Has Kirkland Toilet Paper Changed?

Due to higher demand, Kirkland toilet paper changed slightly to meet the demand curve. The sheets contained in each Kirkland toilet paper roll decreased slightly. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many toilet paper consumers have become more adventurous in their cleaning and buying habits. Many stores had shortages of items such as disinfectants, bleach, and toilet paper. On the other hand, the demand curve for paper towels started to increase significantly.

Therefore, it led big retail chains such as Costco to change the contents and packaging of their products to accommodate the high demand for toilet paper. Retailers were constantly being asked to supply more paper towels, so they decided to reduce the number of sheets in their paper towels from 160 to 140.

Kirkland Toilet Paper Changed?
Notice for Kirkland toilet paper change

According to Yahoo’s reporting, a message posted to Instagram by @CostcoAndCouponing authenticated the change made to Kirkland toilet paper. It said, “Due to industry-wide demand for paper towels, we have reduced the number of sheets per roll from 160 to 140 in order to provide better supply to our members. The Product quality, sheet size, and price remain the same.”

There is no reason to be worried about a price hike, as size, quality, and price are the same. Customers will not notice the changes, but it is better than having a shortage of paper towels and having empty shelves at the stores due to the pandemic of 2020.

Clearwater delivered more toilet paper to Costco in 2020 than it shipped in the whole previous year. Perhaps, that’s clear evidence that Clearwater supplies Costco with regular supplies of Kirkland toilet paper.

Kirkland VS Charmin Toilet Paper

Many people prefer brands like Charmin and Kirkland Signature because they are known for their usability, overall comfort, and durability. Kirkland toilet paper is thinner than Charmin, and the latter costs less than Charmin. Choosing between Kirkland and Charmin toilet paper shouldn’t stress you a lot! These toilet paper brands are both excellent!


What is the brand name for Kirkland toilet paper?

The brand name is Kirkland Signature (Costco).

Where is Kirkland toilet paper made?

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissues are made in Canada, so they support Canadians. Many brands are familiar in the world of toilet paper, but none are as universal as Kirkland. Kirkland toilet paper is soft and inexpensive and is widely used in homes and business bathrooms across Canada, thanks to Costco.

Does Cost still limit toilet paper?

Like most big box stores, Costco had restrictions on how much toilet paper and other essentials customers could buy. But, finally, the warehouse is reversing those rules. These are just some of the products you’ll anticipate seeing more at Costco when you visit them on your next trip.


Costco claims that the change that has taken place is temporary due to the increased demand for toilet paper towels. Costco has increased the number of units sold to its customers and has increased the amount of stock they have on hand so that customers can find the product at their local stores.

Costco does not want to guarantee that they didn’t increase their price per sheet for the customers, but they will try to return to the 160 sheets per roll price sooner.

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