Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs. Members Mark Toilet Paper

This article provides a clear comparison of Kirkland toilet paper vs. Members Mark toilet Paper. The primary reason is that it can be tough to pick out the right product when it comes to these two popular toilet paper brands.

Of course, everyone wants toilet paper that’s comfortable to use. And not to forget, nobody wants toilet paper that’s beyond their budget. If you’re searching for a quality product from reputable and well-known brands, we’ve brought you this detailed comparison of Kirkland toilet paper vs. Members Mark toilet paper to make things a breeze for you. So, read on!

Kirkland Toilet Paper

Costco sells billions of Kirkland toilet paper rolls every year, so it makes sense to keep the manufacturer secret. The local Costco branch at your home gets its toilet paper supply from the closest manufacturer. Toilet paper manufacturers include   Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, Clearwater Paper Corporation, and Gamble and Proctor.

Anyways, even if the manufacturer is unidentified, the most important aspect to consider before buying something like toilet paper is its advantages and disadvantages.

Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs. Members Mark Toilet Paper
Kirkland toilet paper

Pros of Kirkland Toilet Paper

  • Easy to use
  • Septic-safe
  • Easily available at Costco stores
  • Has a good absorbency, thickness, and softness
  • Excellent strength in a dry state
  • Sturdy regardless of whether they become wet
  • They have a pleasant appearance
  • Offer optimum comfort to the user
  • Cost-efficient and good-value product

Cons of Kirkland Toilet Paper

  • Appears thinner than its other competing products
  • Low dissolvability
  • It’s easy to separate plies

Members Mark Toilet Paper

Many consumers wonder about who manufactures Members Mark toilet paper because Sam Clubs’ Members Mark toilet paper top up 20% of the inventory of the club. The manufacturer of Kirkland products is not yet disclosed. Sam’s Club said that they manufacture the items that they vend and collaborate with Walmart to produce the products that they sell. Regardless of who is responsible, buyers just want to know the advantages  and disadvantages of the product.

Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs. Members Mark Toilet Paper
Members Mark toilet paper

Pros of Members Mark Toilet Paper

  • It’s septic safe
  • It’s absorbent and soft
  • Sturdy and strong toilet paper
  • Durable toilet paper
  • Wonderfully thick
  • Has a Charmin appearance

Cons of Members Mark Toilet Paper

  • It’s a little expensive
  • Maybe linty (However, the manufacturer is working on sorting out the issue)

Members Mark Toilet Paper Vs. Kirkland Toilet Paper

Here is a quick comparison of the two toilet paper brands head to head:

 Members Mark Toilet PaperKirkland Toilet Paper
Price$1.72 per one thousand sheets$1.25 per one thousand sheets
Strength when dryMediumMedium
Strength in a wet stateMediumMedium
Perforation strengthMediumLow

Members Mark toilet paper wins in the first round of comparison between the Kirkland toilet paper vs. Members Mark toilet paper.

Outstanding Features Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs. Members Mark Toilet Paper

Kirkland offers two-ply toilet paper, which looks good while still performing well. It is average in terms of thickness, strength, and absorbency. But this does not mean it won’t work well; it just means that the products are not as good as some other toilet paper brands. Although it doesn’t look spectacular, this product is a great value for its inexpensive price.

The texture and feel of Members Mark’s toilet paper seem strong yet soft. Featuring highly absorbent properties and its two-ply structure, it can absorb moisture even during the messiest of situations. Its aesthetic is impressive, as its abstract floral print exudes a luxurious vibe.

Here is how the two toilet paper brands compare in terms of cost, savings, and accessibility:

Cost and Savings

To compare different products and prices, it’s best to calculate the amount a single family member can afford to spend on each brand. It’s a rough estimate based on a household of four: an adult male, a male child, and a female child. This family of four uses approximately 60,000 sheets a year. Here’s the breakdown for a typical family of four.

Members Mark – $103 Annually

Kirkland – $75 Annually

Perhaps, you will end up saving $28 by choosing to use Kirkland toilet paper.


It is great to know whether you can purchase the toilet paper easily and if the toilet paper is easily accessible. Everyone wants convenience, and being able to buy things conveniently is important. You can buy Members Mark toilet paper at Sam’s Club or buy it online by doing this:

  • You can ask someone who is a friend of yours or friends who are members of your club to purchase Members Mark toilet paper for you.
  • Sam’s Club allows and welcomes non-members to purchase toilet paper during open house events. It’s important to purchase in bulk.
  • You can always purchase Members Mark toilet paper in online shopping stores. It would be best to download an app that assists you in comparing the different prices at the stores to get the most appropriate deal.
  • Sam’s Club members get a free day of admission, but if you’re a non-member, you’ll pay a 10% surcharge. But it’s worth it since you get plenty of toilet paper for your money.

You can purchase Kirkland toilet paper from Costco online.

The Pros and Cons Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs. Members Mark Toilet paper

To save you the trouble of navigating to a different site, we’ve compiled both pros and cons of Kirkland toilet paper just for you:

FAQs About Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs. Members Mark Toilet Paper

Are member marks as good as Kirkland’s?

These two toilet paper rolls seem quite similar, and surely their value bid is the same. Buy large quantities of the toilet paper brands you like from different stores at the same time and get a better price by buying in bulk.

Shop at Sam’s club or Costco?

Costco offers better prices than Sam’s Club. However, Sam’s Club offers a larger selection of name-brand commodities and has a less expensive membership fee.

Does Costco vend Member’s Marks?

Most stores in the country have private labels for some merchandise like Kirkland Signature found at Costco, and Sam’s Club has Member’s Mark found at Sam’s Club. Some of those brand name items are less expensive than name brands, and we have found that Costco has a much wider selection of those less expensive private label items.

Final Thoughts

This comparison of Members Mark vs. Kirkland toilet paper serves as an important reference point to help you decide what you need to buy. If you have limited funds, buying Kirkland toilet paper will not disappoint you because it’s inexpensive while still doing its job. However, if you will afford to pay a bit more for your toilet paper, it’s a great idea to get some of the nicer toilet paper from Members Mark for a great experience.

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