Is Peeing on Towels Normal for Teens?

Are you surprised your teen girl is peeing on towels of late and wondering what’s going on with her? Are you puzzled why she could pee on towels daily and yet the bathroom is just next door? Perhaps, your child is suffering from anxiety or has ADHD. So, what should you do? Scroll down to learn more about this awkward behavior among teens!

Is Peeing on Towels Normal?

It is pretty normal for some teens to pee on towels sometimes. Although kids are taught to go to the restroom when they need to let themselves off the hook, sometimes teens just feel lazy and don’t like having to leave their spot. Besides peeing on towels, some teens use a small bottle or a jug to relieve their bladder. It’s funny, but it happens.

However, it’s not good behavior as you’ll need to wash the towels endlessly, which is tiresome! It would be easier to use a disposable jug or bottle that you can throw away after use. If you discover your little one peeing on towels frequently, you ought to find out the real cause of the problem and address it before its too late!

What To Do If Your Child Is Peeing on Towels

Here are a few ways to address the issue of teens peeing on towels:

1. Talk to Her Nicely to Understand Why She is Peeing on Towels

If it isn’t something medical or psychological, you need to be careful when addressing your child. It could be that she was bullied at school or that she doesn’t like the way she looks. So, you have to be very careful with how you approach the subject.

It is critical not to lead your child when asking her questions. Please don’t say things like; “I think someone touched you, tell me what happened.” Instead, ask her this; “Did anyone touch my honey? It is okay to tell me about it? I promise you that it shall be fine. So please tell me, what did they do to you?”

That is going to make her open up. Or, if she doesn’t get to talk, ask her other questions. For example, “Is there anything bothering you, darling? What would you like me to know? Do you want to go to school? Or maybe stay at home? Or, did you know why you dumped some water on the bed?”

Suppose she decides to tell lies about it; that’s completely normal! It’s perfectly normal for teens to be embarrassed. But it would be best if you didn’t mock her off for peeing on towels. That may cause more trouble, and she will barely speak!

2. Buy Your Child a Bedside Commode

Be cheerful and not insulting, but offer to buy a bedside commode chair to keep in her room, which she would be in charge of emptying and cleaning each morning. This does not have to come across as embarrassing or a punishment, but as a way to keep the towels clean and for her convenience. If she is having a friend over, she can store it in another place beforehand.

3. Medications

If your child has ADHD symptoms, then there are several kinds of medications that can assist them in managing certain behaviors that cause difficulty with friends and family.

ADHD can be treated in many ways, including:

  • Non stimulants: Nonstimulants can help to treat ADHD symptoms. However, this type of medication is not as fast as using stimulants. Non-stimulants take at least 24 hours before manifesting their effect on ADHD symptoms.
  • Stimulants: ADHD stimulants are some of the most well-known and widely used medications. Approximately 70-80% of kids with ADHD show minimal ADHD symptoms after using stimulants.

Children react differently to different medications, which can cause side effects like decreased appetite or difficulty sleeping. Some children may respond well to certain medications and poorly to others. Doctors who prescribe medications to children may have to try several doses and medications to determine which one is effective. However, doctors are recommended to monitor and revamp the medication dose carefully to get the best results for the patient.


Does peeing out of your house save water?

Every time you relieve yourself outside, you end up saving about 5 gallons which otherwise would’ve been flushed in your bowl. Moreover, your urine contains phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, and peeing outside provides nature with these minerals.

Is it right to pee in when taking a shower?

Of course, there’s no harm in peeing when taking a shower. In fact, you won’t require to flush your toilet hence saving more water. However, this might leave your bathroom smelling like pee, something you definitely want to avoid.

Do guys use toilet paper after they pee?

Some guys wipe their private parts with toilet paper after peeing, whereas others shake it off. However, cleansing your private part once you’re done reliving yourself is hygienic. It eliminates the case of having urine drops in your underwear and hence keep your underpants fresh. Furthermore, it would reduce cases of skin irritation, yeast infections, and bladder infections.

Wrapping Up

It may upset you if your child is peeing on towels, but that’s how it is sometimes. If she enjoys a fetish lifestyle, don’t try to make fun of it. Fascination is healthy. She might be embarrassed, but you don’t have to tell her off. Stay sensitive. Try to get your child some professional mental health care because if she keeps acting strangely, something else may be wrong with her.

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