How Tall Should Shower Doors Be

There are a range of different shower door types that open in different ways, such as a swing shower door that opens outwards towards you like a regular door. The height of a shower is important because it controls how easy it is to get in and out. So, today I will explain how tall a shower door should be.

On average, a shower door should be 74 inches (187 cm) tall. Most shower doors you can buy range in size from 72 inches to 78 ¾ inches (183 cm to 200 cm). If your shower has a bathtub, the height of the shower door can be shorter. If a person is taller you should get a taller shower door.

There is a range of factors that go into how tall a shower door should be, such as how tall the tallest person in your household is. You will also need to know how the base of a shower will affect the height a shower door should be. Below, I will cover the key considerations for selecting what height your shower door should be.

How To Select The Best Height for a Shower Door

Choosing the ideal height for a shower door requires considering a few different factors. These are the key considerations to consider when choosing what height of shower door to get.

Overall, a shower door should be tall enough so that the tallest person using it can get in and out without bending down. The industry average is 74 inches (187 cm) from the top of the shower base to the top of the shower door. But, also leave space between the shower door and the ceiling.

In general, you should aim to have a much taller shower door than you need. The reasons are:

  • Shower doors are the same price regardless of how tall they are. 
  • It will suit all different heights of people, especially if it’s a rental or you’re going to sell the house.
  • It will provide no splash even for tall people.

A shower door that is too low relative to the height of a person will cause water to splash over the edge of a shower. The splashes occur when a person washes their hair. So, if the shower is lower than the height of a person’s head it will cause splashes which are inconvenient.

shower door in a bathroom

The two factors to consider for a shower door height is:

  • Allowing enough space to let steam out of the top of the shower.
  • Allowing enough room so water doesn’t splash over the top.

Therefore, you want to arrive at a happy medium between the two, which depends on the height of the people in your household using it. 

However, a shower door should not go all the way to the ceiling, unless it’s a steam shower. Ceiling heights typically range between 7 feet to 9 feet (84 inches to 108 inches). For example, a 78-inch shower door is the same price as a 75-inch shower door. Which can be seen on popular websites like Lowes.

The average height for males is 5’6 (167 cm). And the average height of females is 5’2 (157 cm). Therefore, if your shower door is a few inches taller than that, it will be comfortable to get in and out of the shower. 

There is no fixed requirement for how tall a shower door should be. And there is a range of shower door heights. Therefore, it’s necessary to match the height of the shower door to the height of the people that will be using it.

Does a Shower Door Need To Be Higher Than the Shower Head

shower door which is higher than a shower head

There are a few different shower head designs, for example, some come out from the wall, whereas, others come out from the ceiling. In either case, the shower head is always a fixed height. But, another consideration is if the shower head needs to be higher than the top of the shower door.

Overall, the shower door does not need to be higher than the shower head. There is no fixed height for a shower head or shower door. It should be placed at a height that is most comfortable. A lower shower head is better because it will cause less steam in the bathroom.

The reason is that when hot water exits the shower head it will cause steam to be released. If the steam is released at a lower height, more steam will land on the walls of the shower and drip down into the shower. Rather, than being released into the bathroom.

But, it’s most comfortable for a shower head to be placed higher than head height. That way a person doesn’t need to bend down to wash their hair. However, with a detachable shower head, this is less of an issue. Because it can be detached to wet and wash the hair, and head.

How Much Space Should the Be Between the Shower Door and Ceiling

space between shower door and ceiling

If there is no space between a shower door and the ceiling the steam can’t escape. While this does, create a steam room type effect, it can cause increased wear and tear on a shower not designed for this purpose. Therefore, some space is best between the shower door and the ceiling, here’s how much.

On average, about 8 inches (20 cm) of space should be present between the top of a shower door and the ceiling. However, there are no building codes that require a certain amount of space. Most ceilings are 7 feet (84 inches, 210cm) or more. Most shower doors are on average 6’2 (75 inches, 187 cm).

This means on average the space in between the top of the shower door and the ceiling is about 8 inches (20 cm). And serves as a reasonable benchmark. For taller people, the shower door will need to be higher. 

But, the more space above the top of the shower the better as it will allow more steam to exit the shower using air flow alone. This will have the effect of making a bathroom less steamy after a shower. Because the steam can exit the shower at a faster rate.

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