How to Get Purple Shampoo Stains Out of the Shower?

Purple shampoos help blonde neutralize the yellow and brassy tones on their hair, preventing shine loss or having a lackluster color. However, if not managed properly, it could ruin your shower’s sleek look.

Fortunately, you can remove purple shampoo stains from the shower by using a stain remover, bathroom cleaning products, and applicable household chemicals, as well as by creating your formula from baking soda. 

Which chemical to use for this job will depend on the amount of work you wish to put up, available options, and the severity of the staining. Find out more about how to get rid of purple shampoo stains out of the shower as you read further. 

Does Purple Shampoo Stain the Shower?

Unlike hair dyes, purple shampoo shouldn’t stain badly in the shower. They can easily be washed off if done as soon as you’re done with the hair care treatment. After all, purple shampoo isn’t a dye but simply a shampoo with purple (the direct opposite of yellow in the color wheel) pigment to tone blonde or light-colored hair. 

However, if you leave the marks too long in the shower or the tub, the staining can be difficult to get rid of. Plus, water may not be enough for the job, so you will need to use specific cleaning items. 

How to Remove Purple Shampoo Stains From the Shower?

Cleaning the purple shampoo stains or marks in the shower can be as simple as scrubbing it off using a cloth damped in a chemical solution or leaving the substance for a while on the stain. But which substance or solution to use? 

To help you out, here are products you can use to get the purple shampoo out of the shower.

9 Products That Get Purple Shampoo Stains Out of the Shower

1. Bathroom Cleaner

comet foaming bath spray bathroom cleaner
Image from Comet

Among different household cleaners, the one you use in the bathroom is probably the strongest. Not only does it have cleaning ammonium, but it has other chemicals that cause discoloration. 

That said, you can easily use it to remove purple shampoo stains. All you have to do is spray the marked area with the cleaner, leave it for 15 to 30 minutes, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Some bathroom cleaning products you can use are Comet Ultra Foaming Bath Spray and Ajax powder. If the stain is too tough, you can scrub it after the soak using a brillo pad or steel wool scrub. Also, make sure to get rid of the soap scum as they often absorb the purple color and retain the stain. 

Bathroom cleaners are your best option for multiple or sizeable purple shampoo stains, requiring a deep full shower cleansing. 

2. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

oxiclean versatile stain remover
Image from OxiClean

Having a stain remover in your bathroom can be beneficial if you often dye your hair on your own. Of course, they are also great for getting rid of the purple shampoo marks and residues. 

OxiClean’s versatile stain remover is highly recommended when it comes to erasing the said stains in the shower. Although designed for fabric, it contains bleach and other color-countering substance good enough against tile or bathroom stains.  

3. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser

Cleaning pads like that of Mr. Clean’s magic eraser conveniently remove stains as you simply have to scrub them off. It literally works as an eraser. 

Designed for bathroom use, you just have to add warm or hot water to the pad, then swipe it on the marked area until the stain and soap scums are entirely removed. 

The magic eraser maximizes the use of oxygen to neutralize the stain, making it a good choice when working on lighter purple shampoo stains. Plus, it leaves a fresh scent in your shower. 

4. Baking Soda

baking soda and warm water on a table

Baking soda is an all-around cleaning ingredient you can partner with other household or organic substances to remove dirt on practically anything. 

As a strong base, baking soda has the power to dissolve scum, stains, grease, and other organic compounds. Expectedly, its magic works even for shower stains. 

There are many ways you can use baking soda as a key ingredient in stain removal. 

  1. Baking soda + vinegar: This is best for hard-to-remove stains, such as when a purple shampoo stain has been left for a long time in the shower. The acidity of the vinegar pairs well with the basicity of baking soda, making a powerful baking soda paste that dissolves stains effectively. Use a scrub or toothbrush to rub the paste, and you can bid farewell to these marks faster. 
  2. Baking soda + water: Create another baking soda paste with a bit of water. Leave it on the stain and then rub it out after 15 to 30 minutes. This simple solution is ideal if the color is light or a bit faded. 

Using baking soda is an excellent choice if you’re looking for stain-removing agents which are less harsh and more organic. 

5. Bleach

pouring bleach down the toilet

There’s no doubt bleach can remove any stain in the shower. It’s a crucial ingredient for many cleaning products. The only reason we’re not putting bleach on top of the list is that it can be too abrasive to a stain as light as that of the purple shampoo. In addition, your exposure to the chemical can lead to irritation and tissue burning. 

Nonetheless, if you use bleach against a purple shampoo stain, mix it with water to create a gentler solution. 

6. Dish Soap

If you don’t have bathroom cleaners or other products and substances mentioned above, you can use dish soap to remove stains in the shower. After all, dish soap is also essential, which makes it an effective agent against stains. But you will have to use plenty of dish soap and scrub it off with extra force utilizing a sponge or pad. 

7. Rubbing Alcohol

isopropyl alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another excellent household item that effectively removes stains of any kind. For example, as isopropyl alcohol denatures grease and dissolved pigments, it works well in eliminating purple shampoo stains in the shower. 

If the mark is small, you can use a cotton pad. Damp it with the alcohol and start wiping the stain off. 

8. Nail Polish Remover

Acetone-based nail polish remover is another alternative stain remover if you’re out of options. It’s highly effective as acetone, like alcohol, can degrade pigments and dissolve colored particles that stick to the bathroom surface. 

As the nail polish remover tends to have a solid stain-removing capacity, you can apply a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and rub it against the stained area. 

9. Hair Spray

hair spray

Since most hair spray is alcohol-based, it can also remove stains in the bathroom. Spritz the stain with the hairspray, grab a paper towel or rag, and then wipe it off the tile, tub, or shower. It’s best to use this alternative for small purple shampoo stains. 

Final Thoughts

Removing purple shampoo stains from the shower isn’t complicated if you know what cleaning agents or chemicals to use. When choosing a product for this task, consider the size and number of the stains. Also, check which ones are available in your home. Ultimately, you may have to skip a trip to the grocery and create stain removers out of cleaners you have in the cupboard. 

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