How High to Install a Shower Curtain?

If you are one of those people who have never hung a shower curtain before, you might be confused about how high you should install your curtains. It can be quite intimidating to find the ideal height to attach your shower rod and curtains. 

The average length of all shower curtains is around 72-73 inches. If your bathroom length is of the standard size, you can install the shower rod at a height of 76 inches from the floor. This will help you adjust the shower curtains accordingly. 

If you want to get the gist of all the frequently asked questions regarding the installment of shower rods and curtains, you can give a quick read to the following article. This piece of writing will help solve all your related queries. 

What Is the Ideal Height of a Shower Curtain?

The standard size of shower curtains is 72 inches long. Thus, you should install the shower rod at a height of 75-77 inches. This way you can easily adjust the shower curtains in your bathroom. 

Are you confused about installing your new shower curtains? Don’t worry! It is not something really difficult. Usually, the average length of all shower curtains is around 72-73 inches. And a tension rod or shower rod takes around 4-5 inches in total. You can install your shower rod at a height of 77 inches so that the curtains can adjust accordingly in your shower.  

Should a Shower Curtain Ever Hit the Floor?

It is never advised to leave your curtains so long that they touch the floor of your bathroom. It is an unhygienic practice to let your curtain hit the floor. Long curtains can get dirty, attract mold and be a host for mildew buildup. People can even slip from them. 

It might seem aesthetic to let your shower curtain fall long on the ground. People often focus on appearance only and forget the disadvantages of long shower curtains. 

If your curtain touches the floor, it can attract germs and bacteria. This is an unhygienic practice. Also, when the curtain is too long, it damages way too early. A reason for this is that the moisture on the floor deteriorates the fabric and attracts molds and mildew to the curtain. 

How Far Should a Curtain Hang From the Floor?

The shower curtains are not supposed to touch the ground. It is advisable to hang them up at a height of 5-6 inches away from the floor to prevent problems like deteriorating curtain quality and bathroom accidents. 

Curtains are attached for the sake of privacy. This objective can be achieved even when the curtain is not touching the floor. After reading the previous heading, you are aware of all the disadvantages of hanging your curtain too long. 

Do Shower Curtains Go Inside or Outside the Bathtub?

The shower curtains go outside the bathtub, while the shower liner stays inside the tub. This is a common practice done while showering to prevent the water from flowing down the liner and onto the floor. While bathing, you can keep the shower curtains and liner outside the tub to avoid constant brushing against the cover. 

You have finally decided on the length of your shower curtains, but are still wondering about where to place the curtains and shower liners? Rest assured.

The shower curtains always stay out of the bathtub, regardless of the situation. But the position of your curtain liner depends on whether you are bathing or showering

While taking a shower keep the curtain liner inside the tub. The reason behind this is that the flowing water from the shower head can run down the curtain liner and wet the floor if you keep it outside the bathtub.

The situation is different when you are bathing. When you are taking a bath, there is no need to keep the liner intact. It can stay with the shower curtain outside the bathtub. It is even advised to keep the liner outside while bathing as constant brushing against the material can be unpleasant while relaxing. 

What Is the Proper Way of Hanging a Shower Rod and Curtain?

You need to first measure your shower curtain and liners and mark the height accordingly. Then, you can install the tension rod or the curtain rod in the marked location. Finally use hooks or curtain rings to attach your curtains. 

Measuring and Marking the Height

Before drilling or installing the rod, it is necessary to measure your shower curtains. Although the average length is 72 inches, it might differ in some situations. Thus measuring is an important step that no one should miss out on. After that, find your desired height for the curtains. Keep them 5 inches above the floor and mark the height with a pen or pencil on the wall. 

Installing the Curtain Rod

Now that you have decided on the height, you can bring in your tools for attaching the tension rod. You can even use the screw-mounted rods if you are not comfortable using the tension rods. For these rods, you need to install the brackets in the marked locations.

Hooks and Curtain Rings

To hang the curtain on the shower curtain rod, you need to attach it to the hooks or curtain rings. There are a variety of hooks and rings available in the market and you can choose according to your budget, accessibility, and liking. 

Hang the Shower Curtain and Liner

Once you have attached the rings or the hooks to the curtains with equal distances, hang the shower curtain onto the rod. To give a visually appealing look to the curtains, you can uniformly keep the hooks. 

After you are done fixing the curtain, you can spread it across the rod to make sure you like it. Keep the shower curtain outside the bathtub, while tugging the curtain liner neatly inside the tub. 

How Long Should a Curtain Liner Be?

Curtain liners can be the exact size of the shower curtain. But it is preferred to keep the length a bit longer to protect the bathroom from getting wet after every shower. The average size of the curtains is 72-73 inches. You can use a curtain liner 74-75 inches long. 

Curtain liners are not a necessary part of your bathroom necessities. But if you have curtains made up of non-waterproof material like cotton, it is preferred to use cotton liners. They protect the curtains and keep the bathroom dry after a quick shower

If you are planning to use a curtain liner, you can get it off the same size as the shower curtain. But for extended protection, you can keep the length of the curtain liner longer than the shower curtain. The average height of the curtain liner is 75 inches. 


It can be a tedious job to decide on the minute details within the bathroom. One of these is installing a shower curtain. It might seem easy but it is quite tiresome, especially deciding on the length and height of the curtains. But now you have an idea about these things. 

This article would have been a good read if you were confused about the installment of shower curtains in your bathroom.

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