Toilet Paper Holder Left or Right

A toilet paper roll can be located virtually anywhere. The most unhygienic is on the floor next to the toilet or on top of the vanity unit. Virtually all bathrooms have a toilet roll holder, but does it make a difference which side the toilet roll holder is on?

As a general rule, a toilet paper holder should be on the left side. It’s easier for most people to use because 90% of people are right-handed. It allows you to reach for the toilet paper with your dominant hand. But, if there is no wall nearby, it should be placed on the nearest wall or fixture.

Today, I will cover why it’s easier for the toilet paper holder to be located on the left-hand side, the best place to put a toilet paper roll, and whether it’s a good idea for a toilet paper holder to be located on the wall behind a toilet.

Why a Toilet Paper Holder Should Be on the Left Not the Right

toilet paper holder on the left-hand side of the toilet

Because people go to the bathroom virtually every day most people don’t give much thought to it until it comes time to renovate or install a new bathroom. Therefore, it can be a bit of a tricky decision exactly where to put a toilet paper holder. 

The first consideration is whether it should be placed on the left-hand side or right-hand side of the toilet. A key principle of interior design and architecture is to make a room as easy to use as possible (source). In general, a toilet paper holder on the left-hand side of a toilet is the easiest to use.

The reason is it requires two hands to grab a piece of toilet paper. Whether you require only one or two sheets of toilet paper or require a lot. One hand or two hands pull out the toilet paper to the length you want. Then one hand holds the toilet paper roll in place, while the other hand pulls on it to tear it off.

Right-hand side – you’ll need to swap the hand the toilet paper is in

In general, you will want to end up with the piece of toilet paper in your right hand, because this is most people’s dominant hand, and the hand you will use to wipe something. Otherwise, you will need to transfer it from your left hand into your right hand after tearing it off.

Also, if the roll is located on the right-hand side, your left hand needs to reach much further to hold the toilet roll in place while you tear it off with your right hand. 

Reaching across your body with your right hand is typically far easier than with your left hand because your right hand and arm are far more coordinated.

If there is nowhere close to the toilet to install a toilet paper holder

toilet paper holder stand

The main consideration when placing a toilet paper holder is to put it in a place where it can be accessed while a person is sitting on the toilet. After going poop, there is the risk of droplets of poop falling on the floor, on your underwear, trousers, and shoes. 

Especially, if poop was on the runny side. Therefore, you want to be able to wipe while partially sitting on the toilet, or where you can squat with your butt over the toilet. 

Also, for females that sit down to pee, small droplets of urine can come out if you need to stand up and walk to grab a piece of toilet paper to wipe.

That way you can wipe with your butt over the toilet, and avoid any droplets of poop falling down before you’ve wiped them off.

The Best Place To Install a Toilet Paper Holder

Some bathrooms have a toilet positioned where a toilet paper holder can be installed on the wall on either side, the front, or the back of the toilet. Or, on a fixture such as the side of a shower, or a vanity unit. But, where’s the best place to install a toilet paper holder?

easy reach toilet paper holder

As a general rule, within easy reach from when you’re sitting on the toilet. But, also ideally on the left-hand side. It’s better to be within easy reach so you can wipe while remaining seated. Feces or urine can drop from a person’s body if they need to stand up and walk to get some toilet paper.

Particularly, if a person has diarrhea. When a person has diarrhea their feces are liquified. If they stand up to get some toilet paper, feces can drip down their leg. And not 100% of it will come off by wiping it with toilet paper.

What Height Should A Toilet Paper Roll Holder Be

A toilet paper roll holder is installed on a flat vertical surface such as a wall, or the side of a vanity unit. Because of this fact it can be installed at virtually any height. Here’s what height is best for a toilet paper roll holder.

In general, it should be installed at about 3 feet (1 meter). A toilet roll should be installed where it can be reached while a person is on the toilet. This allows them to wipe while sitting on the toilet, reducing the risk of feces or urine getting on the floor when they stand up.

ideal height of toilet paper holder

Oftentimes, there can be a spill in the bathroom, such as mouthwash, or liquid hand soap. Because toilet paper is close by it’s a good option for mopping up a lot of the excess and wiping it clean with a cloth. 

Therefore, having the toilet paper roll at a height where it can easily accessed from a standing position is also better. 

The good news is that a toilet paper holder that is installed where it’s easiest to access for a person sitting on a toilet is the same height that is easy to grab when standing up. And is at about waist height. 

Planning for the toilet roll to be easily accessed from a standing position is a good idea. It also makes it easier to change the roll when it runs out.

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