How to Keep Shower Caddy from Falling?

A shower caddy is a handy way to store all of your shower essentials. But if it isn’t attached properly, it can easily fall and create a big mess. Here are a few tips on how to keep your shower accessory holder in its place.

To keep the shower caddy from falling you can attach it to the shower head with zip ties, rubber bands, or hose clamps. Moreover, to avoid sliding of caddy down the tiled walls, place it in an appropriate spot; away from water; use commanding hooks; Velcro, or use a rod to hang it.

Further, in this article, we will go through a few ways which can keep the shower from falling off the shower head or walls. But before that, you need to know the reasons why the shower caddy falls.

What Causes a Shower Caddy to Fall? [4 Main Reasons]

Shower Caddy stores all the necessary items within arm’s reach. However, if not installed or used properly, the shower caddy can fall. Here are a few things that can cause the shower caddy to fall:

Increased Moisture

You know that the shower stall is something that always remains wet and moist. Due to moisture, the shower caddy mostly slips over the shower stall and keeps falling.

Too much Weight

A shower caddy is designed to hold a weight of 8 to 15 lbs. If the caddy is overloaded with too many products, it can cause the caddy to lose balance and fall.

Make sure to evenly distribute the weight of the products in the caddy so that it is not top-heavy.

Slippery Metal Surface

Most shower caddies are metallic with a shiny smooth surface. This smooth surface easily slides over the shower head due to the lack of friction. Further, when water falls over it, the sliding becomes evident.

Loose Suction Cups

Some shower caddies are attached to the bathroom wall via suction cups. Over time, these suction cups lose their power; when that happens, the caddies start falling often.

A bathroom shower caddy that hangs off a shower head. Holds a variety of hair care products, soaps, and shaving supplies.

4 Things to Keep Shower Caddy from Falling

Now, that you have learned some of the causes why shower caddies fall. Here are a few things that will hold shower caddies firmly with the shower head.

1.     Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are usually available in most homes. And they are an inexpensive method to hold down the shower caddy.

All of you have to do is take two to three rubber bands, and wrap the caddy with the shower head. Wrap the band such that the caddy is fully intact with the shower head.

The only drawback with using a rubber band is that you can break it while making multiple twists.

2.     Zip Ties

Apart from rubber bands, you can also use zip ties. They are mostly made up of plastic and can be purchased easily from a nearby hardware store.

The common use of a zip tie is to secure two cables together, however, it can also be used to secure the shower caddy to the shower head.

Use can use a zip tie in two different ways. One approach is to due to pass the zip tie through the shower caddy and hang it with the neck of the shower head. Another approach is tightening the shower tray with the shower stall such that it is very close to the wall.

 The zip tie will prevent it from falling, however, the shower caddy will still be free to move sideways.

3.     Hose Clamps

Hose clamps are devices used to attach and seal hoses to various fittings.  The hose clamp can be a good alternative to the zip tie for holding the shower caddy.

Like zip ties, they are quite inexpensive and easily available in the local hardware stores. If you don’t have one in your pantry, it is a good idea to purchase one.

Hose clamps come in different sizes. So, make sure you buy or find one that matches the diameter of the shower neck.

To prevent the shower tray from falling again, clamp the caddy at the shower head’s neck. Then, tighten the nut with the help of a screwdriver.

Although hose clamps are a great tool to secure the caddies, being made of steel, they can rust in moist conditions. And you know, the caddies are always underwater, which means they are prone to corrosion.

4 Ways/Things to Prevent Shower Caddy from Sliding down the Walls

It is not always a good idea to always hang the shower caddy to the shower head. The alternate is hanging or sticking it to the walls.

Here are a few ways through which you can prevent the shower caddy fall off the walls.

Place the Shower Caddy in the Corner

When installing a suction cup caddy, try to avoid it placing it directly under the shower head. Place it on the sides, where it remains dry. A good spot is the corner of the shower cubicle.

Clean the Tiles before attaching Suction Cup Caddy

If the tiles are dirty, the suction cups won’t stick to them and fall often. So, before installing the shower caddy, make sure the tiled walls are clean.  You can do one more thing; apply some petroleum jelly to the walls. This will enhance the suction.

Use a Commanding Hook

Apart from using the suction cups, command hooks are another fantastic option for hanging your caddy on the walls of your shower. It’s as simple as hanging them on the wall and hooking a caddy to them. Commanding hooks are strong enough to support heavy things on the shower caddy. 

Use Velcro

To attach the caddy to the shower wall, Velcro is another option. Placing Velcro on the back of the caddy will stop it from sliding down the wall.  

Use a rod to hang the Hand Caddy

If your wall is slippery, and none of the above attachments, stick to it. Then, you can drill a few holes to attach a rod. Then, hang the shower caddy on that rod. There’s no way it will fall off that rod.


Why does my suction cup shower caddy keep falling?

If the suction cup is installed on a dirty surface with soap scum and moisture, it will keep falling due to weak adhesive forces. In addition, a suction cup with pores will also fall off, even on a clean surface.

How much weight can you put on a shower caddy?

Since there are multiple types of shower caddies in the market, their holding capacity varies. On average, the shower caddy can hold a weight somewhere between 8 to 15 lbs.

Final Words

A shower caddy falling is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you in the shower. But, with little care, you can prevent it from happening.

I hope this guide was helpful to you and now you know what to do when your shower caddy falls. If you have any other queries or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments.

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