If you recently had your bathroom renovated and the shower door is slipping, then that is likely due to poor installation. The technician may not have aligned and fixed the door properly or left its screws loose, which is causing the door to sag.

How to Fix a Shower Door Hinge that’s slipping?

After knowing the factors that might have been responsible for your slipping you might be interested in knowing how to fix the issue.

Fix # 1: Tighten Up the Screws

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First, inspect the condition of the screws holding the door in place. Are they rusted? If they aren’t, it means they are just loose. In that case, you can fix the slippage by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Loose your Hinges a Little

Shower hinges have a rubber gasket in between them, so when you lose the hinges a little, it allows you to realign and level the door.

Remember, you just have to loosen the hinges that are fastened to the glass door, not the ones attached to the fixed panel or wall.

Use a Phillip head screwdriver or a power drill for this purpose.

Step 2: Insert Wood Sims Under the door

Shims are thin wood pieces, that have variable thickness i.e. they are thicker on one side and thinner on the other.

Place two wooden sims under the low spots of the door and one along the side, for lifting the door you may use need another pair of hands.

In some cases, you will find a rubber gasket or a lining on the bottom of doors. To place the sims under doors, you will have to slide out that lining.

Step 3: Align the Door

Once you place the door on the hinges, re-position it to align all of the hinges. Check the gap on the sides as well.

Step 4: Re-tighten the Hinges

Once you have carefully aligned the door, re-tighten the screws one by one. No more slipping!

Fix # 2: Replace the Hinges

A man's hand holding screwdriver and pulling the hinges from outside the shower window.

If the shower door is too old, its screws are rusted and the gasket inside has lost its traction. Then, the best way is to replace door hinges. However, you can also tape the old hinge and use it, but, that’s not recommended.

Step 1: Place wooden sims under the door

You don’t want the door to directly fall on you, right? First place sims under the door. Ask another person to hold the door when you are doing this process.

Step 2: Loosen all of the Hinge Screw

First loose screws of the hinges, and take them out one by one. Use a Philip screw head for this purpose. Make sure another person is holding the door with you.

Step 3: Take out the Hinges

Once you have removed all screws, carefully take out the hinges and replace them with the ones you have brought. Another way is to wrap some carpet tape around the old hinges and reuse them. However, that’s not a long-term solution.

Step 4: Retighten the Screws and Take off Sims

Retighten the new hinges with screws and take off the sims underneath the glass door. Now, the door won’t swing on its own.

What Should I Do To Prevent The Shower Door Hinge From Slipping?

Though you can fix a slipping door, prevention is the best. Here are a few measures that you can take to prevent your glass shower door from slipping in the first place.

Clean it regularly: Don’t Let the Scum Build Up!

Shower door hinges and screws can be protected from rusting by cleaning them properly. If the screws on hinges are regularly cleaned with a cloth there will be no chance left for scum or dirt to weaken the grip of the screws on hinges. This will increase the life of your door and prevent it from slipping.

Lubricate Hinges

The life expectancy of any object can be increased by providing a little bit of attention to its maintenance. Door hinges do not require costly maintenance. The screws on the hinges require a bit of lubrication regularly. This will not only prevent rust formation but also provide you with a smooth experience while using the door.

Get the Door Installed by a Professional

If you are planning to remodel your shower space and don’t think you can do it yourself, the best advice I would give you is to hire a professional. Because a loose door can be dangerous and will likely cause an injury.

Wrap Up

Hinged glass shower doors are prone to slipping over time. This normally occurs due to loose or rusted screws or when the hinges lose their traction. However, with a couple of methods mentioned in the article, you can easily fix the issue and enjoy a seamless shower experience.

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