How to Raise Shower Head Height?

For tall people, the height of the shower head can be a problem. If you are the one facing this issue, then don’t worry, we have a few ways through which you can raise your shower height without any in-wall plumbing.

You can raise the shower head height with multiple types of shower attachments. You can use an adjustable shower arm, S Shower arm, swivel ball adapter, or shower slide bar. All these attachments will let you raise the shower height without doing changes to the installed plumbing system.

Further, in this article, we will look at how each of these gadgets lets you adjust the shower’s height. However, before that, let’s talk about the standard height of a shower head.

What is the Standard Height for a Shower Head?

As per Hunker, the standard height of a shower head is about 80 inches, or 6 feet 8 inches. This indicates a standard shower head should be installed about 80 inches from the ground.

Despite this industry standard, people do have shower heads 72 inches high. This height is quite inconvenient for people who are 6 feet tall. So, in these cases, you need to raise the shower’s height.

One obvious thing to do is to just extend the pipe of the shower, and install it a bit higher. But this thing requires in-wall plumbing and can be impractical in some cases. So, the best thing you can do is install some accessories that can raise the shower head.

5 Ways to Raise Shower Head Height

Here is a list of 5 accessories that can be used to raise the shower head’s height. So, let’s see how each of these attachments works.

1.     Adjustable Shower Arm

One of the cheapest ways to increase the shower head’s height is the use of an adjustable shower arm. The good thing about this arm is that you can attach it to your current shower as well.

Adjustable Shower Arm
Adjustable Shower Arm

Furthermore, you can use it for multiple purposes. You can either raise the shower head or lower it with the adjustable arm.

The installation procedure is also quite simple and you can complete it in 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Remove the existing shower head from its stem.
  2. Attach one end of the adjustable arm to the existing shower stem.
  3. On the other end, connect the shower head.
  4. To adjust the shower arm’s height, loosen the adjustment screws, and set the shower head at your desired height.

2.     S Shower Arm

Another option to consider is an S-shaped Shower arm. In this case, you will need to replace your shower head arm from the wall. But this permanent fixture significantly raises the shower height.

S Shower Arm
S Shower Arm

If you are considering using an attachment that is flexible i.e. height is variable and can be adjusted over time, then don’t go with S Shower Arm. Since S arm can permanently raise or lower the shower head. Having said that, S shape arm is the only toughest and most durable option to increase shower height.

When it comes to installing an S Shape arm, you will need some force and tools to complete the job.

  1. Unscrew the whole shower head assembly from the wall.
  2. Wrap Teflon type on the main connection threads.
  3. Tighten a shaped shower arm on the wall with a wrench.
  4. Add a new shower head to the S Shower arm.

3.     Hand Held Shower Holder (Wall Mounted)

A hand-held shower holder is an excellent choice for people with mobility issues. Since they can take a shower bath while being seated. However, it can also serve another purpose i.e. raise the shower height a few inches.

Hand Held Shower Holder
Hand Held Shower Holder

Interestingly, a hand-held shower includes various kits which can even convert your existing shower into a hand-held shower. The installation is also simple as I mentioned in the first case.

  1. Remove the existing shower head and insert the base of the hand-held shower in its place.
  2. Then take a hose and attach the shower head to its one end.
  3. Attach this shower hose unit at the end of the base (hand-held kit).
  4. Then, hang the shower unit on the base, you inserted in the first step.

4.     Shower Slide Bar

The shower Slide Bar is the most sophisticated option, however, it also gives you space an expensive touch. In this case, a sliding bar is mounted with screws and the shower head hangs and slides over this bar. The shower Slider Bar is often handheld, it means you get a multi-functioning shower.

Shower Slider Bar
Shower Slider Bar

If you are looking for an adjustable option, then this slide bar shower is perfect for you. The slide bar gives you the luxury to raise and lower the shower head, by just sliding the shower over the bar.  And the hand-held option allows you to remove the shower head and take bath while seating.

Multiple sizes of shower slide bars are available. The common variant can be extended by a height of 25 inches. 

If you share a shower with individuals of varying heights, this is a fantastic solution for you. When they get into the shower, users may simply reduce or raise the shower head’s height.

You can use the slider bar if your shower space already has a detachable shower (a hand-held one). If not, you will need to replace the setup and install the new one.

5.     Swivel Ball Adapter

Lastly, we have another attachment option, a swivel ball Adapter. However, it is more for adjustability rather than height change.

Swivel Ball Adapter
Swivel Ball Adapter

Some people need to adjust the shower angles to fully enjoy their shower, and that’s where the swivel adapter comes to the rescue. You just have to attach one end to your shower arm, and then the other end with the shower head. Now, you can rotate and angle the shower head in any direction.


Finally, we have some frequently asked questions regarding the shower head height.

How high should be shower head?

As per different plumbing sites, the standard height of the shower head is about 80 inches or 6′8″. feet. However, you can install it, more or less based on your usage since there a no plumbing codes for this particular length.

Can you change the shower head height without plumbing adjustments?

Yes, the shower height can be an adjustment without making in-wall plumbing adjustments. For instance, you can use an adjustable shower arm to raise the shower height without making plumbing changes.

How to Lower a Shower Head?

Just as you raise the shower head, you can also lower a shower head with attachments like a shower slide bar, and an adjustable shower arm.

Final Words

If your shower head is installed at a lower level, then you can raise it by adding a few attachments such as an Adjustable Shower Arm, S Shower Arm, and Hand Held Shower Holder. With all these accessories, you can raise or lower the shower head without the need for any significant plumbing changes in the installed system.

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