Real Money Toilet Seat Models 

Who doesn’t want to sit comfortably on their toilet seat? Well, you can now get a real money toilet seat model that matches your bathroom décor just the way you want it. Most homeowners today don’t like having a dull toilet. And yes, your toilet should be a centerpiece in your home. Besides, a toilet seat is the most seen part of your bathroom. So, why not invest in something that inspires your ego? 

Who Needs a Real Money Toilet Seat?

A toilet seat is a very crucial part of a toilet unit. Remember, once in the bathroom, you spend 99 % of your time sitting on the toilet seat. Therefore, a toilet seat is a big deal. If you need more comfort while using your toilet, then consider buying a money toilet seat that fits your toilet bowl. 

Also, having a colorful toilet seat that matches your bathroom décor is a big plus. A money toilet seat gives your bathroom an extra stylish look, and who won’t be excited to sit on a real dollar luxurious thrown?

Best Money Toilet Seats On the Market

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#1. Best Overall: Real U.S. Dollars & Coins Money Lucite Resin Toilet SEAT, Standard Round

This money toilet seat is a top-quality product that you won’t regret spending your cash on. It’s covered with real quarters, real dollars, real nickels, and real dimes. This feature explains why it’s a little more costly than comparable money toilet seats on the market.

This toilet seat is a real deal when set side-by-side to rivals that use fake money to manufacture their toilet seats. You can easily see real money on the heavy-duty seat manufactured in the United States. Designed to last long, the Real U.S. Dollars & Coins Money Lucite Resin Toilet SEAT is a standard rounded designed money toilet seat. It comes with assembled measurements of 14.5 inches × 16 inches.

Outstanding Features

  • Hard money toilet seat with its hinges made of chrome
  • Made of real quarters, real dollars, real nickels, and real dimes
  • A little heavier compared to its imported imitations
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Round in shape


If you want to sit on a glittering attractive thrown, then REAL U.S. PENNIES COINS MONEY LUCITE RESIN TOILET SEAT is your ultimate choice. This seat gives your bathroom a shiny appearance, and it’s available in both rounded and elongated versions.

It is manufactured in the United States and features chrome hinges. It’s a heavy money toilet seat that provides long-lasting service. Made up with Lucite resin, it is easy to see the new shiny pennies. The round shape model measures 14 inches × 16, while an elongated model measures 14.5 inches × 18 inches. 

Outstanding Features

  • This money toilet seat is made up of real new shiny U.s Pennies
  • It gives a glittering appearance to your bathroom
  • Its hinges are made of chrome
  • It is manufactured in the USA
  • Both elongated and rounded options are available

#3. Best Value: Daniel’s Bath & Beyond Polyresin Round Toilet Seat

Daniel’s Bath & Beyond Polyresin Round Toilet Seat comprises a clear resin material. It is a rounded money toilet seat with coins and dollars. Although its coins imitate real money, it has a legit dollar on its lid.

The good news is that the money toilet seat is made up of heavy solid material, and it’s a good quality toilet seat to buy. Besides its affordable price, Daniel’s Bath & Beyond Polyresin Round Toilet Seat is highly durable and weighs 7 pounds with dimensions of 17 inches × 14 inches × 12 inches. Overall, this money toilet seat is designed to last for a long time.

Outstanding Features

  • It is rounded in shape
  • Made up of heavy solid resin material
  • Covered with a real dollar and fake coins
  • It weighs 7 pounds 
  • Has dimensions of 17 × 14 × 12 inches 

Buyer’s Guide for Real Money Toilet Seats

Picking the best real money toilet seat can be confusing since many styles are available for sale. Whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom, you can get the perfect real money toilet seat for your toilet.

This guide outlines the factors to consider before making your buying decision. Without further ado, let’s find out!

Fake V.S. Real Money Toilet Seat

Before making your decision, you need to evaluate if the money inserted in the toilet seat is fake or real. You’ll want to buy a toilet seat made with real money to raise your bathroom’s value.

However, there are toilet seats embedded with imitations of real money. So, it’s better to be keen. Toilet seat designs with real embedded money are costly to buy, but most of them are worth spending the money on. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Real Money Toilet Seats

Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a real money toilet seat for your bathroom:

1. Material

When you talk about the material, it is not only about the toilet seat but the hardware as well. The material composition of your toilet seat matters a lot as it determines the durability of the toilet seat. Consider picking a money toilet seat whose hinges are made of chrome and have strong rust-free bolts. You don’t want to invest your dollars buying a money toilet seat that would break tomorrow – it’s heartbreaking!

2. Shape

Well, the most crucial factor to take note of is its shape. You don’t want to buy a money toilet seat that does not fit your toilet bowl. Be keen to identify the shape of your toilet before going out to shop. It is better to take your toilet bowl measurements before choosing the ideal money toilet seat. It all depends on whether your toilet is elongated or rounded. So, pick wisely!

3. Installation

Once you have identified which shape fits your toilet bowl, consider the installation process. Is it easy, or does it require some little help from a professional? You don’t want to struggle all day interchanging multiple bolts and nuts to fix the toilet seat. It’s tedious and time-consuming. Also, bending down while installing a toilet seat can be energy-sapping. So, pick a money toilet seat that is simple and easy to install.

4. Durability

Durability is an important aspect of picking the best money toilet seat. You don’t want a weak or rigid toilet seat. Check a toilet seat that will serve you for a longer time. However, this should not be a big problem since the options we have reviewed here are known to stand the test of time.

5. Price

Last but not least, it is better to pick a pocket-friendly money toilet seat. But if you have the dollars, why not spend on something that makes you happy? Real money toilet seats are always worth the extra cash!

Always budget well before going for a money toilet seat that suits your bathroom décor. If you want a budget-friendly money toilet seat, you’ll want to consider choosing the Daniel’s Bath & Beyond Polyresin Round Toilet Seat. Besides being pocket-friendly, it’s heavy, sturdy, and durable.

Tips To Measure a Toilet Bowl

You may wonder how you’ll appropriately measure your toilet bowl. If you aren’t sure, here are tips to follow to get the correct measurements of your toilet seat.

  • Grab your tape measure
  • Navigate holes on the bowl at the point where you’ll bolt your seat
  • Starting from the middle of the two holes, directly take the measurements down the center of the bowl towards its front.

It’s that simple. Armed with the correct measurements, you should be ready to pick the ideal money toilet seat for your bathroom.

Wrap Up

Your toilet seat can make your bathroom experience pleasant, and fulfilling Take some ample time to think about what is best for your bathroom and pick a no-fuss money toilet seat that functions seamlessly.

We recommend checking the Real U.S. Dollars & Coins Money Lucite Resin Toilet SEAT, Standard Round. It is durable and has real money around its entire surface. 

But if this doesn’t meet your budget, consider choosing REAL U.S. PENNIES COINS MONEY LUCITE RESIN TOILET SEAT. Besides the glittering look and affordability, its available in both elongated and rounded designs.  

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