How Much for Plumber to Unclog Toilet?

If you want to deal with the mess of a clogged toilet without much hassle, it’s always best to hire a professional plumber. But how much does it cost for plumber to unclog a toilet? Well, the average cost for a plumber to unclog a toilet may range from $200 – $700. Most homeowners spend approximately $350 if a plumber utilizes an electronic auger to test their sewer system and unclog a drain clog.

However, it costs only about $100 to unclog a clogged toilet drain by simply putting some drain snaking into the drain or having a plumber chemically treat the plumbing system. It may cost you up to $1,000 to hydro jet any serious clogs left untreated for long, causing a sewer backup or damage to the pipes that take water from the toilet.

Factors That Determine How Much A Plumber Charges to Unclog a Toilet

There are several factors that may impact the total amount you will spend on unclogging your toilet. They include:

1. The Method used To Unclog Your Toilet

Depending on the method used to unclog your toilet, labor, equipment, time, and the materials used by the plumber, the average cost for unclogging your toilet may fall between $50 and $150. There are many methods a plumber can use to unclog your loo. However, the technique used by a plumber will vary based on the type of clog and how serious it may be. Below are the various costs matching the different methods a plumber can apply to unclog your toilet.

  • Replacing the drain pipe – $50-$1,500
  • Snaking the drain pipe – $100-$250
  • Rodding the drain pipe – $150-$400
  • Removing the toilet unit – $200-$550
  • Hydro jetting pipes – $250-$800
  • Electric Snake – $300-$400
  • Open Pipe Cleaning – $600-$700

1. Replacement

Sometimes, the only way to fix a toilet clog is to replace a specific part. If there is no way to remove the clog or if there’s other damage to a particular part of a toilet, the plumber might suggest replacing that part. Costs for installing a new toilet part can range between $50 and $1,500, based on the type of toilet and the labor required to install it. Below are some of the common items the plumber may need to replace. Keep in mind that every item comes with its cost.

  • It will cost about $700 – $1,500 to replace the drain pipe in a toilet.
  • Replacing a sewer line that has become twisted or clogged is more expensive and may cost you between $700 and $1,000.
  • If small parts of the toilet need to be replaced (like a float rod, ball, or chain), the cost is usually between $50 to $250. Typically, valve replacement involves replacing the handle, the flush valve, the tank, and the flapper, and that may cause the price to range between $250 and $300.
  • Bowel or tank replacement can be done for as little as $250 – $500.

2. Cost For Snaking a Toilet

You will have to spend anywhere from $700 to $1,500 to replace the sewer pipe in your toilet. There are more expensive ways to replace sewer lines if they are twisted or clogged; it may cost you anywhere from $700 to $1,000. If some parts of your toilet require new replacement (like a chain, a ball, or a float rod), the price will be between $50 and $250. Sometimes all that is needed is replacing the flapper, the tank, the handle, and the flush valve, which can cause the cost to fall between $250 and $300. The cost to replace the toilet or the tank in your bathroom can be as low as $250 to $500.

3. Rodding Method

Rodding a toilet costs about $150- $400 and is typically used when there is a large clog in the pipes. It is possible to use rods on all kinds of lines, and because the rods are strong, they can break through tree roots easily. Rodding involves pushing flexible rods of various sizes through pipes to move, break clogs, and get the water flowing normally again. Rodding is recommended for large pipes because it allows you to clear more areas within a short time by using large rods. Thanks to their strength, flexibility, and durability, it makes they are perfect for destroying roots.

4. Removing Your Lavatory 

Taking a commode apart will take a lot of time. Most plumbers charge from $200 – $550 to complete this job. As a rule of thumb, anything that takes longer will cause additional costs to the client. If a pipe is clogged, the professional may need to remove the toilet, clean the clog and replace your toilet. However, this only happens when there’s a foreign object in the toilet base, or something gets stuck in the drain. Sometimes the clog is easy to fix by simply pulling out the blockage with a long pole or using a snake or an auger to remove it. This method of clog removal may cost more, but it might be the ideal option for some people.

5. Hydro Jetting Method

For a much more severe cleaning problem, the standard hydro jetting pipe cost is between $250 and $800. This allows you to quickly remove any trapped solid waste, soap, grease, hair, and other foreign substances that may have built up in your pipes. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water, so it may not be perfect for old clogs or sewer pipes as they may fall apart under stress. Special nozzles push down on pipes to push out all the build-ups blocking them. If the clog is huge, the plumber can move the nozzle around the pipe to remove it. Nozzles can be designed in several ways, such as a chain flail, a penetrator, or a spinning rotary. Therefore, the plumber must determine if this method is the best way to clear a clog from your toilet.

6. By Use Of Electric Snake

It costs about $300 to $400 for a plumber to use an electric snake to fix a clogged toilet. However, it will depend on the type and the size of the snake that the plumber uses. Also, the time it takes to do the job might determine the total cost of unclogging your toilet.

7. Open Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Sometimes you will need to open the pipe completely to remove the blockage; it may cost you about $600 – $700 to do that. Clearing and unclogging a blocked toilet sewer pipe requires a camera to locate the blockage and remove any foreign or caked-on material. The sewer pipe is opened at the section that is near the clog. It can be messy, and a bit more work would be done, but sometimes that is the only option. If the pipe is clogged, get a precise diagnosis from your plumber to make sure that you do not have to do more work than is necessary.

Costs Based On Your Location, Emergency, And Company

Sometimes clearing a simple clog on a toilet costs $400-$650 or more based on your residence location, emergency, and the company you contact.

DIY Option for Unclogging a Toilet

Do-it-yourself efforts may cost as much as $10-$75 or even more. Using a flange, funnel cup, or ball plunger may cost $10-$25. Purchasing these tools can cost as much as $30 (on average). Meanwhile, a wax ring that’s brand new may cost between $2 and $10. Most homeowners report spending an average of $10 to $30 when unclogging an obstruction in their toilet. It also costs $22-$30 to rent an expensive snake that can clear your main sewer line — purchasing the snake typically costs about $55.

Other Important Things to Include

Use a funnel, ball-cup plunger, or flange to develop a perfect seal in your toilet. If you are having a hard time clearing a clog, use a toilet auger that can fit in a closet rather than a standard sewer pipe snake.

For clearing the primary sewer pipe, a plumber will first locate a clean-out (typically by using a y-shaped fitting close to where the sewer line leaves your house) and then snake a long cable with a cutting head into the sewer line.

Additional Costs

Some plumbing companies may require to carry out a video inspection using a camera directed into the sewer line as it’s snaked. However, this service may be an extra cost ranging between $100 and $800.

If your sewer line is permanently damaged, it may cost from $1,000 to $25,000. However, this will depend on the depth and length of the new pipe that should be replaced, local rates, and the type of the new plumbing pipe that will be bought. Most house owners who have done this have reported spending between $1,000-$2,200. Thus, the average cost is $1,533.

DIY Tip for how to unclog your toilet.


Can I call a professional to come and unclog my toilet?

It may be the right time to contact a professional if you’ve tried using corrosive chemicals to clear out the clog in your toilet, but it hasn’t worked. Caustic chemicals may damage your sewer line if you keep exposing them.

Why does my toilet fail to unclog when I use a plunger?

You need to use water, not air, to forcefully move the clog. If the water in your toilet isn’t enough, just pour in some more to cover the plunger. Then, remember to use a moderate plunge first because if you force water into the trap, it will force air out of the trap, flooding your house.

What will happen if I leave my toilet clogged for long?

Don’t do that; you will increase the chances of the clog in your bowl worsening. Some parts of the clog that are very water-soluble may dissolve completely, leaving other parts to occupy gaps in your sewer line, worsening the situation.

Bottom Line

The cost to unclog a toilet depends on several essential factors. A plumber can charge less or more. But first, determine if you can fix the problem on your own by using some simple DIY tips. If that’s not possible, consider calling a professional to deal with the matter ASAP!

If you leave the clog for a long time, you will increase the chances of it getting worse, which may lead to lifting or removing your toilet to repair the damage. It will cost more you $$$ down the road, and you don’t want that to happen!



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