Is It Safe to Put Fabuloso in the Toilet Tank?

Putting fabuloso in your toilet tank was a popular trend on TikTok back in 2021, and you probably would have heard about it. We often tend to believe everything we see on the internet, but it is crucial to look into the matter and see if it is safe or not?

It’s moderately safe to put fabuloso in the toilet tank, as the viral TikTok video promises to make your bathroom smell clean and fresh by simply putting fabuloso into your toilet tank. However, it’s also true that there are some risks associated with using it, which means you shouldn’t do so because it will reduce the effectiveness of your toilet tank.

I may have addressed your concern, but trust me when I say there is still a lot you need to learn about this hack and the dangers you must weigh if you plan to use it in order to stay safe.

Let’s learn more if the Fabuloso is actually safe for plumbing or not.

What Happens If You Put Fabuloso in the Back of Your Toilet?

As you put the fabuloso all-purpose cleaner in the toilet tank, it will gradually drip into the toilet water, giving you an intense faint smell with each flush. It is used to make your toilet smell nice and sanitize it every time you flush it.

Placing fabuloso in a toilet tank serves the additional purpose of displacing a small amount of water, which can be both beneficial and detrimental.

Such an incredible toilet hack, isn’t it?

fabuloso in water tank
Image from Fonzy Nom Nomz Lopez

When you put a fabuloso bottle in the toilet tank, you make less room for water. If you must flush liquid waste, it is a beneficial move because it saves water while keeping the toilet clean and smelling fresh. If you must flush solid waste, you may need to flush it several times to clean the mess in the toilet bowl.

What’s the Fabuloso TikTok Hack All About?

The viral fabuloso hack is intended for those who do not have enough time to clean their toilets on a regular basis. The video shows how you can cut a hole in the top of a bottle of a fabuloso and put it in the toilet tank. Every time you flush, the toilet will eventually become self-cleaning.

The TikTok videos’ updates revealed that even after two to three days, the bottle was still mostly full and continued to flush out a pleasant smell that persisted in the toilet.

We all can agree that cleaning toilets is the most disgusting part and hence most people end up following the hack but it is worth noting that fabuloso in the water tank can corrode gaskets and cause them to seal more quickly than usual, which can result in leaks.

Because of these two opposing viewpoints on using fabuloso as a cleaner in your toilet tank, even people making hack videos on TikTok have divided opinions.

How Do You Use the Fabuloso Toilet Hack?

Here’s how you can use the fabuloso toilet hack to make your toilet smell good:

  1. Simply poke two tiny holes in the bottom front portion of the fabuloso bottle
  2. Take off the tank lid
  3. Set the bottle in one of the upright corners.

And you’re finished!

You can get it at most convenience stores.

Also, make sure to get a small bottle of fabuloso so it can fit into your toilet tank and take up as little space as possible.

How Long Does the Bottle of Fabuloso Last in the Toilet Tank?

According to the TikTok videos, after 2 days of use, the bottle still appeared to be completely full, indicating that the entire bottle can run for a long time, or at least more than a month.

Considering that ventilation is crucial, the scent will linger in your bathroom for about 8 to 12 hours even if your windows are open.

Why Is Using Fabuloso in the Toilet Tank Not a Good Idea?

An obvious reason why using a fabuloso in the toilet tank is not a good idea is because it was never designed for the toilet tanks in the first place. It is just the TikTok hacks that have persuaded people to use it for their toilets.

Using fabuloso cleaning products has more drawbacks associated with it than benefits hence it is better to avoid it. You don’t want to call your plumber often, do you?

  • The harsh chemicals in the fabuloso can damage plastic and rubber tank parts of your standard toilet, such as seals and gaskets, increasing the probability of leaks.
  • It compromises the toilet performance.
  • Because the fabuloso bottle takes up water space which means fewer water gallons. When there is insufficient flush water, waste is more likely to become stuck.
  • Fabuloso contains potent chemicals that degrade organic materials, making its use in septic systems contraindicated.

Even if you absolve yourself of the responsibility of cleaning your toilet, you will still need to reach for the plunger to get things going, which is obviously a major pain!

Alternatives to Fabuloso Toilet Cleaning Hack

vinegar and baking soda in two bottles

Sticking to tried-and-true techniques rather than using hacks are the best alternatives to fabuloso. Make use of the best tank toilet cleaners to remove hard water and buildup stains. Alternatively, you could use the traditional vinegar and baking soda toilet cleaning solution.

Make sure that the cleaner you use inside the bowl is specifically designed for it as well as use rubber gloves and a good scrub brush. 


It makes sense to choose a toilet cleaning hack because who wants to clean toilets? But, of course, you should also be concerned about the performance of your toilet and how something might cause long-term damage to its components.

While a fabuloso may be safe to use, it is still not good for the overall performance of your toilet. If it is for the sake of trying the viral hack hype, you can do so once but plumbers recommend using alternatives to avoid negative consequences.

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