Is Sitting On Your Toilet Backward A Good Idea?

Some people actually poop while sitting on their toilet backward so that they can do their business while snacking concurrently. It’s Astonishing! Right? On TikTok, people have been sharing videos of themselves lying backward while munching crips and watching Netflix. But is sitting on your toilet backward a good idea? Why would you do it in the first place?

According to TikToker AmyWoahh, everything is being done wrongly and you should poop while sitting backward. Yes! Just sit back and watch your favorite show and do whatever you may love to do. Watching Netflix while pooping isn’t really a bad idea, but eating while in the bathroom seems to be a satire.

Imagine snaking with the odor in the toilet. And as you may be aware, your toilet has E. Coli. It’s pathogenic and can harm your health. That’s because the bacteria can easily contaminate your snack while you’re in the middle of the business. But if entertaining yourself by watching while sited backward on your bowl pooping is a great idea, just do it. It’s no big deal!

The Normal Sitting Position

It is common for people to sit on a toilet seat comfortably, similar to how they would sit in a chair. It’s typically a 90-degree sitting angle where your hips are bent at an angle respectful to your upper parts of the body. But according to health experts, sitting in that position is very dangerous!

It disrupts the movement of your intestines and basically seals them off. As a result, you are putting pressure on your bowels. Watch the video below to learn the right sitting position while using the toilet.

Also, many people slouch down by leaning forward while they poop. They believe that doing that will cause their intestines to work harder. Many believe that by moving their bodies forwards, they exert more pressure and force on their bowels, resulting in better excretion.

But what happens when you bend forward is actually the opposite, as it can cause blockage of your intestines.

The Ideal Sitting Position

The ideal sitting position does not cause one to be squeezed and allows the stool to pass smoothly. It’s basically referred to as the 35-degree squat poison. It is also commonly known as the “Indian sitting position”.

Is Sitting On Your Toilet Backward A Good Idea? If Yes, The Question Remains Why?

If you sit on the toilet seat, you may think you are comfortable. However, if you place your upper legs and knees at an angle of 90 degrees to the abdomen, you’ll pinch your rectal canal, making the bowel movement difficult.

Squatting brings your knees near your abdomen. It helps to relax your sphincter and positions your muscles and organs to function more efficiently. It helps you become more comfortable by positioning your body so that the force of your breathing will be applied to your body to cause the air you are breathing to enter your body. It improves evacuation efficiency.

Is Sitting On Your Toilet Backward A Good Idea? If Yes, The Question Remains Why?

If your toilet features the west design, you may not be able to get them reconstructed. Perhaps it may be necessary to use a squat stool. You’ll then need to place it in front of the toilet bowl. That way, you’ll have an excellent hip angle of 35 degrees. This will help you to sit comfortably and not have any pains or disorders linked to western commodes.


What position causes you to poop faster?

Sitting down and bending your knees slightly forward and spreading your legs slightly apart while you poop is probably the most effective and natural way to empty your bladder.

Do I need to push myself to go to the bathroom?

If you feel that you need to poop, head straight to your bathroom and answer the call without neglecting. You can then sit down on the bowl and relax. Don’t immediately force the poop out of your body by pushing it out.

Is it possible to poop while standing?

Doing the business when standing makes it difficult to control where your poop should go precisely. You don’t want to see your poop landing on the floor or ruining your clothing. It’s disgusting!

Final Thoughts

Pooping while sitting backward on your toilet bowl seems unhygienic. That’s regardless of the fun of watching Netflix while executing your business on the bowl. Moreover, you can easily contract E. coli bacteria and complain later of gut problems. You don’t want that to happen! It’s best if you practice the ideal toilet sitting position while pooping as it facilitates relaxation of your sphincter and positions your muscles to function more efficiently.

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