Toilet Smells Like Rotten Eggs When Flushed

If you have ever had the problem of your toilet smelling like rotten eggs when flushed, it can be very frustrating. However, the rotten egg or sulfur smell can be an indication of a quite serious problem. You should not ignore it nor delay fixing that, since it can lead to several issues that can be harmful to you.

The rotten smell that comes when the toilet is flushed occurs due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide. The constituents of sewer gas are primarily methane gas, ammonia, and carbon dioxide. It is an odorless gas. But the presence of hydrogen sulfide comes from the decomposition and breakdown of organic matter in the sewage. Excess of this gas results in the foul odor of rotten eggs while flushing the toilet.

There are several solutions to eliminate the smell of rotten eggs when the toilet is flushed. It is important to act immediately and not stall the solution. You can try to consult a professional to deal with the problem. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the drainage line will also be helpful. Make sure that there is no blockage or contamination in the water lines.

Causes Of Rotten Eggs Smell In The Toilet

There can be multiple reasons why you are getting the smell of rotten eggs after flushing your toilet. It is not only an unhygienic problem but also a frustrating situation to have to deal with. To find out the causes of this problem there are certain things that you should look for.

There are several causes for this issue. Some of the causes of the foul odor in the toilet are:

clogged drain pipe
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A Clogged Drain

One of the main reasons why you are getting the odor of rotten eggs in your toilet is because there is clogging in the drain pipes. The rotten smell will worsen if there are broken drain pipes or broken drain lines. To find out why your toilet has started to smell like rotten eggs, make sure to check for blockage or breakage in the drain pipes of the toilet.

Due to the clogged drain pipes, the drainage system gets affected badly. So, the waste materials do not get flushed out properly. As a result, the decomposition and breakdown of the waste materials that are stuck in the toilet create an excess amount of hydrogen sulfide gas in the toilet. As a result, the toilet gets the bad odor of rotten eggs.

Blockage Within Your Septic Tank

A blockage in the septic tank of your toilet can lead to the presence of a rotten egg smell in your toilet. A septic tank is an important addition to the drainage system of the toilet. It is an underground chamber made of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. Domestic wastewater flows through it for the regulation of sewage and drainage. Damage in this causes a foul odor.

A blocked septic tank results in a blocked sewage system. Meaning, that when the wastewater does not pass properly, the waste materials cause the emission of toxic gasses. As a result, when you flush your toilet, it creates a foul odor similar to the smell of rotten eggs. This clog can be within the toilet or other locations of the septic tank. The irregular drainage ultimately causes this issue.

damaged dry pipe

Damage In The Dry Tap

In the sewer system drains of our toilets, there is a “P” shaped drain pipe called the dry pipe. The dry pipe functions to keep sewer gas odor out of the toilet and your home. The dry pipe has a type of seal that ensures that the bad odor from the waste products does not reach the toilet. When the dry pipe is damaged or the seal gets damaged, then the foul odor spreads.

Due to breakage or damage in the dry pipe, the proper sewage does not happen. The dry pipe fails to function. As a result, due to the breakage in the seal, the toxic gasses can not be sealed back from reaching the toilet. Moreover, the damaged seal can let the sewer gasses flow into your toilet and create the smell of rotten eggs. This happens when the toilet is not used often.

How To Fix The Smell Of Rotten Eggs In The Toilet?

It is important to fix the issue of foul odor in the bathroom. If it is overlooked or not attended to immediately, the condition will only worsen. Ultimately, the bad odor of rotten eggs will reach your bedrooms and the whole house in general.

This is an extremely unhygienic environment to live in. Staying in such an unhealthy environment can cause a lot of health-related problems. So, to fix the problem, the steps that you can carry out are-

professional plumber fixing toilet drainage

Contacting Professionals

The best thing that you can do to eliminate the problem of bad smell in the toilet is to contact professionals. There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, the damaged drainage line will have water contaminated with dangerous bacteria. The bacteria-contaminated water, as well as the toxic sewer gas, is very dangerous to handle on your own. This should not be taken lightly.

Moreover, any faulty doing can result in further damage to the drainage system. This may lead to a worse situation. The clogged drain pipes may overflow and result in a complete mess in the house. It is a seriously unhygienic situation to deal with on your own. For this reason, it is immensely important that you contact professionals who have expertise in such situations.

The professional will clear the affected drainage system. He will also find the source of the smell and help you figure out other related issues that may be causing the said problem. Finally, a professional plumber can correct the problem effectively and efficiently. Therefore, there will be no risk of the situation becoming worse or faulty work happening in your toilet.

Regularly Checking And Maintaining Your Toilet

An important measure to take in action to make sure that your toilets don’t face the mentioned issue is to check on your toilet regularly. Make sure that the pipes, drainage system, and sewer lines don’t block up. For this reason, avoid flushing down materials that will block your drainage pipes. Often, preventing the root of the problem will make sure that you do not face the same problem.

You must also make sure that the fixtures in your bathroom are installed properly. There are many cases where the faulty fixtures result in blockage or further damage. This creates problems in sewerage and causes your bathrooms to smell like rotten eggs when you flush them. So, make sure that you are regularly checking for signs of wear or tear in the pipes, tanks, or drainage system.

When you ensure that there are no problems in the sewerage line, you can avoid the problem of your toilet being contaminated with toxic gasses. As a result, there will be no problem of foul smell in your toilet similar to that of rotten eggs. So, you can eliminate the issue at its core.


There are many reasons why your toilets may smell like rotten eggs. Make sure you take care of the issues at their core to avoid facing such problems. By knowing why your toilet smells like rotten eggs when flushed you can fix the problem effectively.

In conclusion, make sure you do not delay fixing the problem. The faster you treat it, the easier it will be to get rid of the issue.

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