I Dropped My Vape in The Toilet: What Should I Do?

Did you drop a vape in the toilet and you’re stranded on what to do? Relax, we’ve got you covered! There are several factors that will help you decide whether to continue using the vape or not.

If your toilet water was clean and there weren’t any poop remains or chemical odors, you may still use your vape after recovering it from the bowl. It’s because toilet water comes from the same source that supplies water to other faucets in your house. But perhaps, if the vape was not very costly and you can easily replace it with a new one, it’s best to just buy another vape.

But if it’s very costly, like a mod box, it might be okay to recover and use it, provided it’s entirely sealed, and nothing has gotten inside. You’ll want to look at the battery compartment for any signs of water infiltration. If it’s leaking or something is leaking out of it, take it out of the box, and air dry it for a day or two to eliminate moisture completely.

If its mouthpiece is made of metal, boil the mouthpiece. But if it’s plastic, you’d rather throw it in the bin and buy a brand new one. If it’s necessary to save the wax or oil, heat the vape’s container in a saucepan filled with water. That will cause the plastic oil or wax to melt up, and you will be able to pour the oil or wax into a different tank.

Heat it, don’t boil it. The tanks are typically made of clear plastic or clear acrylic. It is easier to remove the excess oil or wax if you have a syringe. Boiling the tank could destroy it.

Rubbing alcohol

Benzoyl alcohol is a well-established and commonly used disinfectant. If alcohol is used at a proper concentration of 60% to 90%, it kills most germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Using alcohol as a disinfectant kills 99.9% of all the germs in your vape, but it doesn’t kill spores of bacteria. Clostridium difficile is a fairly common bacteria found in many people’s colons. It does not cause any problems, but it is very irritating when it starts to manifest. If you take antibiotics, it may start to reproduce and produce spores that can remain in your toilet for some time.

Even if you dropped your vape in public places like hospitals and malls, using ethyl alcohol to disinfect it can help protect you from bacterial infection. It’s generally not a big deal at all if you drop your vape in a clean toilet at home. Alcohol is very effective in disinfecting most objects that you touch, like toilet seats and other surfaces, but it does not kill viruses like ethyl alcohol kills lipid viruses like efavirenz.

Rubbing alcohol is generally good for disinfecting contaminated objects, including vapes. If a small object has fallen into a public toilet, you can use alcohol that is diluted with water at a concentration of 60% to 80% to kill the germ. Just take a very careful look at what you are disinfecting and try to keep some alcohol on the surface of the vape for a few minutes.

Alcohol easily disinfects the insides of all kinds of metal objects, such as keys. However, we would highly suggest using something that is more potent than alcohol to kill all types of pathogens.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a very useful disinfectant. Most bacteria and viruses can be killed with hydrogen peroxide in under 60 seconds. It destroys most bacteria and viruses very quickly and kills most spores very quickly, but only after 6 hours at a concentration of 7.5%. It works great with most types of glass and plastic, so you can easily use it to remove bacteria in your vape. 

Note that it’s NOT safe to use hydrogen peroxide on metal objects since it’s a powerful oxidizer, and as a result, metal can easily become brittle. Solutions containing at least 7.5% hydrogen peroxide effectively sterilize and disinfect small items like plastic vapes.

What Happens If I Flush My Disposable Vape Down the Toilet?

Don’t do that! The vape might get caught up in the drain. It would then catch toilet paper whenever you flush your toilet. Of course, you know what that means. You don’t want clogs in your toilet!

Although you can use a plunger to unclog your toilet, it’s unlikely that the Vape will be retrieved from the drain. That means that you’ll have to deal with frequent future toilet problems!

Is My Vape Waterproof?

There are various vape brands that are waterproof. A good example is the Wotofo brand. Note that nowadays, almost all types of electronic devices, from smartphones to digital cameras, are designed to be waterproof. It is truly outstanding that these devices are waterproof, as they can serve you better and will surely stay for a longer time before getting spoiled.

Should I Dip My Vape in A Cup of Rice?

Let’s stop telling people that dipping electronics in a cup of rice is an excellent way to treat water damage. That’s not true. It’s not worth it, and it will only cause more damage. Instead, reach for some strong drinks like alcohol and not some rice. Liquid damage in any electronics is like a thin layer of pancake batter on a kitchen counter, and no rice particle can get in there to retrieve it.

Can Disposable E-Cigarettes Explode?

You may have heard that vapes or e-cigarettes can explode and severely injure people. Although they seem to be rare cases, these explosions are dangerous. It is unclear what causes these explosions, but some evidence claims that battery problems could cause an explosion of vape batteries.

Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

Disposable vapes are safe, just like other kinds of vape devices. Evidence proves that disposable vapes are much safer substitutes for smoking cigarettes. Therefore, if you’re utilizing them to deter a smoking habit, you’ve little to worry about their safety.

Why Does My Vape Battery Fail?

Having a good knowledge about your vape’s battery is an essential to ensuring your vaping device works appropriately (something that any seasoned tinker will tell you). Sometimes bad battery handling is the reason for premature battery failure.

Can I Get Carbon Monoxide Poising by Vaping?

Vapes do not produce carbon monoxide or tar. However, these harmful compounds may be produced in cigarette smoke. Some harmful chemicals may be found in the vapour and liquid but at a deficient concentration compared to what would be found in cigarette smoke.

The Takeaway

If you drop your vape in the toilet water that seems dirty, it’s best to dispose of it. But if your toilet water is clean, retrieve the vape and confirm whether it’s still functioning. If it works, it is best to immediately wash the battery and keep it outside to air dry for a day or two. Also, you may want to consider sanitizing it using an alcohol prep pad or something similar. If it’s dry enough, it should function again.

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