How to Fix a Shower Door that Won’t Close?

Suppose you are using the shower or coming out of the shower after some refreshments. Suddenly you discover a problem: the shower door is not closing. Consequently, you may need to waste time cleaning the flooded bathroom. What will you do now? Do you know how to fix a shower door that won’t close?

In short, there are multiple ways to fix a faulty shower door that does not close. Some methods you can apply to solve the problem include cleaning and scrubbing the door tracks, adjusting door hinges and rollers, and applying new adhesives.

Nothing to bother about if you are trying to fix the issue as I have brought an elaborative blog to fix the shower door with the closing problem. I expect you to read the methods properly so that you do not need to call the experts or the plumbers.

Common Shower Door Problems and Their Solutions

The door doesn’t stay openTighten all the screws
Take vinegar to clean the door
Fix the alignment of the door
Try attaching a magnetic strip
Door sticksTighten all the screws
Take vinegar to clean the door
The swinging shower door remains openTighten all the screws
Take vinegar to clean the door
Shower door dropsTry adjusting the door hinges
The glass shower door has leakagesReplace the old seals
Tighten all the screws

So, you have the basic concept of fixing a shower door. Now, let me dig into the problem and explain the solutions.

The Reasons Why Shower Door Won’t Close

Knowing why the problem happens can be a great way to prevent the door from remaining open. Even if you search the web, there will be hundreds of people searching for the solution as they do not know why it happens.

The primary reason is that your shower door needs some adjustments as it becomes loose-fitting over time. If the shower has lots of users, it is inevitable. After inspecting the door, you may find loose screws in the door hinges, latches, or maybe in the handles.

Another cause of the problem can be the dirt accumulated in the rollers or tracks. Maybe there are dirt, scum of soap, or some mildew. These dirty things can resist the shower door from rolling like it regularly does.

In case of a sliding shower with a flush-closing problem, you may accuse the dirt, or improper adjustments of the door clamps.

Damaged rollers or tracks can be another reason for shower won’t stay closed. If you see a warped or damaged door, maybe the reason is the incorrect fit in the frame. Again, sometimes decayed magnetic strip causes the problem.

How to Fix a Shower Door that Won’t Close by Following 8 Easy Methods

In this part, I explain several ways which you can try quickly.

Method 1: Clean all the Door Hinges and Tracks

Hand wipes sliding shower door track with towel

Any sliding shower door tracks become a store of dirt and dust. It can block the regular movement of the door. Also, the door hinges are prone to accumulation of soap buildups. You may hear a strange noise when you move the door and find it difficult to close it entirely.

There are several ways to clean the tracks and hinges. In the case of tracks, you can pour some white vinegar or household cleaner to remove all the dirt. Then, leave it for some minutes to see the magic.

You can use a soft cloth or brush to clean the hinges. It may help the doors close correctly. Sometimes, you can use tweezers or toothpicks to clean visible debris from the door tracks and hinges.

Method 2: Scrub the Shower Door Tracks

Scrubbing the door tracks is also an effective solution to closing the door without creating a nuisance. You can try this technique if you have already applied white vinegar or cleaner.

To scrub the tracks, you can dip a stiff brush into white vinegar and scrub the whole thing taking time. Slowly, you will see the grimes and dirt are gone. You can use sharper cleaning stuff if you find stubborn grime or mildew. But I suggest you not to use anything that is too sharp and can damage the door.

After scrubbing, you can rinse the door with warm water to eliminate the white vinegar you have just used.

Method 3: Examine and Adjust the Shower Door Rollers

You can’t think of any sliding bathroom door without its rollers or wheels. After all, these rollers are responsible for why you can close or open the door. They are prone to get warped or damaged over time. If you have a shower door closing problem, you can examine the rollers to see if they are stuck or not.

You can remove the door from the tracks first. Then, clean the rollers using a brush dipped in the vinegar or cleaner.

Next, remove all the screws that keep the roller in its place. Align the roller by adjusting it to its level. In this case, you can tweak it to raise or lower the door height. The door will close or open flawlessly when it is at the correct height.

Method 4: Try Adjusting the Hinges

a man is tightening the screw on shower door hinge

Hinges can also cause the shower door not to stay closed. If you find they are causing the issue, you can use a screwdriver or a wrench to adjust them.

You can either loosen or tighten the screws to adjust the hinges. After adjusting, check if the door is working fine as you expected.

Method 5: Align the Door Properly

a worker is properly align the sliding shower door

Remove the door from its tracks and inspect to identify any visible blocks or obstacles. Then, reposition it to see close it as usual.

Adjusting the hinges using a screwdriver may also help align the door correctly.

Method 6: Tighten All the Door Screws

Check the screws that keep the door to its frame. Then, remove the door from its tracks. Take the screwdriver and tighten the loose screws. Now, place the door in its tracks again and see if the problem vanishes or not.

If tightening the screws does not solve the problem, replace them to work again.

Method 7: Apply New Adhesive and Sealant onto Swinging Shower Door

If you use a shower door with adhesive, there is an increased chance of the adhesive not working anymore. Consequently, the door cannot balance itself properly.

If this is the reason, you must remove the glue and sealant first. To do so, you can use an everyday knife or a screwdriver. Then, apply some rubbing alcohol to remove the residues. After cleaning them, you use a new adhesive (or tape) and sealant to seal all the door edges.

You can order the replacement adhesive and sealant at nearby hardware stores.

Method 8: Finally, Replace the Existing Problematic Shower Door

The methods I have already discussed should be enough to close and open the shower door smoothly. Still, if you find them to fail, you must replace the door. It is the costliest idea to eliminate the problem.

First, you should remove the old door. Then, measure it to buy or order the same size door to fit the frame. After having the replacement or a new door, please install it using the necessary tools. I suggest you check what the instruction manual says.

Replacement of shower door may involve some drilling and screwing jobs. However, you can find it easy, as most experts opine.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some queries of people who already have faced this problem:

1.      How many types of shower doors are available on the market?

Depending on their material and opening mechanism, you can find versatile shower doors. Also, shower doors can be different due to your bathroom size and layout. Usually, you can buy glass, plastic, and metal shower doors.

Glass shower doors last longer. Also, you can clean them easily. If you want to save wallet, you can install plastic shower doors. Lastly, aluminum or stainless steel-made shower doors have a longer lifespan.

Some styles of glass and metal shower doors are framed, frameless, and semi-frameless.

2.      Is it possible to cut or resize a glass shower door if it won’t close?

No, I am not saying cutting glass doors is a solution. Still, it can help repair the crack or hole in the door. It means you can cut or resize a glass door if needed. But I suggest you contact a professional who knows better about it.

3.      How can I prevent the glass shower door from leaking unexpectedly?

If your glass door leaks, you can replace the seals around it. If you find them misaligned, you can refit them.

Alternatively, replace the worn-out or damaged door screws or hinges. Cleaning and tightening them can also solve the problem.

The Cost of Fixing a Shower Door that Won’t Close

Except for the replacement, fixing a shower door does not cost much. You need some cleaning tools, a screwdriver for adjustments, and obviously, your keen eye with some time for solving the problem.

If you need expert help, you may need to spend $200-$700, depending on the availability and quality of service. But you can still save this money by doing it yourself (DIY). And do not forget to lubricate the door tracks regularly.


After reading this article, you should now better understand how to fix a shower door that won’t close. You can instantly and easily fix the problem by following the eight easy methods I have outlined.

Thanks for passing by and sharing some moments with me!

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