Noise Through Wall When Toilet Flushes-Causes and Fixes

Today, one of the most problematic issues is noise through the wall when the toilet flushes. Although it’s not as influential as other problems, solving it- will increase your quality of life. So let’s examine why it happens and how we can solve it.

As a general rule, if you experience a vibrating sound or any sound that goes through the wall, it has some issues regarding the fill valve. To fix it, consulting a professional is the wisest choice. Yet, if you’re eager to solve it yourself, you need to install a water hammer to fix the issues relating to the fill valve.

Yet, there’s more to say. Knowing that may solve your problem. However, if it doesn’t, you may experience more issues than you initially thought. For that reason, this article will demonstrate many causes of some common problems regarding toilet flushes.

Moreover, I’ll present some fixes to these problems. However, before moving on, I must mention that consulting a professional is superior to any other solution I may offer. For example, I’ve recently had some issues with my toilet, and I didn’t hesitate to consult a professional.

Noise through the wall when the toilet flushes

Many typical problems’ effect is loud noise through walls. Thus we can say that many causes may result in such an effect. Because of that, you must understand that the common fix may not solve all issues that result in noise through walls.

If you experience noise through the wall when the toilet flushes, there’s often a problem with the fill valve. Consequently, replacing it should be the first step one takes to resolve the noise. Thus consulting a professional should be your second step.

replacing fill valve
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If you have enough experience to replace the fill valve, you can tackle the problem yourself. Yet, professionals encounter such issues daily, so they’re more than capable of solving such issues.

Moreover, another issue will be installing a water hammer in your system. For such installation, one must have plenty of experience in the field. So, again, it’ll be best to consult a professional to install such a feature in your system.

Note that some systems come settled with such a system. As a result, you wouldn’t be able to install it over. Hence the immediate solution you should follow is replacing or fixing the fill valve.

The following video demonstrates this action as many struggles doing it. However, by following it- you’ll become capable of doing it yourself. And still, hiring a professional is the wisest choice one can make.

When I flush the toilet, I hear the pipes make a loud noise.

A common problem amongst toilet owners is hearing the pipes make a loud noise when flushing the toilet. Consequently, one may think that there’s a problem in the system. Well, that’s partially accurate.

If you flush the toilet and hear a loud noise from the pipes, there may be a problem with the fill valve. When you press the flush button, pressure flows in the pipes until the valve stops the flow. Later, it causes a loud noise in the system. The fix is the replacement of the fill valve.

Such noise can be commonly associated with issues in the fill valve. Yet, various noises may indicate different problems. Therefore, let’s examine another issue that may cause a loud noise in the pipes.

It only makes sense that the pipes causing a loud noise may indicate a problem with the pipes themselves. You should check carefully that the issue is in the fill valve itself before replacing it. If you return it and it doesn’t solve the problem, consider checking the inner or outer pipes.

To fix broken pipes, one must consult professionals since it’s as challenging as the more complex fixes in the water-system world. First, however, consider watching the following video if you’re eager to continue.

Is it normal for pipes to make noise?

Today, many people experience various problems regarding noise in their bathrooms. For that reason, it’s typical for them to think that there’s a problem involved yet, while it’s completely normal and doesn’t require any fix whatsoever.

It’s normal for your pipes to make noise since all water systems, including water and valves, will make some noise. There’s the pressure that increases and decreases every time a change in direction happens, and therefore it causes such loud noise, which is valid.

Yet, if you’re eager to decrease the noise created by such pressure changes, one can do so by consulting a professional. If you desire to do it yourself for any reason, the following video demonstrates how you can go on doing so.

Eventually, you may cause additional damage if you try and do it yourself. Thus, I encourage you to consider consulting a professional since you may not be familiar with pipe fixing and the handling ins and outs. For that reason, this entire realm is suitable for people with plenty of daily experience.

How do I make my toilet flush quieter?

Some may desire to silence their flush toilet sound since it makes plenty of noise, which may disturb them or others. In that case, there’s a primary way one should go about it to try and decrease the sound. So, what is it caused by?

You can make your toilet flush quieter by installing various parts, which pursuit is to lower the pressure changes inside the pipes. As a result, the decreased shift in pressure will reduce the overall noise caused by the flush. For example, a water hammer will do the job perfectly.

Loud noises from your toilet can be caused by broken parts in the bathroom itself, for instance, the fill valve. However, the cause that makes more sense is the water system not being suitable for the current situation.

Well, that sound incredibly general. Okay, let me explain.

There are drastic changes in water pressure in your inner and outer pipes, which may cause loud noises. Although that’s the case, fixing it may require you to buy additional parts, such as a water hammer, which should fix the problem. To do so, I’ll include the following video that demonstrates our matter perfectly.

Eventually, every toilet makes sounds. Because of that, ensure you’re not taking any unwise steps- that may cause additional damage. Hence I encourage you to consult professionals before taking any steps toward changing your water pressure or pipes system.

Final words

Eventually, one minor flaw causes most toilet issues. Yet, they create a whole world of trouble behind them. Unfortunately, fixing them isn’t as challenging as one may think.

Nonetheless, consulting a professional is the next step for anyone, even with plenty of knowledge on our matter. Professionals do this on a daily basis, so they have the experience to back up their knowledge. Therefore, they’re better at fixing toilet problems than 99.99% of people.

Mainly, the fill valve causes a lot of trouble when talking about noise through walls. However, fixing it doesn’t require plenty of knowledge or experience. All you must do is check to see its condition. If it’s cracked (broken), consider replacing it. If it’s not, consult a professional to ensure you’re taking the correct steps.

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