What Are Shower Onions?

It’s very uncommon for there to be onions in the shower. So, it’s a bit confusing what they are, and what they do. In this article, I will explain what shower onions are.

Overall, shower onions are an internet meme that went viral. However, some people claim that putting sliced onions in the bathroom reduces bathroom odors. However, there are better ways to remove bathroom onion that won’t cause an unpleasant cut onion smell in your bathroom.

The details of the shower onion meme are rather funny. Below, I will go into detail about what the shower onions meme was, whether cut onions in the shower work and why it would make sense to have shower onions.

Why Shower Onions Became a Thing

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Shower onions is a meme that began when a person with a TikTok social media account – a Tiktoker – made a video parody about shower onions. The video went viral, and shower onions became a thing. Other, than that there is no such thing as shower onions. 

The situation for the shower onions meme was that a Tiktoker was pretending to be on a Tinder date, and in passing commented on how the guy was a good potential boyfriend because he had ‘shower onions’. And showed a glass jar in his bathroom that had about 6 onions in it.

She said it in a way that shower onions were normal, and said it was a positive sign he was a good potential partner. But, this was done as a meme or a joke. Essentially, what is called trolling. The Tiktoker was pretending that shower onions were perfectly normal (source). 

However, because having a jar of onions or onions in your bathroom is not normal, for good reason, the video got A LOT of comments and shares. As people were trying to figure out what shower onions were. Due to the fact that the TikToker said it offhandedly like it was perfectly normal. Which of course it is not.

What Happens if Onions Are Kept in Humid Conditions Like a Shower

According to Iowa State University, onions should be kept at temperatures between 32°F to 40°F (0°C to 4.4°C). And at a humidity between 65% to 70%. This will help them stay fresh for as long as possible and reduce the risk of mold growth, sprouting, as well as, shrinking and shriveling.

Depending on the climate where you live, the bathroom and the shower – even when not being used – can be warmer than this. Unless, it’s wintertime, and you live in a region with cold winters. Studies have shown that the humidity in a shower AND the bathroom when taking a shower reaches 100% (source).

Therefore, a shower is a very bad place to store onions and will make sure they spoil very quickly. Many species of mold are toxic. And people with asthma and breathing issues can find mold spores very irritating. 

Therefore, it’s not a good idea to keep onions in the shower or bathroom. Also, there are various issues that can occur in a bathroom, such as bad odors and mold growth. However, none of the best solutions for these issues are onions. Therefore, there are no benefits to keeping onions in the shower and only downsides.

Are Bathroom Onions a Thing

There are various hacks that are good for cleaning and making a bathroom smell really nice. Onions are a strong acidic vegetable and if you’ve heard of bathroom onions it sounds reasonable that they could serve some purpose. Here’s whether bathroom onions are a thing.

Overall, shower onions are not a thing. Shower onions became well known because it was a Tiktok meme that went viral. There is no advantage to having onions in the shower, and anything to do with onions in the shower does not serve any purpose.

The only way bathroom onions are ‘a thing’ is as a meme online. Onions have no known effects at deodorizing a bathroom, cleaning a bathroom, or any other positive effects in a bathroom.

What Is the Point of Shower Onions

Shower onions have recently gotten a bit of attention online. But, not many people are aware of what they are, and if they serve any purpose. So, here’s what all the fuss about shower onions is all about.

In general, shower onions are an internet meme. A Tiktoker tricked people into believing that having onions in the shower was normal by pretending that it was. This prompted many people to question what shower onions and caused the TikTok video to go viral.

Many people made response videos about it and referenced the original video which gave it more and more attention. The reason is onions have a strong scent and are very sour and strong tasting when raw. Therefore, it’s somewhat believable that they could serve some purpose. Which was just enough to pique people’s curiosity enough to question it.

What Causes a Bathroom or Toilet To Smell Like Onions

An onion smell is quite characteristic, and if your bathroom or toilet is giving off this scent it can be a bit of a mystery why this is happening. Here’s a rundown of what causes a bathroom or toilet to smell like onions.

As a general rule, there is a species of mold that is giving off an onion-like smell. There are many different species of mold and they can give off a range of different scents. The mold can be growing under the toilet rim, in the drains, or somewhere out of sight.

Virtually all types of mold can be killed with bleach or vinegar. It can require you to sniff out the source of the mold. For sinks, it’s a good idea to pour a cup or 2 of vinegar down them. A well-known way to kill mold and bacteria in sinks is to pour about half a cup into the sink, and then pour a few cups of vinegar down the sink.

Other visible mold can be wiped with a cloth soaked in vinegar or a bleach and water mixture. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how much water to mix with bleach.

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