My Girlfriend Smells Like Poop: What Could Be the Cause?

If you notice that your girlfriend smells like poop, you have every right to be worried. It’s not a desirable or normal smell for your girlfriend to be experiencing, but sometimes it does happen. Moreover, having a poop smell can be embarrassing and distressing. If your girlfriend smells like poop, you may wonder why and want to find out some possible answers before going to her OB-GYN. So, read through this article to be informed.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Smells Like Poop

Even though it is not a common smell, it may happen — especially after parturition. Sometimes, some blood vessels or muscles are damaged in the rectum, which causes it to leak and cause your girlfriend to think that the foul smell comes from her vag.

Also, there might be a probability that it could be an infection, or she may have forgotten her tampon. A chronic infection can begin to decay and smell very pungently like poop. The most common infection that may cause a poop smell is gonorrhea.

If your girlfriend has gonorrhea, she will experience embarrassing symptoms, like having her vag smell like poop. However, she will also suffer from some long-term consequences. Gonorrhea disease is often caused by a condition known as (PID) Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It happens as a result of scar tissue developing in the womb after suffering from an STD, making it hard for her to become pregnant in the future. When you feel like your girlfriend smell like poop, this may be the culprit.

Another possible reason why your girlfriend smells like poop is that there is poop in their vaginal cavity. Bad hygiene practices can cause a transfer of fluids into the vaginal tract. Therefore, women are advised to clean their private parts from the front to the back. This will help to avoid transferring poop to the vag canal. What’s more, it helps to eliminate E. coli bacteria present in poop from causing UTI infections or bacterial vaginitis.

If your girlfriend gets infected with bacterial vaginitis, bad bacteria hold sway over the good bacteria that live in the vag area. Lactobacilli in the vag area can produce lactic acid that keeps the vagpH low. When this bacterium is out of balance, it can cause severe health issues. Sometimes a strong poop smell may result from such a simple thing as a bacterial imbalance. However, sometimes the problem can be a little more complex.

How To Eliminate Poop Smell from Your Vag

So, how will you make it out of this embarrassing situation? If you Google things about this subject, you may find that the world is very dark. Plenty of bad advice and message boards may lead you to many suggestions that include crystal healing, essential oils, and many other accouterments recommending that you ought to hold in your vag while steaming your bum and eating mushroom powder. But in a word, please don’t!

Your vag is precious. Talk to an expert about what may happen if you mess with the magic. It is possible to help maintain a healthy flora by using a supplement like Pro-B. It contains probiotics that are similar to the good bacteria which are naturally present in the vaginal area. You may also use supplements that help to acidify the vag itself. For instance, RepHresh, a non-prescription vaginal gel, may be inserted into the follicle every 2 to 3 days to help maintain a good vagpH.

My Girlfriend Smells Like Poop

These products may help, but it’s always wise to talk with a doctor before using any over-the-counter treatments that may affect your health. If the poop smell persists, the doctor may do an additional test and examination to find a treatment plan that will get your vag-pH back to normal.


Women’s Vs. Men’s poop. Which smells worse?

Men, in my experience, are more likely to think that their bowel movements are normal, whereas women are more likely to complain about boating, gas, and foul-smelling stool. When it comes to deciding who has better poop, it really is a toss-up.

What’s the taste of poop?

Human poop tastes bitter because it contains bile secreted by the liver. Food crumbs that are hidden inside poop are tasteless.

Female or male, who visits the bathroom more?

Women are more likely to have unusual bowel habits and experience constipation than men. This is why women spend more time or visit the restroom more frequently than men.

Wrap Up

The issue of smelling like poop is not something that you can self-diagnose. It is essential to see your doctor and get a full examination to determine exactly what is causing your girlfriend to smell like poop and how it may be treated.

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