How to Make a Toilet Flush Quietly?

I completely understand that having your flush create noise is quite bothersome because you use the toilet frequently throughout the day and have to endure this headache every time. Don’t worry; I’ll show you how to get rid of it.

You should frequently begin cleaning your toilet, particularly the cistern, as the sound is all related to that. This will help your toilet flush silently. Further options include installing a quiet fill flush valve, tightening the pipes, lowering the water level in the tank, and more.

To assist you in putting the aforementioned techniques to use and quiet your toilet flush, let’s delve a little deeper into their specifics.

Ways to Make a Toilet Flush Quietly

There are a few ways to make a toilet flush quietly. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Clean Your Toilet

One of the best ways to avoid many issues in the first place is to clean your toilet frequently. However, when it comes to flushing, the cistern tank should be considered; hence, clean not just the toilet bowl but also the cistern tank if you want to reduce the noise that your toilet generates while flushing.

The water containing minerals clogs everything, including pipes, valves, flappers, and other components, so it is crucial to clean the cistern. When pressure is applied, water is forced through tiny holes, which causes the constricted holes to generate noise.

Install a Quiet Fill Flush Valve

A quiet fill valve will fix your problem if your toilet makes an annoying sound when flushed, and it is a permanent solution. 

When you press the flush handle, the cistern in your toilet tank fills up. With a quiet fill flush valve, the water will get to the cistern with an outlet pipe attached, and it won’t make any sound when it is refilled. Moreover, it even lets you decide how much water you want to use in each flush and this way you can conserve water.

However, installing a quiet fill flush valve may be a tricky task. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional to do so. 

Tighten the Pipes

It should be obvious saying that you don’t want any noise that comes from loose pipes. So, search for any loose pipes surrounding the cistern and tighten them.

However, be careful when tightening it to avoid accidentally closing the water entry valve, which would prevent your toilet tank from refilling at all.

If you notice water leakage, it is a sign that there are pipes that need tightening and you should take action.

Reduce the Tank’s Water Level

If you did not know, large tanks which store a lot of water also make noise. If your toilet tank has more than enough water which you don’t need, consider placing a brick in your cistern. With this method, the cistern will fill with a smaller volume of water and will not make noise. 

Make sure that you only adjust the water level if your toilet tank is not leaking. Also, adjust it in the right way, so it doesn’t leak. 

Block the Sound

You can soundproof the cistern. Yes! You heard it right. And it is not even hard to do so. Here are the steps you can follow: 

  1. Remove the lid of the cistern and clean thoroughly inside it. 
  2. Start sticking the adhesive tape around the top edges of the toilet tank.
  3. Put the lid back in its place.

When you place the lid back, it will create an airtight fit. This way, the sound won’t travel outside the toilet tank. 

Install a New Toilet

This method is certainly the most expensive out of all but is the only option when all other options fail.

Getting a new toilet will undoubtedly fix your problem and not produce any annoying sounds. 


I hope you found this article useful now that you know how to get rid of the noise made by a toilet flush. Make sure to address the issue as soon as you become aware of it because, if you don’t, the noise will only get worse and might lead to other issues.

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