How To Use Your Phone in The Shower?

There are times when you want to binge-watch your favorite show, listen to your favorite podcast, or just need to pick up an important phone call while in the shower. You might be scared to use your precious smartphone in the shower, lest it is damaged somehow. So, you want to know how to use your phone in the shower?

If your phone is water-resistant, you can use it in the shower without any issues by placing it in a phone holder. Otherwise, you might play the game differently. Using a pocketed shower curtain is one of the greatest ways to do so. However, there are alternatives like a Ziploc bag you may want to use for the case.

Read on to get a crystal clear idea about using your phone in the shower.

Is It Safe To Use A Phone In The Shower?

Using your phone while in the shower is fine in certain situations, but risks are involved. If once your phone is harmed by shower steam, you may face an unwanted experience afterward. 

Although the impacts might not be immediately noticeable, the shower’s moisture and humidity might enter your phone’s internal components.

Water and electricity are never a good combination. But the good news is that experts claim unless your phone is not plugged into a wall charger and you don’t drop it accidentally, the risk is very small. 

Due to their low voltage, smartphones have a negligible to zero chance of electrocuting you. On the other hand, If it is plugged into a wall charger, it could kill it.

How To Tell How Much Your Device Is Protected Against Water

a waterproof phone being washed under water

You can determine a device’s level of protection against solids and liquids by looking at its IP rating. The International Electrotechnical Commission is in charge of setting them.

“IP,” which stands for “Ingress Protection,” is followed by two numbers (or International Protection).

The first number, which varies from one to six, represents the degree of defense against solid particles (dust, dirt, etc.). The second number, which ranges from one to eight, shows how much water an item can take before it gets damaged. The higher the number, the better the protection.

  • IPX0: The product provides no additional water protection.
  • IPX1: The product can withstand water that drips vertically upon it.
  • IPX2: Can withstand water that comes at it at an angle of 15 degrees or less.
  • IPX3: able to handle sprays of water up to 60°.
  • IPX4: Can withstand water splashes coming from any angle.
  • It can withstand an extended, low-pressure water jet spray (IPX5).
  • IPX6: able to handle high-pressure water jets that are very strong.
  • IPX6K: Capable of withstanding exceptionally high-pressure water jets. hardly used.
  • IPX7: Can stay in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.
  • IPX8: Up to one meter of water can be put in it. The manufacturer says exactly how deep it is.
  • IPX9K: High-pressure, high-temperature sprays from close range can’t hurt it.

Can Steam Be Harmful to Your Phone?

Yes, steaming your phone can damage it, but only if you do it repeatedly and don’t take steps to waterproof it. There’s a chance the damage won’t be seen right away.

Your phone becomes damp from the steam, which might harm internal components. Additionally, it may result in internal phone components corroding, reducing the device’s lifespan.

Different Ways to Make Your Phone Safe in The Shower

Thanks to some cool technologies, you can make your phone safer in the shower, even if it’s not waterproof. These methods are cheap, effective, and will make your shower experience amazing.

Making a DIY Phone Shower Holder 

If you don’t feel like spending any big bucks on waterproofing your phone, you might try this method where you don’t need a lot to make a DIY phone shower holder.

You will need an empty Tic Tac container, baby oil (or any oil), scissors for cutting plastic, strong double-sided foam tape at least 3 meters wide, a whiteboard marker, and a ruler.

Step 1

  • Take the measurement of your device. This dimension is necessary to determine whether the empty Tictac container can accommodate your phone. Any phone within this size The range can fit inside the Tictac container, which is approximately 10 mm. If that’s the case, consider looking for thicker containers, such as candy or dental floss containers.

Step 2

  • The Tic Tac container should be cleaned. The sticker paper bearing the Tictac logo or a product description must be removed.
  • The oil you already have in your home will be useful in this situation. You should use a drop or two of the oil to get rid of the residue left behind by the sticker because it will be sticky.
  • The oil must then be removed from the container by cleaning it once again with soap and water.

Step 3

  • Dry the Tic Tac container after cleaning.
  • Mark the container vertically with the whiteboard marker. Both sides should have the same measurement.
  • Cut along the drawn vertical line after verifying that the measurement is accurate.

Step 4

  • Verify that the two pieces precisely fit your phone. Put the Tictac container on the edges of the phone.
  • Next, see if it partially obscures your screen.
  • If it does and it bugs you, create some marks once more and start cutting. Otherwise, proceed to Step 5.

Step 5

  • Attach the two sections to your bathroom wall or to any other surface as you see fit.
  • Use the double-sided foam tape to install the phone holders where you want them by securing them to the area.
  • You can mount one of the parts first, then set your phone in place to create a precise gap between the two halves. You can then see where the second piece has to be mounted.

Using Ziploc Bags

a phone in a ziploc bag

Your phone can be inserted inside Ziploc bags. Zip it up after completely removing the air.

Using such a case would enable you to use your phone while in the shower without worrying about it getting wet.

Even though your phone is waterproof in a Ziploc bag, it is not a good idea to use it in the shower for an extended period. As was previously said, over time, humidity and moisture from the shower might harm your phone.

Buying Waterproof Phone Holders

For a hands-free experience, waterproof phone holders are made to be fastened using suction cups or glue. On smooth bathroom walls or mirrors, you can attach waterproof phone holders for showers.

You may enjoy watching films and listening to music while taking a shower or bath when paired with a Bluetooth speaker.

Getting A Shower Curtain Phone Holder

a woman playing phone via a Waterproof Clear Shower Curtain Liner

You can look through a clear shower curtain that has pockets in case you get a call or message.

Though there won’t be any interaction, you can use your phone through the curtain.

Your phone will be shielded from direct water contact by the shower curtain. You must be careful because steam can still get into your phone.

3 Ways to Dry Your Phone If It Gets Wet

Even if you take the best precautions, there are times when you might find your phone soaking wet. Don’t panic at that moment of danger, and try to follow these three simple methods that might save your phone.

Using The Emergency Kit 

On Amazon, there are a few prefabricated kit choices, including this Nine Lives variation. Putting your phone inside, sealing the top, and leaving it for at least 24 hours is how they all operate. Desiccants are used in the kits to absorb moisture and lower humidity.

The Rice Method

One common method of attempting to dry out your phone is to place it in a bowl of uncooked rice. If you’re traveling or otherwise don’t have access to the emergency kit mentioned above, it’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

The ‘Air It Out’ Method

Any sort of fan would do for this method. Give the fan blades or air vents a brief wipe to eliminate any noticeable dust and debris because you don’t want dirty air flowing over your phone.

Make sure the phone is angled so that the SIM card slot or the charging port faces down. This will ensure that water drains from the phone rather than collecting inside of it.


Can I Dry My Phone With A Shower Dryer?

Regarding drying your phone, this is a big no-no. A hairdryer’s heat is too intense. This could harm the device’s delicate electronic components.

Is It Dirty To Have A Phone In The Toilet?

The toilet is one of the worst places to use a phone because when you flush the toilet, germs are spread everywhere, including on your phone.

Why Does My Phone Vibrate in the Water?

Your phone’s logic board and internal circuitry are broken, which is the main cause of the continual vibration you experience after it comes into contact with dampness. When a smartphone is wet, the water interrupts the normal flow of electricity via its circuits, which causes unwanted vibrations.


At the end of the day, there is always a bit of a risk of taking your phone in the shower. But now that you’ve read this, you should be able to use a phone in the shower more safely. 

Make sure to make your phone close to waterproof when you take it in the shower by using the tips and techs.

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