How Do Guys Sit on The Toilet?

How do guys sit on the toilet? We’ve got the answer for you. When men go to the bathroom, they tend to sit at the furthest back of the bowl to avoid touching anything with their wang. This position also allows them to spread their legs more comfortably.

Moreover, men try hard to avoid having their trousers touch the toilet bowl while they are seated, so they spread their legs more. Just like in a tennis game, you’re able to have the balls suspended freely inside the bowl. This is good because you’ll feel more comfortable and do your business more conveniently.

Should You Squat or Sit on The Toilet Bowl?

There have been numerous queries about whether you should squat or sit while using the toilet. Even though research about sitting vs squatting is still going on, we are aware that there is an ideal posture you should adopt when you want to do business.

Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Sit on your bowl, bending your knees at a higher position than the hips ( use a flat or stable object like a stool if necessary)
  • Bend forward and place the elbows onto your knees
  • Relax and try to protrude out of your stomach
  • Ensure your spine is straight

Hovering above your bowl while squatting can strain your pelvic muscles, regardless of the number of squats you try to do. So, if you are sitting on the bowl, it would be nice to correctly maintain your posture.

When To Answer Nature Calls

If you don’t poop when you really need to, your body can suffer badly. It can cause some horrible things to happen. If you are holding your poo, it can begin to dry out and thus become a hustle to pass. If you ignore to pass the poo and things start to pile up in your anatomical bag, you could get chronic constipation.

Your alimentary canal is like a giant, working machine. If you feel constipated, your body will begin to let out liquid poo from the hard poo that blocks your digestive system, a process known as overflow diarrhoea. You could end up in hospital after getting a bad case of constipation. If that happens frequently, you may suffer from a bacterial infection in your gut or severe obstruction in your gastrointestinal tract.

If this sounds a bit nasty, think about the rule of thumb, which states that if you’ve got an urge to poop, go to the loo.

Spending Too Much Time on The Bowl

Are you one of those toilet readers who spend eternity in a toilet? Or are you always scrolling your phone while on the bowl? Spending too long on your toilet bowl may cause you to strain more. It may put stress on your rectum and lead to haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are very common and are easily treated, but they’re really unpleasant.

So, if you’ve got a chance to avoid them, please do that. Avoid diverting yourself while you’re using the loo because once you’ve had enough of doing your business, it’s time to get other things done.

How Do Guys Sit on The Toilet?
A guy reading while sitting on the bowl.

Another common thing that may lead to haemorrhoids is when you frequently strain to go to the toilet or if you feel very constipated. If you’ve been sitting on the bowl and trying to release yourself for a long time, leave your bathroom and come back later. If you’ve become very constipated, ask your doctor for tips on getting things done.

Should Guys Pee While Sitting on The Toilet?

Yes, guys should try to pee while sitting on the toilet bowl. Here are some reasons why:

1. To Avoid Missing The Optimal Point

The “Aimers” who refuse to sit down and pee don’t realize what they are actually missing the pot. If you see an “Aimer” who tells you that he never misses the bowl, I will tell you that they are lying. It’s simply impossible because there are too many variables. (All normal people comprehend what I’m speaking about.)

What’s more, even perfectly aimed streams of urine can be messy. They develop a fine mist that smells throughout the bathroom. Even if it’s not visible to your naked eye, your nose can smell it and tell you that something unpleasant happened. And if it continues to accumulate, it can cause sticky floors and yellow ceramic tiles. You don’t wish to deal with all that!

2. For Easy Flow

Sitting comfortably on your toilet bowl is very relaxing. So instead of trying to aim at the target, just sit and enjoy the relief from emptying your bladder. Who doesn’t want extra break time during a busy day?

During the night, while Aimers need to switch on the lights at 2 a.m. to tinkle, sitters can pee peacefully in pitch black and immediately go back to bed.

3. Keeping It Down

When it shouldn’t be that uncomfortable doing what we shouldn’t do, say adios to the endless debate of the Down vs Up toilet seat debate. Let the seats stay put! Anyway, can we all agree that putting down and picking up toilet seats is gross?

4. Sprinkle Down the Rebuttal

Aimers may continue to argue that it’s a breeze not to sit on the bowl. Alright, maybe… If you think you can save time when you go to the bathroom by not sitting down, nobody should ever catch you reading a newspaper or scrolling your Instagram page while you drop a penny.

Standing up while peeing may not be any faster than sitting down. Sitting down on the bowl to pee saves time by minimizing the time it takes to get to your zip open and avoid having to search for your underwear slit.

Basically, try to think about this in a different approach like: When you’re about to piss yourself, what happens? So, it’s best if you keep things simple. Just pull down your trouser, turn around and piss while sitting on the toilet bowl.


If you’re peeing under a big tree or on a very disgusting public toilet or standing on a very high bridge or a cliff, it is certainly advantageous to stand up while peeing. This ability to adapt to different situations is among the greatest gifts that men are given. They are very lucky to be born male.

Be A Real Man: Pee While Sitting on Your Toilet Bowl

Real men need to be clean, courteous, and considerate. Sitting down on your bowl to pee is as good as meeting any of those criteria. If you’re man enough, sit down on your bowl and pee. The interesting this is that if you sit down to pee, you may never again want to stand up. It’s very comfortable and relaxing!

Here is a short video to clear your doubts.

Curb your enthusiasm.


Why do men need to put their toilet seats back down?

It’s sanitary to place the toilet seat down. Also, it shows that you are a good and respectful man. It’s sanitary to flush the toilet with both the seat and the lid down.

Do balls ever touch the water in the toilet?

Sometimes your balls can dip inside the toilet water while sitting down, especially when the water is high, or your toilet is extremely shallow. That may feel uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Why do men lift the toilet seat to go to the bathroom?

Men are trained to lift the toilet seat when they need to pee because of some flaws that can happen while using the toilet. It’s disgusting if you sit on a seat soaked in filthy pee, and it’s also disgusting to have to wash the seat after it has been peed on.

Final Thoughts

At least you’ve cleared your thoughts about how guys sit on the toilet. But it’s something that men are used to and don’t think about too much. However, it would be best to learn how to sit on the toilet appropriately. Also, if you’re man enough, sit on your toilet bowl while peeing; it’s relaxing and comfortable!

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