How to Use a Dual Flush Button in Toilet?

Have you already bought or are planning to buy a modern dual flush toilet but have no idea how to use it? Here’s how to use a dual flush button in a toilet:

  1. Examine the flush buttons after using the toilet.
  2. For liquid waste, press the smaller button and for solid waste, press the large button.
  3. Check if the waste has been flushed.
  4. Repeat the process if necessary.

A dual flush toilet is known for its high efficiency. It has the option of flushing down the solid and liquid waste in different ways. It is an innovative creation that saves water; water is rising, and it is not environmentally acceptable to waste water in today’s world.

Let us take a closer look and go into the details of both the options in a dual flush button toilet and when to use which button.

Why Do Dual Flush Toilets Are Used?

Dual flush toilets are used to save water. It has two buttons that you can use to determine how much water you need to flush. To flush the solid waste, press the full flush button. Likewise, to flush liquid waste, choose the one with the minimum amount of water.

Bruce Thomson of Caroma industries invented dual button toilets in 1980. It was an Australian-based sanitary ware company that practically implemented dual-flush toilets.

Single-button toilets waste gallons of water as they use siphoning action when the toilet is flushed. They are not environmentally friendly. Dual flush systems are much more efficient and water conservative.

Today, dual-flush toilets are widely used in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Americans are also starting to adopt this plumbing trend as well.

In most toilets, the flush buttons are at the top of the tank. However, there are a few toilets that use a trip lever.

How to Use Dual Flush Buttons?

On the dual-flush toilet, you will see two buttons; a small one and a big one. To flush liquid waste, push the small button, and to flush solids, press the big one. However, if the toilet you own has a trip lever, it will be indicated. In general, the green side of most trip levers represents the less water option.

dual flush button toilet with label

The flush valve seal could also become clogged with debris, allowing water to leak from the tank to the toilet bowl.

Advantages of Dual Flush Toilet

The dual flush has many advantages that I’m listing below, so you know you won’t make a wrong choice by buying it.

Environmentally Friendliness

As stated above, the purpose of the dual flush is water conservation. People use bathrooms several times a day and waste liters of water supply through the flushing mechanism. The dual flush will assuredly assist you in avoiding unnecessary water waste. 


Indeed, using a good amount of water leads to high water bills. With a dual flush where you won’t be using extra water, you can save money along with water.

Elegant Looks

These modern toilets come with additional features, and along with that, they also have stylish and appealing designs. 

modern dual flush toilet
Image from Your Home Outlet

Drawbacks of Dual Flush Toilet

It goes without saying that every good thing has at least one drawback. Similar is the case with dual flush toilets!


Dual-flush toilets can be confusing to use. Some people may not differentiate between the half-circle and might press the small flush button for solid waste. They might need to press the buttons again, wasting another gallon of water. This defeats the purpose of saving water.

Flush Valve Gets Clogged Sometimes

Not every time, but a flush valve may likely stick and not come up after you’re done pressing the button. This is caused when the buttons obstruct because of dirt. 

It is a thing to be taken seriously because the button sticking will cause the water to flow, wasting water rather than saving it.

dual flush valve in water tank
Image from Redditch Handyman

You can lift off the tank top and clean the dirt with water to avoid such occurrences.


Dual flush toilets require more cleaning than a standard toilet. Since a small flush releases less amount of water, the interior of the toilet bowl isn’t cleaned enough.

What Happens If You Press Both Buttons at the Same Time?

If you press both the toilet flush buttons simultaneously, you will notice that the water consumed will be even more than when pressing only the big one. It will also provide water to the toilet bowl with extra pressure. If you think you require more water for flushing, you can press both buttons.

Pressing both the toilet flushes at the same time isn’t harmful to your toilet.

It is all about how you intend to use it.

Next, let’s discuss some pricing factors of new dual-flush toilets.

Are Dual Flush Toilets More Expensive?

Dual flush toilets are slightly more expensive than single-flush toilets. The average cost of a dual flush toilet can range from $60 to $400. Their cost also depends on the toilet model you buy.

Even if you compare the same toilet models of dual and single flush toilets, there isn’t much of a difference in their prices.

Hence, it’s better to upgrade to dual flush toilets to save a huge volume of water.


Getting hold of a dual flush toilet is something you will not regret. The best part is that even while providing extra and efficient benefits, it costs the same as a regular toilet.

With a dual flush toilet, you will have your bathroom look stylish and modern and be a part of saving the environment by not wasting water.

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