How to Paint a Toilet Seat?

One of the most essential components in our home is the toilet seat. However, this is also a topic that is frequently disregarded. 

So let’s be real. When was the last time you thought about maintaining your toilet seat and thought about “How to paint a toilet seat?” 

Toilet seats can be easily painted at home by anyone. You simply need to take out the toilet seat and clean it properly in order to start the painting process. And by using epoxy paint, you can give your old toilet seat a new look in no time. 

You will also need to know the methods and tips to remove yellow stains and other paint stains. This will help you keep the toilet seat in good condition.

To know all these things in detail, read this article!

How to Paint a Toilet Seat- 4 Easy Steps!

You might be one of those people who ask, “Can a toilet seat be painted?” The simple answer to this frequently asked question is “yes.” This article will walk you through painting a toilet seat step-by-step. 

But before jumping on the guide, you should probably know what items you will need to do the job. Here is a comprehensive list.

  • Spectacles and a face mask
  • Sandpaper of 120 to 160 grit
  • Paint
  • Tape for painting
  • Fabric or newspaper
  • A sealant 

Now, let’s look at the process of painting a toilet seat. 

yellow painted Artistic Toilet

Step 1: Take The Toilet Seat Out

To begin with, you must take the toilet seat off. This will help you to easily clean and paint the seat later on. 

Just take off the top cap covering the joints to uncover a screw holding the seat in position. You can locate the screw if you feel around underneath the toilet.

With one hand holding the bolt, use the other to remove the screw with a screwdriver. The toilet seat may then be removed with ease if you repeat the process for the other joint.

Step 2: Clean and Sand The Seat

You probably haven’t thoroughly cleaned your seat in a while if you’re anything like the other people. So scrub it thoroughly with a moist cloth or a Clorox wipe. After finishing that, take some sandpaper and remove any sharp edges.

If you’re planning to give your toilet seat a new shade, then this is extremely crucial. And you must use sandpaper to sand your seat. Because without sanding, you will not be able to apply a new color to your old seat.

Step 3: Place Tape Over the Joints

It might be a good idea to cover the toilet seat’s joints with tape just in case. While getting paint on the joints won’t be the end of your world, it will make it smoother to reattach and remove the opening in the future.

Step 4: Apply Paint to the Seat

Move the seat in the front yard or place a drop cloth or piece of newspaper down, then paint one half of the seat with primer. Once it has dried, grab a can of standard paint and cover the primer with it.

Follow the same steps as with the primer. Furthermore, look for additional instructions on the paint can. Once the first layer has dried, you can add a second one if you’d like.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Toilet Seat? 

You should choose a paint that is designed to hold up well under challenging circumstances. The question, “What is the best paint for toilet seats?” might then cross your mind. There are several options available to you when it comes to painting the toilet seat. 

You should use epoxy paint for the top coat after applying an acrylic latex primer.

The main usage of epoxy paint is to repair or just recoat your toilet. This implies that the only colors available are varying levels of white, gray, and black.

You can also opt for spray paint if you want to have something different. Due to its ease of use and selection of colors, this is probably the new favorite option.

All you need is epoxy paint if that’s the route you go. But in addition to spray paint, you ought to get a clear epoxy coating. This will maintain the color you’ve chosen while making your toilet watertight and sturdy.

Best Paints for Different Types of Toilet Seats 

In the market, you will get different kinds of toilet seats made from different materials. There are three materials that are used to make seats for your toilet. They are:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Porcelain

These materials don’t have the same property and for this reason, they don’t suit every type of paint. In the table below, let’s look at the best paint for each type of material.

MaterialBest Paint
PlasticSpray Paint
WoodLatex and Oil-based Paint
PorcelainAcrylic Paint 

Tips to Get Yellow Stains Off a Toilet Seat 

yellow stains on toilet seat

Yellow stains are disgusting and, regrettably, are common in bathrooms all over the world. While you might think of them when you think of public restrooms in malls and gas stations, this isn’t the only location they can happen.

Follow these tips in order to remove the yellow stains from a toilet seat.

Rinse with Bleach

The quickest fix for bad stains may be to completely submerge the toilet seat with bleach. Simply take out the toilet seat, then put it in a bleach and water mixture, for instance in the bathtub or a big container.

Scrub the stains till they disappear after a few minutes. After giving the toilet seat a good cleaning with clean water, wipe it off, then replace it.

Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice’s acidic nature allows it to dissolve calcium buildup and yellow discoloration. Simply combine your preferred essential oil and lemon juice in a spray container.

lemon juice extract from lemon fruit

Allow the mixture to rest on the toilet seat for about 15 minutes after spraying it with it. Clean up the seat completely by wiping it down with lots of fresh water.

Try Sodium Bicarbonate and White Vinegar Mix

Common and popular household cleaners include distilled white vinegar and bicarbonate soda. All you have to do to wash your toilet seat is mix equal amounts of sodium bicarbonate of soda with filtered white vinegar into a paste.

Put the paste on the toilet seat, and then wait 10 to 30 minutes before using it. Scrub the spots, then use a cloth bathed in fresh, hot water to wipe the toilet seat.

How to Get Paint Stains Off a Toilet Seat 

While painting your toilet seat, you can get unnecessary paint stains on the toilet seat. And this will ruin the new paint job you have done.  

To remove the paint stains, first, you need to apply oil to the spots. Then rub the area with a brush. Then you will need to wait for a few moments in order for the paint to soften up.

After that, you can start by using a towel or your fingernail to wipe the stains off the seat. If necessary, repeat the process.


Why Are My Toilet Seats Discolored?

discoloration on toilet sea
Image from Chris Simmons

Your toilet seats can be discolored because of urine. Most people generally assume that urine staining is the reason for a yellow-stained toilet seat.

Small splashes and drops accumulate over time to form an unpleasant residue that, if ignored, stains the surface.

The color of the plastic will become darker and the stain will become worse the more the urine remains on it. The color of the urine will continue to darken for some time, even after it has dried.

Why has my toilet seat turned pink?

Many people wrongly believe that hard water is to blame for the pinkish stains that appear in toilets. Serratia Marcescens, and airborne bacteria, is more likely to blame for the pink stain. 

These bacteria are quite widespread and can be found in food, animals, dust, dirt, and even in the air. Because Serratia Marcescens grows and multiplies quickly in damp environments, pinkish stains are frequently discovered in toilets. 

Because bacteria are the cause of the pink stain, a disinfecting cleaning method will be more effective in preventing the stain from reappearing as frequently.


People may have a negative opinion of you if they see your stained toilet seat. Moreover, a dirty toilet seat may also make your bathroom experience worse. You can stay away from these occurrences, though, by reading this article on “How to paint a toilet seat.” 

Painting your own toilet seat will help you save money. Because the alternative to this will be buying a new toilet seat which will be a very expensive option. 

From this article not only you have learned how to paint a toilet seat but also how to remove different types of stains from it. By keeping all these pieces of information in mind you will be able to maintain a clean toilet for a long time.

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