One-Piece vs Two-Piece Toilet

When selecting a toilet, you should be aware that there are various types of toilet models. For example, what is the difference between one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets? Here’s the answer:

In a one-piece toilet, the tank and toilet interconnect, whereas, in a two-piece toilet, they are separate. One-piece toilets are more costly than two-piece toilets but still, they are preferred by the people due to their easy renovation and modeling.

Let us get started so I can help you find the best fit for your bathroom by the end of the article.

What Is a One-Piece Toilet?

one piece toilet

A one-piece toilet is what comes in one single unit, as the name suggests with no separation of bowl and tank. Therefore, they have more weight and are difficult to transport. They have a high-performance level, so if you’re planning to invest in it, it’ll be worth it!

I can’t deny that one-piece toilets are the new and modern version of toilets and they will look stunning in your bathroom.

A one-piece toilet has fewer moving parts, making it more dependable and stable.

Installing one-piece toilets in your bathroom will give it a sleek and appealing facelift. Also, since it is compact, it will fit perfectly even if you have a small bathroom.

However, it comes with a downside. If one part of the toilet is broken or damaged, you will have to replace the whole toilet as it is a single unit. 

Pros of One-Piece Toilet


The best thing is that a one-piece toilet can last for years. Because it doesn’t have a joining part, it is not much of a worry to maintain and repair. And with proper usage and routine upkeep, you can make the chances of damage even less.

new one-piece toilet
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Suitable for Children

Because there are no joints connecting the bowl and tank, there is no risk of children getting their hands trapped inside.

It is also compact in size, making it easier for children to use.


There are no joints, so there is nowhere for dirt to get trapped. And because there are fewer gaps, they are easier to clean. Furthermore, the debris does not build up in the cracks, resulting in a more sanitary toilet.

Cons of One-Piece Toilet


The cost of the one-piece toilets is a little high and will likely set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

The reason is that they are new in the market and people are unfamiliar with it, so it is something innovative and intriguing for them. Hence these reasons drive the price up.

Even the production costs of the one-piece toilets are higher.


Indeed, the toilet does not include a separate tank, but regardless, the installation is a tricky task. Due to the size and weight of a one-piece toilet, you might even need two people to help put it up.

What Is a Two-Piece Toilet?

two piece toilet

The two-piece toilet comes in two distinct pieces; the bowl with the water tank sitting on top. The two-piece toilet has the same performance level as the one-piece toilet. So, while it is convenient and reliable, it also has the advantage of being more adaptable!

The majority of people own a two-piece toilet, which is a popular and common type of toilet.

In contrast to the one-piece toilet, if one part of your toilet requires repair, you can have it done without replacing the entire two-piece toilet.

Pros of Two-Piece Toilet


Installing a two-piece toilet requires less potency and uncertainty. And even if you are a beginner, you can still seamlessly set it up.


The two-piece toilets are more affordable since they have straightforward production and people are familiar with the design. They will cost you half of what a one-piece toilet will.


Its durability is similar to that of a one-piece toilet. It can run well until you take proper care of it, which makes sense considering that the vast bulk of people has had two-piece toilets for many years.

Cons of Two-Piece Toilet

Large size

The drawback of its large size is that it takes up space, and especially if you plan to install it in a small bathroom, it will ruin its appearance and the floor plan.

two-piece toilet


As it has separate parts, there are many holes where there can be a lot of dirt and buildup. And it is hard to clean such spots resulting in unsanitary conditions. 


A two-piece toilet has a mold which can cause leakage since the tank separates from the bowl. And, of course, leakage can lead to more problems in the future.

Difference Between the One-Piece Toilet and Two-Piece Toilet

In a one-piece toilet, the tank emerges with the pedestal and bowl, all three components acting as one unit. However, in a two-piece toilet, the tank is a separate entity from the bowl and pedestal. Bowl and pedestal act as a single unit in both types of toilets. Hence, it is the tank’s position that makes the difference.

The key difference you need to know to make the decision of which toilet to buy is the physical construction of both types. Or, in other words, the manner in which they assemble.

To make things easier for you to understand. Every toilet has three main components; a pedestal, bowl, and tank. Pedestal refers to the foundation on which you build the toilet base.

Also, a one-piece toilet has a low profile size compared to a two-piece, and it is much heavier too. 

Which One Should You Pick? 

You might have chosen your toilet type by now after looking at the features of both the toilet types. If still not, I will help you out with it.

Going for a one-piece toilet is preferable because who wouldn’t want to have their bathroom renovated modernly and look all sleek? And besides that, it comes with so many pros and is long-lasting. Even if the price is high, you will not regret it because it is well worth the money.

However, if you install the toilet yourself, a two-piece toilet may go better for you. And at the end of the day, the decision will be based on what is best for you, and you are wise enough to make one.

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