Oval vs. Rectangular Sink- Which Is Better?

Choosing a bathroom sink can be a tricky job, especially as there are various styles to choose from. One question that must float in your mind is what shape of bathroom sink is best?

Both types have individual advantages and disadvantages. The oval sink offers a vintage look in your bathroom, whereas the rectangular sink is the more trendy one. On the other hand, both these sinks differ from each other in terms of maintenance, cabinet style, cost, and so on. 

Consider all the factors before committing to a bathroom sink. And this article will help you get enough knowledge regarding oval and rectangle sinks. 

Oval vs. Rectangular Sink: At A Glance

Before we go further into the subject, here is a brief comparison.

Comparison FactorsOval SinkRectangular Sink
Cabinet SpaceLessMore
Maintenance  EasyHard
Interior AreaLessMore

Oval vs. Rectangular Bathroom Sink: What Are the Differences?

These skin types are popular among people because of their distinctive styles. And you might be thinking, “what are the differences of oval sink and rectangle sink?” To decide which sink type is best for you, you need to understand these differences. 

Let’s look at the key differences between these two types of sinks.

1. Classical vs. Trendy Style

Oval sinks appear much more conventional, while rectangular sinks are considerably more trendy. This is one of the main stylistic distinctions between these two sink designs. So, what you need to examine here is your bathroom type.

Would you choose to stick with the dated style that was fashionable 20 years ago, or would you prefer to adopt a fresh, modern feel?

Simply put, a good old oval sink is generally what you want to keep if you want to preserve that vintage appeal, but a modern rectangular sink would undoubtedly fit better with a trendy design.

2. Sink Area Interior

Although oval sinks function pretty well, they don’t have a lot of inner space, particularly not enough flat bottom room for you to stand items upon. Rectangular sinks have a lot of interior areas thanks to their shape.

The idea behind this is similar to that of cars. Boxy and square-shaped cars have substantially more interior space than rounder cars.

Simply put, a rectangular sink offers a lot more interior area, which can be useful for various chores. Compared to an oval sink, the broad and deep sink bowl can frequently be big enough to convert your sink into a DIY baby bathtub.

3. Cabinets Near the Rim of the Sink

Depending on the particular sink you purchase, this point may or may not be valid. However, the reality remains that rectangular and square sinks typically give you a lot more storage capacity around the upper rim of the sink.

Broadly speaking, they have more storage space, which is useful for keeping all of your toothbrushes, moisturizers, and other fun things organized. Remember, though, that this does rely on the particular rectangle or oval sink you purchase.

4. Space Restrictions

Rectangular sinks indeed, as we have observed, tend to be larger, but that fact also implies that they occupy a significant amount more room. Compared to a standard oval sink, a rectangular sink may typically require up to twice as much room.

Therefore, an oval sink is definitely what you want if your bathroom is relatively small and you are constrained by space. On the other side, if you have a large bathroom, it could appear strange to install an oval sink there because it would be very small and out of place. 

5. Drainage 

Oval sinks provide superior drainage because of their rounded shape. All water freely flows in the direction of the metal and into the drain. 

This is not entirely accurate for rectangular sinks, as a result of which there may occasionally be water accumulation on the bottom or the edges.

This implies that you might frequently need to swish some toothpaste or more water down the drain using your hands. Though it’s not a huge deal-breaker, it is a factor to consider.

6. Cleaning

Due to the difficulty of cleaning the four corners of rectangular sinks, oval-shaped sinks are frequently simpler to clean than their rectangular rivals. 

That being said, this difference is insignificant because, to be honest, we don’t think it makes a big impact. However, an oval-shaped sink is simpler to clean, technically speaking.

7. Cost

The price is the last consideration in this situation. Oval sinks are available for incredibly inexpensive costs. Rectangular sinks can be found for reasonable prices as well; although broadly speaking, because of their elegance and larger size, they tend to cost far more.

Oval Sinks: Pros and Cons

close up photo of a oval sink

These sinks often come in platform or basin styles and have rounded edges in their design. Oval sinks can be combined with any style, even though they are frequently linked with drop-in sinks.

As we have already seen, oval sinks have a reputation for being a more “basic” sink style because they are more traditional. This is a safer design aesthetic if you don’t like to take chances.


  • Oval sinks fit with every style and color of countertop because of their minimalism.
  • They are also simple to match with practically any bathroom style thanks to their vintage design.
  • They conserve room because many of them are made to fit into confined locations.
  • They are simple to clean because there is nowhere for dirt to accumulate.
  • Since they are often deeper, they offer a lot of water depth.


  • Oval sinks are seen as traditional by some individuals and outdated by others.
  • They are not popular in contemporary design as they are not sleek.
  • They are not the best choice for large bathrooms due to their low size.

Regular oval sinks typically have a 16–20 inch width and an average water depth of 5-8 inches. They provide bathrooms a look similar to a traditional washbasin and make bathrooms seem more comfortable.

Rectangular Sinks: Pros and Cons

a modern Rectangular Sink

These sinks have squared corners. They don’t always have an identical depth, but they are the same width as the front-to-back dimension.

The square sink’s unique style is unquestionably a new idea that has recently become popular in the bathroom market. Modern designers frequently prefer rectangular sinks because of their simple lines.


  • They are quite trendy and will give your bathroom a modern look.
  • Since they are often shorter in height, there is more room for storage below.
  • In comparison to their oval counterparts, they offer more flat and large surfaces.
  • They can contain more water than oval sinks, which is advantageous for parents looking for a handy place to bathe their infants.


  • They occupy more space than an oval sink does, which makes a countertop that is smaller feel confined.
  • Rectangular sinks tend to have shallower depths, which increases the likelihood of water splashing. The smoother bottom surface can occasionally trap water, specifically in the corners or around the base of the basin.
  • Because the corners can collect dust and mold, they are more challenging to clean and maintain.

Oval Or Rectangular Bathroom Sinks: Which Should You choose?

The decision between oval and rectangular sinks usually comes down to three factors: aesthetics, bathroom space, and personal preference.

An oval bathroom sink is a preferable choice if your bathroom has a vintage look. But a rectangular sink is undoubtedly the most excellent option if you’re remodeling your bathroom to give it a sleek and modern appearance.

The amount of space in your bathroom is another factor to take into account. Choose an oval sink when looking for a bathroom sink for a limited space. In contrast, a rectangular sink is better suited for bathrooms that are larger.

Last but not least, if your bathroom contains a bathtub, pick the sink style that complements your tub for a more polished appearance!


Can a Rectangular Sink Replace an Oval Sink?

A rectangle sink may instantly modernize the entire design of your bathroom and raise the overall market value of your house.

But an oval sink’s counter cutout won’t likely accommodate the rectangular sink’s shape. As a result, it’s possible that you’ll need to work with a trustworthy and experienced welder on your home remodeling project.

Which bathroom sink form is perfect?

The most common and traditional shape for a bathroom sink is still oval. Sinks with a rectangular design will give the room a more trendy appearance. It all boils down to your preference as to what shape you select.


Thank you for reaching the end of this article. Ultimately, your own preferences should be the most important factor to bear in mind while selecting the best bathroom sink. 

Oval sink is a classic design that will suite a smaller bathroom, and quite easy to keep clean. Whereas, the rectangular sink offers a more trendy design but takes more space in a bathroom while making it difficult to clean thanks to their edged designs.

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