Toilet Makes High Pitched Noise When Flushes — Causes and Fixes

Have you ever heard loud vibrations, rattling, or high-pitched sounds when you flush your toilet? Yes? There’s no denying that noticing such a sound after flushing is unsettling. Here’s why your toilet is making high-pitched noise when it flushes:

When you flush the toilet, high-pitched toilet noises are usually because of the opening of a ballcock valve. Since the valve is made up of metal, it produces sharp whistling sounds like sirens when flushing.

If you’re facing this problem, you have landed on the right page because I will guide you on identifying different types of sounds and their causes, along with the best possible ways to root out your problems. So that the next time you experience hearing the same sounds, you know what to do next. 

Let’s dive deep into the causes and solutions to these sounds and learn about them in detail. 

Different Sounds You Might Hear While Flushing Your Toilet

There are multiple types of sounds that people usually witness hearing. They range from short vibrations to a persistent hissing and the final bubbling or gurgling. First, I’ll describe the sounds so you can learn about them for future purposes. 

Vibrating Sounds

You are enjoying your time and relaxing out on the toilet. When you finish your business, you reach out to flush the toilet but suddenly feel vibrations in the connecting walls and the toilet itself! This sound indicates a problem with valves either; in the toilet tank or the connecting water pipe in the walls.

Persistent Hissing Sounds

It is okay for you to hear faint hissing sounds while flushing your toilet. But a continuous hissing sound can be a problem for you to solve immediately, or else it might cause severe damage to your water pipelines and toilet. 

Gurgling or Bubbling Sounds

While flushing a toilet, there is a possibility that you might hear water bubbling or gurgling abnormally. It might be because sometimes water and air pressure are not a good match and create huge problems. 

Why Does Your Toilet Make High-Pitched Noise When Flushing?

There are multiple reasons why your toilet makes high-pitched sounds after flushing it up. These may include a worn-off and dirty valve, water hammer, or even a broken float switch inside your toilet tank that can cause such alarming sounds. 

dirty fill valve

Dirty Valve

At times the problem is not as big as you think. Dirty valves are a common reason why your toilet makes weird whistle sounds. The valves get dirty and have debris and dirt stuck inside them, causing a Fog-horn whistling sound.

Water Hammer

Another common reason behind a noisy toilet is a water hammer. The change in the water direction or air pressure created in the pipeline causes it. It can provoke a big problem and damage your washer badly. 

adjusting float ball
Image from Simple Plumber

Broken Float Switch 

Sometimes a noisy toilet is followed by leaking toilet tanks. A broken or unadjusted float switch causes it. You are lucky if the float switch is adjusted correctly and not broken. For a broken switch, you need to get a new one before turning on the faucet. 

Do High-Pitched Sounds in Your Toilet Indicate Danger?

High-pitched sounds in your toilet do not indicate any danger. But if you feel that something is wrong with your toilet, a professional plumber can advise about what has gone wrong and suggest the best way for repair or replacement. 

There is no problem if the toilet tank fills up ordinarily and makes the sounds you expect to hear.

To fix your plumbing problems immediately, you first need to analyze and identify what the problem is. Is the sound only coming from the toilet or both the toilet and the surrounding walls and pipelines? Is the sound still audible if you turn off the primary faucet connecting to the toilet tank? 

If you are still unable to identify, you should call in a plumber who can check the whole pipelines and toilet and sort out your concern. 

How Can You Get Rid of Noisy Toilet Flush?

Here’s how to get rid of high-pitched noise when flushing the toilet:

  1. Take the toilet tank lid off
  2. Lift the fill valve float arm and check for vibrations.
  3. If there are no vibrations, the fill valve is the problem.
  4. Change the valve, and you are good to go.
  5. Flush the toilet and check for noise.

Once you have identified your sound, you know what is causing it, and you can learn how to fix it in one go!

To root out problems caused by dirty valves, you need to remove the valve and clean the dirt. Check for broken valves and change them if needed. 

You can avoid water hammers next time with simple measures. Turn off the water supply and split the ball valve to find a rubber washer. Replace it, and your problem is all sorted out!


At times things go out of your control. Call a professional plumber to solve your problems and avoid doing stuff you are not confident doing because you will end up worsening the situation that might cause massive damage at the end of the day. 

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