9 Shower Curtain Alternatives

Shower curtains are quite boring and out of date, aren’t they? Well, it is also true that shower curtains can be made of various materials or patterns, but they all belong under the umbrella term “shower curtains.” Don’t worry, though! I’ve got a lot of interesting alternatives for you. 

A sliding door, pivot door, wooden screen, shimmering screen, blinds, hanging plants, and a plethora of other options are available as alternatives to shower curtains. But each of these options has a different cost and set of requirements, so make a well-informed choice.

Let’s talk about the shower curtain alternatives so you can have glitzy bathrooms!

Why Should You Choose an Alternative to a Shower Curtain?

Shower curtains have unquestionably been a perfect option ever since. But, let’s be honest, if you want to have an exquisite and stylish-looking bathroom, shower curtains will utterly mess up the aesthetic because they give off those old-school vibes, so it’s preferable to go for an alternative to the shower curtain.  

Having shower curtains necessitates their upkeep. Imagine how exhausting it would be for you to work all day and then return home to scrub those filthy shower curtains. Ugh!

Moreover, the time it takes to air dry is worrisome because what if you want to shower during that period and you end up splashing water all over the bathroom floor?

Making the switch to an alternative can be both easier and more advanced because it will be a long-term investment as opposed to shower curtains, which you will need to replace every once in a while.

And on top of that, consider how those alternatives will bring a feel of elegance to your bathroom and enhance its overall ambiance.

9 Shower Curtain Alternatives to Beautify Your Bathroom

#1 Sliding Door 

The sliding door was clearly the first thing I had to discuss because if you could just picture how lush it’d look in your bathroom, you would soon have one installed!

While shower sliding doors are visually stunning and give your bathroom a stylish modern feel, they also make your bathroom appear spacious.

Even though the sliding doors are pricey, they are worthwhile because they just require a single investment. The best part is that its upkeep won’t even cost you anything.

The sliding door may require regular cleaning because of the possibility of scum buildup brought on by hard water, but this is not a laborious task like washing shower curtains.

A sliding door will assist keep steam in the shower and away from mirrors and other surfaces.

#2 Pivot Door 

If you do not want to go with a sliding door, a pivot door is an option. It will play the same role as a sliding door. The only difference is that the door will swing open rather than slide open.

Although these doors can be found in both plastic and glass, glass doors are more common and provide a more natural feel as well as a more contemporary look.

A pivot door will look the finest if your bathroom has a walk-in shower.

You can even have them textured or frosted for privacy if you share a bathroom with another person.

The other features are all similar to sliding doors in that they are pricey, necessitate routine cleaning, and give the impression that the bathroom is spacious.

#3 Half Screen

The bathtub has a half-screen affixed to it that only partially covers the tub. It is a creative design that would add a nice touch to your bathroom.

Because it only covers half of the tub, there is a possibility of water spilling on the floor, although this is a rare occurrence and only if you’re taking a bath. Otherwise, since the screen is installed where the shower is positioned, you are safe to use it.

However, because it is made of glass, you must maintain it with care and clean it on a regular basis, just like a sliding or pivot door.

#4 Wooden Screen 

A wooden screen, which you might not often see in a home and is, therefore, a unique one, is a creative and amazing replacement for a shower curtain. And there is no disputing the fact that it looks stunning!

A wooden screen is a set of wooden frames that cover the whole area, leaving only the space needed to access the shower.

It provides your bathroom with a traditional and rustic appearance.

Even better, have your wooden screen fashioned from salvaged wood, which will look stylish and bring compliments to your bathroom.

#5 Blinds

Blinds are something that I believe would look great in any bathroom and would be a hit with everyone. It would give the impression of a lavish bathroom if you choose to go that route, and it may even set the tone for any ambiance you want to create in your bathroom.

Shower curtains can occasionally be inconvenient when they get in the way, such as when cleaning the bathroom. However, with blinds, you can easily roll them up while cleaning the bathroom.

If you have a stand-alone tub, you obviously wouldn’t want to cover that behind the shower curtains. In light of this, purchasing blinds and rolling them up while not using the bathtub is your best alternative.

You must, however, be mindful of their proper upkeep. Make sure they are dry because mold and bacteria could possibly grow on wet blinds.

#6 Glass Blocks

Glass blocks have been a popular choice in homes in the past, and it’s interesting to see them making a comeback.

Your bathroom’s entire shower area constructed of glass blocks would look fantastic and give you privacy because of their textured construction.

The best thing about glass is that you can have it in different colors or even printed, whether it’s a basic glass door or a set of glass blocks. But the truth is that nothing beats the elegance of a natural-looking glass that is translucent.

Because glass blocks are sturdy and watertight, you won’t have to put much effort into keeping them clean. Only a quick wash with soap and water is what is required to keep them clean.

#7 Framed Screen

If you don’t want a colored glass screen but still want some additional color to complement the style of your bathroom, a framed screen can be a fantastic solution for you. You can have a clear glass with a colored frame.

Even though framed screens are now somewhat out of date when compared to a modern bathroom, in the end, what matters is your preference.

It could even be a little challenging to clean the framed screen. But the nice part is that it is reasonably priced, so even if you are on a limited budget, you can have your bathroom renovated with a framed screen.

The frames will also cover the openings and improve insulation by keeping cold air from entering the shower area. This way, you can enjoy your hot showers.

#8 Bamboo Divider

You may have seen people using unique colors or patterns to theme their bathrooms. How about you take the initiative and go with a tropical theme? And bamboo shower dividers are all you need to accomplish the look.

Bamboo sticks are both environmentally friendly and waterproof, making them ideal for use in the standard shower area.

#9 Hanging Plants

Last but not least, hanging plants are an outstanding alternative.

In addition to purifying the air, it would provide a really peaceful ambiance in the bathroom.

It can serve as an excellent substitute for a shower curtain. Instead of splashing, it will direct water onto the plants, which is what they require to develop.

It’s a very innovative and gorgeous idea that’s also extremely reasonable. And the waterfall effect it will create when you have a shower will be captivating!

Can You Have an Open Shower Area in Your Bathroom?

If your bathroom is big enough to prevent water splashing too far and getting the rest of the room wet, then you can definitely have an open shower space. Likewise, if you don’t require any privacy and don’t share the bathroom.

In fact, open shower areas are becoming more trendy these days, and you can install bathroom tiles that are non-slip even when the floor is wet.


You shouldn’t put off turning your bathroom into a stylish one any longer now that you have so many different options!

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