How To Dispose Of An Old Toilet

There could be several reasons you would want to get rid of your toilet. It can be that chip that’s been bothering you or that crack on the side that is causing a leak. That hideous stains that cleaning products just can’t remove might make you think ahead for an upgrade. Luckily there are several ways to get rid of your toilet.

You need to follow various steps to make sure that you safely dispose of your toilet. You will need to have safety equipment before starting the disposing process. There are also steps you need to take before breaking apart your toilet like shutting off all water supplies.

Need to get rid of your toilet quickly and safely? Look no further. This article will provide you with the safety equipment you need to dispose of an old toilet. It will also provide you with dissembling steps you need to take before you break the toilet apart. Finally, you will be provided with safety tips for afterward.

Professional plumber dissembling toilet

Safety Equipment Needed For Disposing Of An Old Toilet

You will need to have certain safety tools and equipment before starting the disposing process. These items will contribute to a smooth dissembling and disposing of your old toilet. Safety tools and equipment needed to disassemble and dispose of the old toilet are as follows:

• Pair of safety gloves 

• Sponge

• Bucket

• Screwdriver (Preferably a flathead)

• Hammer

• Tongue & Groove Pliers

• Utility & Putty Knife

How To Disassemble Your Old Toilet

You will have to follow a few disassembling steps before breaking apart your old toilet. These steps will ensure that there isn’t any physical damage to the bathroom after the old toilet is removed. Steps to follow for disassembling your old toilet are as follows:

man turning off the water supply valve to prevent water from flowing
Image from Speake’s Plumbing

1. Shut off all water supplies connected to the old toilet.

2. Empty the toilet by removing any access water remaining.

3. Remove the water supply tube from the toilet tank.

4. Use the tongue and groove pliers to unscrew mounts, pipes, and the lid that is attached to the old toilet.

5. Use the utility knife to cut the layer of caulk around the base of the old toilet.

6. Wiggle the old toilet around until loose.

7. Lift it up until the closet bolts are out.

8. Dispose of your old toilet to make room for a new one.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Toilet

After dissembling the old toilet, you will need to take it outside so that you can break it apart and dispose of it. These are the final steps you need to take before saying goodbye to your old toilet. Steps to follow for disposing of the old toilet are as follows:

little girl knocking the toilet by a hammer

1. Look for a large open area where you can put a large tarp (made from vinyl) or blanket down for your workspace.

2. Use a small hammer and gently start knocking the sides of the old toilet.

3. Wrap a tarp around the old toilet to minimize the area of clean-up when breaking it down.

4. Shake the blanket into the garbage bin to ensure no small pieces are left.

5. Clean all residue and discoloration from the outline of the old toilet in your bathroom, so it’s not visible.

6. Scrape away the remaining wax as best as you can around the toilet flange.

Safety Protocols For Dissembling And Disposing Of Old Toilet

Remember, you don’t need to break it into the tiniest of pieces; larger pieces should also be fine. The pieces just need to be small enough to fit into your dumpster.

Make sure to sweep or vacuum the area to avoid small pieces that could cut people walking barefoot.

using a vacuum

Be careful when working with porcelain because it can shatter into small sharp pieces when being broken down.

Other Tips For Disposing Of Your Old Toilet

If you do not have time on your hands, you can call your nearest Waste Management Company. They will pick it up next to your garbage bin. They collect all of our disposals while processing and recreating valuable supplies into renewable energy. Many companies, such as Habitat For Humanity, will accept it as a donation.

You could also use your old toilet as a flower pot or a Bonsai tree for your garden decor. This might work perfectly for a new project if you are good with designs. This could be the new home for your flowers. Breaking the porcelain into pieces can also be useful for decorating mosaic pathways.

toilet flower pots

Suppose you are interested in reusing your toilet in another way. In that case, I suggest painting the toilet to your liking and adding decorations that can create a piece of imaginary art for your garden.

Use your toilet as a waterfall in the backyard by simply placing it on a flat rock slab in the middle of a small pond so it will pump water from the bowl to the pond.

How Often Should You Replace Your Toilet

If the conditions are correct, toilets should last you plus-minus fifty years. I would suggest replacing your toilet only if your toilet gives leaking problems or if the seat had its days. You may also replace your toilet if you feel like upgrading to a more modern toilet or if the toilet is too small or too big for the household.

a man is installing a new toilet


There are ways that you can safely disassemble and dispose of your old unwanted toilet. Before starting the process, you will need safety equipment such as safety gloves, a hammer, etc. You will first need to disassemble your old toilet before going to a large area to break down and dispose of the old toilet.

If you love recycling, you may use your old toilet as a pot plant, which will give your garden a new look. If you do not have time to disassemble and dispose of your old toilet, then you may call your local Waste Management Company to collect your old toilet.

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