What Board Is Needed for Shower Ceiling?

Picking up the best board for your shower ceiling can be a tiresome job at times. It is an overwhelming situation when you don’t know about the basics of getting the perfect material needed for the shower ceiling. 

According to user consumption, the best boards suitable for your shower ceilings are drywall, acrylic, tile cement board, and fiberglass. But the efficiency of the materials depends on your personal preference, the usage, and the type of bathroom ceilings. 

If you are renovating your bathroom or generally looking forward to getting boards for your shower ceilings – this article will be a good read. Let’s get all your queries sorted out and answer all your problems!

What Are a Few Material Options for Boards for the Shower Ceiling?

People use a variety of boards for putting on shower ceilings. These ceiling materials include acrylic, fiberglass, metal tiles, flat and semi-gloss paint, PVC, aluminum, glass, drywall, green board, etc. 

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets are used as a famous ceiling board around the globe. It is waterproof and requires minimum maintenance. But it comes with a price. It is an expensive option.

Fiberglass Panels

Fiberglass panels are common ceiling sheets used in the United States of America. It is a presentable material that enhances the overall beauty of the shower. It is easy to install and can be made waterproof by using resin over the fiberglass sheets.

Metal Tiles 

Metal tiles are ready-to-install material that doesn’t need extra support or care during the installment. They are easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

Glass Sheets

Glass sheets are also one of the materials used. It is an expensive option. It is a great ceiling board that can ensure ventilation and proper lighting in the bathroom.

Green Boards 

Green boards are a water-resistant ceiling option that can protect the infrastructure from moisture and molds. It comes in different textures and colors. 

Cement Boards 

A cement board is an ideal material as it is long-lasting and can withstand all harsh situations. It will protect the infrastructure from leakages and other moisture-related problems. 

Green Board vs Cement Board

Cement boards are preferred for shower ceilings. They are water resistant and help regulate bathroom temperature. Apart from it, the cement boards give a sturdy overall look. Green boards are also used for similar reasons. You can choose either of the materials according to your personal preference. 

Green boards and cement boards are two of the most suitable materials for your shower ceilings. You can choose either of them for your bathrooms. Let’s check which one is the best by analyzing the following factors:

Expenses and Budget

If you have a low-cost budget or you are controlling your budget, you should go for green boards. The cement boards will increase your overall cost as purchasing and installing these boards is expensive. But if you have no concerns about the price, you should go for cement boards. The finishing that cement boards provide can’t match that of green boards. 

Resistance and Durability

Cement boards are more durable and resistant as compared to green boards. Green boards are only water-resistant, which means they will get affected by water to some extent. But with cement boards the situation is different. The cement boards are water-resistant as well as waterproof. This way these boards stay protected from molds and other problems caused by moisture. 

Fitting and Installment

Professionals charge more for installing cement boards on shower ceilings. Also, fixing cement boards requires mortar and other equipment that also costs more than green board installment. But with green boards, the big picture is totally different! 

As the green boards are porous, they can be easily cut and shaped accordingly. Even a normal person can install green boards by watching a youtube tutorial. However, you can’t do the same with cement boards. If you try fixing cement boards yourself, you might damage the material or cause bodily harm.

Climate Variation

It is important to consider the climate of your location before selecting boards for your shower ceiling. If you live in a cold or temperate climatic region, it is advised that you not use green boards. This is because these boards keep the temperature cool. Thus using them in temperate zones won’t be appropriate. Also, cold temperature affects the installation process of green boards. But cement boards can be used in either climate. 

How Are Green Boards and Cement Boards Different From Each Other?

Green board is drywall made up of gypsum and a thick material of paper which is further coated to make it water-resistant. On the other hand, cement boards are made up of cement slurry that is reinforced into the fiberglass for durability. They can be used for a similar purpose but have different characteristics

Green boards and cement boards are completely different from each other. Although they are made for similar usage, there are multiple differences in both of the materials. 

  • Green boards are the cheaper alternative to cement boards.
  • Green boards are made up of gypsum, a renewable resource while cement boards are made up of non-renewable resources. 
  • The green boards are only water resistant but cement boards are waterproof as well. 

What Is the Purpose of a Board for the Shower Ceiling?

Ceiling Boards of all types are useful in protecting the infrastructure of the bathroom. At times they contribute to regulating the temperature and ensuring soundproofing as well. 

While looking for the best shower ceiling board, you might have thought back and wondered why you are putting up a ceiling board! If you are unaware of the basics, don’t worry about it. We have sorted everything for you.

  • The ceiling boards protect the interior and infrastructure of your bathroom. Whether you choose an acrylic board or a cement board, you just aim to protect your ceiling from leakages or any related damages.
  • At times, people who live in extreme cold or hot climates, use specific boards to regulate the temperature with the shower. 
  • Soundproof showers are now a necessity. You might feel uncomfortable if someone hears you singing in your shower because of the lack of soundproofing. These ceiling boards play an important role in limiting all the sound from the shower to staying within the bathroom.

How Do You Know if the Board Needs to Be Replaced?

If your ceiling boards are leaking, sagging, or cracked to the point where they can be fixed, it is better to replace the boards as soon as possible. You should check for a few signs before the boards get weak and fall apart. 

There are many people who forget that ceiling boards also have a shelf life, and can deteriorate over years. Users ignore the signs of damaged and weak ceiling panels. As a result, these boards damage the interior structure or fall apart and cause bodily harm to people.

Check for the following signs to determine whether you need to replace your boards or not:

  • Due to excessive moisture, these boards become a breeding place for insects and molds. They cause a weird smell in the shower. This is unpleasant and not safe for human health. If you find mold or unusual insects on your ceiling boards. Call a professional person to check and replace them. 
  • Some kinds of ceiling boards tend to sag over time as the plaster or mortar weakens. If the sagging has just started, you can easily repair it but if the sign is ignored, the damage can be big.
  • Sometimes, the situation tends to grow huge when water starts leaking from the ceiling. One of the reasons can be damaged ceiling boards. You can call in someone for a proper inspection before replacing it.

What Can You Do With the Old Board? 

You can repurpose your old boards to decorate your house or create DIY pieces. Or you can donate the old ceiling boards to organizations that organize recycling drives. A few other ideas are to turn it into a bulletin board, hang it as a decoration piece, etc. 

If you are renovating your shower ceiling, don’t throw away your old ceiling panels and boards. Instead of contributing to global pollution, it is better to repurpose the products and take a step towards an eco-friendly society. 

If they are safe to use, you can recycle your old shower ceiling panels through the following ideas:

  • You can make a bulletin board out of your ceiling tiles.
  • Use the boards to insulate a small greenhouse in your garden.
  • If the board is presentable, you can hang it on a nail as a decoration piece.
  • You can even paint the boards and design a jewelry organizer out of them. 


Changing and deciding on what kind of ceiling boards you need for your shower can be wearisome. But with this guide would have been a great help to get the suitable material boards. I hope that you are now aware of different types of boards and how you can protect the environment throughout this process.

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