How Long After Painting Bathroom Can You Shower?

Finally being able to paint that old and outdated bathroom is a huge win when it comes to crossing things off that “to-do” list. There are many projects that are on that list but updating and upgrading the bathroom is usually at the top of the list.

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is the most updated room that people want to upgrade. One of the main reasons is that it is normally a “high traffic” zone, just like the kitchen btw.

The bathroom is a highly used room in most homes (unless you have teen boys who go outside lol). Painting your bathroom can get “put off” because there never seems to be a good time to do it.

Even once you get the time to paint it there is the nagging question, “how long after painting the bathroom can I take a shower?”

You can take a shower or bath on average 3 to 4 days after painting the bathroom. You will need to make sure the exhaust fan is on, windows are open, and remove all towels, floor mats or clothing that can attract moisture during this paint drying time-frame.

painting a bathroom with window open
Image from Robert Rivera

I live in a colder climate that can get humid inside our house. Painting our bathroom would only take place during the summer months. My main reason is to give the paint months to fully cure before our winter (a ton of snow some years) appears and our heaters and pellet stoves start cranking out the warmth.

You can easily get away with taking a shower a couple of days after painting but that does depend on how many coats of paint you put on. Some people are a bit thick with the paint when running rollers. These thick coats can take weeks to even get to a decent “dry to the touch” level, let alone get it to that fully cured state that we are after.

How Can I Dry My Bathroom Out Fast?

There is no such thing as having bathroom paint dry too fast. If there is then please let us know about it so we can see the outcome and what caused it. After testing different paints, they all worked just fine and most issues were due to me messing up the prep work tbh.

After painting the bathroom, you can dry out the room quickly by turning on the exhaust fan, placing other box fans in the room as well as using a dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air in the room itself.

kinds of damp rid moisture absorber product
Image from Rural King Supply (7422 Gall Blvd, Zephyrhills, FL 33541)

I have used a non-electrical option and that was a product called damp rid. These little buckets have helped us out after painting rooms as well as in other parts of our house that gets a bit too humid at certain times of the year.

We even used these in our 5th wheel to make sure that mold and mildew don’t start to appear overtime. We haven’t really used it in a while so those little damp rid buckets rock versus having something plugged in all the time.

On a side note: I tested out the rice idea versus using an actual dehumidifier option and it was a bad idea. Unlike our phones which when tossed in rice can help remove the moisture out of it. This is not an option for any sort of “short-term” or “long-term” option. It will end up attracting something or forming mold or even worse funky smells. Works great on phones to pull moisture out or to make some kick-butt fried rice yet it should stay out of the dehumidifier game.

What Is The Best Paint To Use When Painting Bathrooms?

types of bathroom paint with different colors

If you are a brand person then use one that has worked great for you previously. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be a ford vs chevy type of person when brand loyalty has actually worked out for you.

The best type of paint to use when painting bathrooms is either a satin, semi-gloss or a high glossy mildew-resistant option. Pick a reputable brand that you can find locally in case more is needed that day.

With the kiddos’ bathroom, we went with a mildew-resistant super high glossy option. My oldest liked to draw on things when he was younger so we updated our house with paint that is easily cleaned. He has of course grown out of that phase but the paint is still holding up.

I think the main reason to change up the bathroom paint is solely just for a change. We are actually about to paint the outside of our house and even then I know in a good 5 to 10 years I would love to change the exterior house color.

Change is great in life especially if it brings a big fat smile to your face.

I like the satin finish but that would really only be for the master bathroom. Still haven’t gotten to the satin upgrade since our current glossy options really work great in our more northern climate. Not sure if a satin “upgrade” is even needed.

Time will tell.

What Type Of Paint Finish Is Best For Bathrooms?

glossy bathroom paint with turquoise color
Image from Endure Painting, Inc

Back in the day, people used to use any paint for bathrooms including those with lead in them. Talk about learning from the past. People used to paint their bathrooms the same way they did their barns.

Since they were such high-traffic areas they would just slap on another coat anytime it started to pull from the wall. We now know how to paint that is purpose-built for bathrooms and great at reducing mildew and mold.

The best paint finish will contain a mildew-resistant additive to it. The shinier the finish, the easier the surface will be to clean. Going with a semi-gloss finish will reduce mildew and stay streak free.

There are plenty of people who are not into shiny surfaces. I get it and in certain rooms, I totally agree. With bathrooms, it really depends on the style you are after. For many, it is more of a utility room where kids and everyone runs in and out of all the time and for the most part, isn’t exactly “clean”.

If you have a bathroom to yourself or maybe an older couple without kids, getting a more high-end look is completely possible. With fewer people taking baths and showers in that room, the moisture level will be reduced. You will be able to go with flat paint and not worry about moisture build-up on the walls. One of my main worries actually. I might test it once our younger one is out.

What Are The Top Bathroom Paint Colors Right Now?

Paint roller painting interior design blueprint sketch background while the space becomes real showing modern bathroom with white wall.

The lighter the better when it comes to bathrooms. If you already have a color or style already started then stick with that. It never hurts to “run what you brung” even when it comes to bathroom paint colors.

The top paint color options for bathrooms right now are soft whites, greens and yellows. Most will choose a semi-gloss or high-glossy option for those with younger ones. For single and older couples that have less foot traffic in the bathroom, satin has become a favorite paint option.

When I think of bathroom walls though (man did that sound weird, am I right? LOL), I can see keeping semi-gloss walls clean being a much easier thing than satin.

Thinking about getting a stain or mark on a satin wall versus a glossy wall, in my head I think the satin stain would stick out far more than anything staining a glossy wall.

Any experience between the two when it comes to stains? Feel free and toss down a comment and let us know.

How Do You Know If You Should Paint Your Bathroom?

mold and mildew in a bathroom wall

If you are painting your bathroom due to mold and mildew issues then you should start yesterday. For the rest of you wondering if you should paint your bathroom…

Are you bored with the color?

Are you wanting to do a full bathroom remodel?

Are there parts on the walls or ceilings peeling?

If you answered yes to any of the above then…


Right now is a great time to do at home upgrades. During the lockdown, I was able to get a ton of home improvement projects knocked out. Luckily I work from home so at least as far as that goes, nothing really changed for our household.

House prices have risen and many are looking into selling or buying a house. Whether you are upgrading that bathroom for yourself or getting your house ready to sell, it is always going to be a huge benefit.

How Long After Painting A Bathroom Can You Take A Bath?

newly painted bathroom with a bathtub

Baths are actually different than showers when it comes to waiting for paint to dry. Think about the difference between taking a shower versus taking a bath and how foggy the room and mirror are.

You can take a bath 2 to 3 days after painting your bathroom. Most baths put out far less moisture than showers and the room can dry faster. It is best to sustain from showering or bathing in a recently painted bathroom for at least 2 days but 3-4 days is preferred.

Are there really that many people taking baths these days? We have a big soaker tub in our master bathroom but I can’t honestly remember when was the last time I was ever in it. I can also say that I have only been in it at most 3 times.

How Long After Painting A Bathroom Should Kids Wait Before Taking A Bath?

When our kiddos were younger, tubs were used as small pools and water was everywhere. If you are wanting to bathe kids after painting the bathroom there are a few things you should think about.

Does the bathroom still smell like paint? Make sure all the fumes have cleared before bringing any kids into the room especially if they are taking a long bath.

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